My Bio: My name is Sara Evans and I'm a Country Music Recording Artist for RCA Records out of Nashville, TN. I've been singing since I was 5 years old. Some of my recent hit songs are: "A Little Bit Stronger", "Born To Fly", "Suds In The Bucket", "I Could Not Ask For More", "A Real Fine Place To Start", etc. I was born and raised in Missouri, lived in Nashville for many years, and now live in Birmingham, AL with my husband Jay Barker along with our 7... yes 7, kids!

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Thanks for chatting everyone! Sorry I didn't have time to answer all the questions, but I'll try to come by later and answer a few more. Check out "Slow Me Down" on iTunes! Love, Sara! xoxo

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pemble12 karma

How do you feel about the current state of country music? It seems to be more poppy or more rock orientated then the stuff I grew up on. Do you like how its heading or would you like to see a resurgence on the more classic sound?

saraevansmusic12 karma

There are many aspects of country music that are awesome. To me it's all about the lyrics really. I want a song that says something.

asphalt_prince5 karma

You're the hottest ever! Will you marry me?

saraevansmusic18 karma

I think my husband would have a problem with that

Joann_Lee4 karma

What has been your most embarrassing onstage experience?

saraevansmusic10 karma

Once a show started without me! There was miscommunication before the show and I was still walking from my bus to the stage and I heard my intro starting. I had to start singing Born to Fly from the parking lot as I'm walking in heels to the venue.

Galopmoi3 karma

Hi Sara. Do you ever do concerts in Europe? I am in France and you are my favorite country singer. Would love to see you in concert.

saraevansmusic4 karma

I would love to come to Europe on tour but I'm going to Australia at the end of this month... maybe we could stop by France on the way home!!! ha

Galopmoi2 karma

That would be so great if you could. You are always welcome here. I have turned on several people to your music around here, so we would all be there to welcome you.

saraevansmusic3 karma


anelamailani8082 karma

My names Ayisha. You are one of my inspirations! You inspire me to write and sing and have fun! I write songs about my mom who i lost to cancer, Do you write your own songs and Who inspires you? (:

saraevansmusic3 karma

I do write a lot of my songs. So sorry about your mom. I find that different things inspire me at different times

Bind_Moggled2 karma

If you could choose any non-country song to cover as a country song, which would it be?

saraevansmusic8 karma

Right now I'm covering Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" in my concerts and I'm really enjoying it

Mycrewrunrun2 karma

Are there any past country singers you've always wanted to duet with? If so, who?

saraevansmusic11 karma

I've always wanted to sing with Dwight Yoakam.

bigpink2 karma

what is your favorite album of all time? also what album or song do you remember as getting you into country music? mine was 'time of the preacher' on red-headed stranger.

saraevansmusic3 karma

Tough question! It's hard to name one as my favorite of all time but Sweet Dreams by Patsy Cline is definitely one of them

cmdrkranil1 karma

Sara, LOVE Slow Me Down! Will the video be out soon??

saraevansmusic2 karma

Yes! We just shot the video last week and we are in the editing process right now!

ArdellWood1 karma


saraevansmusic5 karma

Myself? haha

bjlkarlin1 karma

Sara, are you planning on being in a movie or on another TV show? Perhaps a guest appearance on Duck Dynasty?? And thanks for doing this today!!

saraevansmusic2 karma

I've been sent a lot of scripts but it's either not been the right part or the right timing. I do think it would be fun to act. I do a little acting in my upcoming video

xray00221 karma

Hi. I love your music!!! How often do you get to stay in Mt. Brook? I am an apprentice at a funeral home in Birmingham & would love to meet you one day!!! Do you do your own makeup while youre at home? What kind do you use?

saraevansmusic2 karma

Of course I do my own make up when I'm at home. I use Mac and Laura Mercier

savscott1 karma

Will you be at CMA Fest in 2014 and will there be a fan club party again ? It's me and my wife's 10 year anniversary trip. Love you

saraevansmusic2 karma

Yes, I am planning on being there.

Korey21 karma

Hey Sara!

How long did it take to record this album? When can I get a picture with you?

saraevansmusic2 karma

An album usually takes me about a year to record

Melan10231 karma

What is your favorite song on the new album?

saraevansmusic2 karma

Honestly, it's the single, "Slow Me Down."

friogirl1 karma

Which two singers would you like to do a duet with? Male-female.

saraevansmusic5 karma

I think it would be amazing to sing with Ann Wilson from Heart and John Mayer

FrankJLarry1 karma

Hi Sara! You are so talented. I am a songwriter/music publisher on the Row in Nashville. I have a top flight song for you co-written by Rachel Proctor. Could I get you to take a listen please? Your #1 fan, Frank Larry!

saraevansmusic0 karma

Yes I'd love to hear it! Please send it to my label.

jerseygirl7411 karma

What is the best thing about performing live on stage?

saraevansmusic1 karma

I love connecting with the audience. I get such a performer's high every night. I'm very competitive with myself and I'm always pushing myself to perform at my best no matter the size of the venue.

tinytimthetickler1 karma

What inspired you to do "I Could Not Ask For More?" I recently played your version at my mother-in-law's wedding and I must have watched the music video 1,000 times.

saraevansmusic1 karma

I had just given birth to my first child and I was the happiest I had ever been and that song spoke to me about being grateful.

Bamak1 karma

Are you glad that Bama's football season has begun?

saraevansmusic1 karma

Absolutely! Roll Tide! I love football season in general!

Joann_Lee1 karma

Hi, Sara!

First off I want to say that I love, "Slow Me Down." I can't stop listening to it and can't wait for the new CD.

My questions are:

  • What is your favorite song on the radio right now?
  • Do you ever suffer from writer's block when working on songs? If so what do you do to overcome it?
  • I know you're a fan of Duck Dynasty. Who is your favorite on the show and why?

saraevansmusic2 karma

Thank you so much! My favorite song right now is probably Blurred Lines

mellie4281 karma

I have loved your songs for a quite a few years now! You are a great artist!

First off, I am so incredibly excited to be seeing you at Indian Ranch this weekend!! Can you give us a sneak peek of a few possible songs you will be singing for us? Any from your new album in February?

What got you interested in becoming a singer? Any inspirations?

saraevansmusic2 karma

Yes! I'm doing two new songs and some surprise covers. My parents got me started in music when I was four.

gubbyu0 karma


Me and my family are a huge fan of yours, and love your voice. Especially in the chorus of "A Real Fine Place To Start" the harmony is amazing. When you sing the lyrics Lovin' just who you are.. gives me goosebumps.

I was wondering, how did YOU train your voice? Were you always a gifted vocalist? What little tricks did you use to build your powerful vibrato?

saraevansmusic1 karma

That is so sweet! Thank you so much! I have learned ways over the years to control my voice. I definitely warm up, I try not to ever yell or talk loud and I drink lots of water. I started out singing blue grass and that's how I learned the use of vibrato.

Korey20 karma

Hey Sara! Just curious what date does the album come out and how many songs will be on it? I've been a fan for many years. So many songs of yours I love that haven't been singles... Niagara, Every Little Kiss, so many more. I'm from Detroit, Al... Ever heard of it? lol

saraevansmusic1 karma

I don't have a firm date for album release but the album will have about 10 or 11 songs

jmatthewmckee0 karma

Was there ever a song you recorded that was released as a single at the call of the label that you would've preferred not to be a single?

Also, was there ever a song you regret NOT being chosen as a single?

PS I have front row seats to see you in St. Louis in November...would love a meet and greet! So excited!

saraevansmusic1 karma

There are many songs that I recorded and loved that I wish would have been singles, but all the ones I have released as singles I thought should have been singles

bjlkarlin0 karma

Sara, Love your music! Love Slow Me Down. Can't wait to hear more new songs from the album! Also love the recipes you've posted online, and at a past fan club party, you had your favorite foods. Any chance of a recipe book coming out?

saraevansmusic1 karma

I would LOVE to write a cook book. I'm so dang busy at the moment but I love to cook.

jvreeland0 karma

Roll Tide! What is your favorite food to eat on game days?

saraevansmusic1 karma

I make a homemade cheese dip and it is divine!

zjaksn0 karma


saraevansmusic0 karma

I miss the four very distinct seasons that you get in the midwest and of course I miss my family terribly. But I love Nashville with all my heart because it's where my dreams came true. And it's a beautiful, hip, fun city.

texfrog0 karma

If you could only listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

saraevansmusic2 karma

John Mayer's Born and Raised, Maroon 5 Song's About Jane, and John Mayer Room for Squares

bjlkarlin0 karma

Sara, about how many pairs of shoes do you own? And what's the highest heel you've ever worn on stage?

saraevansmusic0 karma

I probably own 300 pairs of shoes altogether. I don't think I've ever worn anything higher than 6 inches tall.

cmdrkranil0 karma

Sara, Any chance of a live concert DVD coming out?? Perhaps the AXS show?

saraevansmusic1 karma

Yes, absolutely! Sometime in the near future I hope!

qbertwasradical0 karma

Hi Sara! I don't have a question, just wanted to say you are stunning! Have a great day!

saraevansmusic1 karma

Thanks! You too :)

Bree6210 karma

Hey Sara! Loving "Slow Me Down" soooo much! Another #1 for you for sure!

Something totally random and not relevant... But who's your favorite Disney princess or Disney character? If you have one :)

saraevansmusic2 karma

Woody from Toystory because it reminds me so much of when my son Avery was a little boy

Kevin076us0 karma

Hi Sara

What do you find harder being a mom or a step mom?

saraevansmusic1 karma

That's a great question! My answer would be long and complex but a short answer is, being a mom in general is the most challenging/rewarding experience of my life. Jay and I love our kids so much and we live for them. And because we love each other we also love each other's kids and see them all the same.

ArkansasSoupbone0 karma


saraevansmusic2 karma

Hands down the Ryman Auditorium the mother church of country music

mrjon12000 karma

Sara I'm a huge fan! I also admire you for staying true to your faith. How has it guided your career?

saraevansmusic1 karma

I feel like everything I sing or say or do is an attempt to honor the Lord. I'm not always perfect in that but I am so grateful for my gift of music and I never want to take it for granted

RyVal0 karma

What is your secret to looking so friggin beautiful? What do you do from top to bottom, workout regimen, skin care, vitamins? As a 40 year old male you are the Ghost Pepper of country music. yup that hot.

saraevansmusic2 karma

Wow! Thank you so much! I try to exercise a lot and watch what I eat. And I try not to stress because stress can take a toll on your body.

savscott0 karma

Do you plan an extensive tour for 2014 to promoted the new song and cd ? Savannah, Ga...u haven't been here in 5 years...way too long

saraevansmusic0 karma

Hey! I love Savannah! We are putting the tour together as we speak.

Jedmac900 karma

I would imagine seven kids plus a music career means you are very busy. Could you describe what your average day is like? Thanks for the AMA!

saraevansmusic2 karma

An average day at home as Sara Barker I get up at 6:30, wake the kids, make breakfast, send them off to school, go play tennis or walk, come home, sometimes I meet Jay for lunch, run errands, and sometimes write with songwriters from Nashville. The kids get home from school, we have sports activities, then we cook supper, the kids take baths, and it's time for bedtime and prayers. A day in the life of Sara Evans on the road is completely different. We sleep late, we wait all day for the show by hanging out and watching movies, do my hair and make up, do the show, do the meet and greet, and back to the bus to head down the road! Repeat.

BrunetteLibrarian0 karma

Hi Sara!! I live in Cairo, just north of your hometown! I actually got to see you sing with Rascal Flatts the last time you were in Columbia, and it was AMAZING! :) How often do you get home? What are some places at home or in Columbia that you always visit?

saraevansmusic1 karma

I don't get home as often as I would like. Maybe like twice a year. But when I do get home I always visit my sister's store in my hometown called My Favorite Things

Sarava990 karma

Hi Sara - saw your concert in Geneva, IL and it was great! Any chance you will put a live album out?

saraevansmusic1 karma

Great question! Yes! Definitely some day.