Rob Dyrdek

is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness

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Rob_Dyrdek2269 karma

Maybe one day for a reunion... right now we are thinking about doing a Big Black dating show where the girls sit on toilets during elimination, the loser gets flushed.

Rob_Dyrdek1912 karma

No, Chanel is the homie.

Rob_Dyrdek1714 karma

It's like being hugged by 1000 pillows

Rob_Dyrdek1465 karma

The Bands That Make Her Dance Pandora station

Rob_Dyrdek1438 karma

It's all real.. you cant fake being in a band called the Bleeding Frogs, and you certainly can't fake being attacked by a tiger, kick flipping a car or being attacked by a shark.

Rob_Dyrdek1431 karma

I think Daniel Tosh is very funny

Rob_Dyrdek1309 karma

Me and Mini haven't spoken in many years... I ran into someone who said they own him now, and told her to tell him "What's up?"

Rob_Dyrdek1274 karma

hahahaha no

Rob_Dyrdek1200 karma

We definitely amplify it for the show... Drama is a cool kid and Big Cat is awkward in real life, but not as awkward that we make it out to be on the show.

Rob_Dyrdek1149 karma

completely serious.