I'm currently on set filming for Season 3 of Ridiculousness (premieres TONIGHT @ 10/9c on MTV) and will be hitting Reddit @ 3pm PT/6pm ET to answer some of your questions. A little history for you… I'm professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur with multiple brands, endorsements and TV shows. I'm constantly building in this world that is limitless by design.

DYRDEK VERIFIED: http://imgur.com/NXU94kZ

3:05pm PT WE ARE LIVE!!!

3:51pm PT Wrapping it up in the next 10!

4:05pm PT Thank you all for joining me in this AMA... until next time Redditors!

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ataber9251924 karma

You ever hook up with Chanel?

Rob_Dyrdek1912 karma

No, Chanel is the homie.

Rob_Dyrdek1274 karma

hahahaha no

jeremyrs1155 karma

Will Rob and Big ever come back?

Rob_Dyrdek2269 karma

Maybe one day for a reunion... right now we are thinking about doing a Big Black dating show where the girls sit on toilets during elimination, the loser gets flushed.

lavadru1125 karma

What are your feelings towards Daniel Tosh?

Rob_Dyrdek1431 karma

I think Daniel Tosh is very funny

sandandpomp926 karma

How's mini horse?

Rob_Dyrdek1309 karma

Me and Mini haven't spoken in many years... I ran into someone who said they own him now, and told her to tell him "What's up?"

emotionalpatrick703 karma


Rob_Dyrdek1438 karma

It's all real.. you cant fake being in a band called the Bleeding Frogs, and you certainly can't fake being attacked by a tiger, kick flipping a car or being attacked by a shark.

dcooper21676 karma

Chanel, Sterling, and Pauly D... Screw one, Marry one, Kill one. GO!!!!

Rob_Dyrdek1016 karma

you know that's unfair...

jackreid657 karma

What are Big's hugs like?

Rob_Dyrdek1714 karma

It's like being hugged by 1000 pillows

rollipop1000650 karma

What sweet music does Bobby Light make love to?

Rob_Dyrdek1465 karma

The Bands That Make Her Dance Pandora station

zipzoopoop608 karma

  1. What drove you to build the fantasy factory?
  2. Are you working on any community projects and if so what are they?
  3. How shitty did you feel after you hit Chanel in the face with a kick ball?

Rob_Dyrdek937 karma

  1. I've always wanted to have a crazy place to go to everyday with so much fun stuff to do... it eventually evolved into becoming the Fantasy Factory.

  2. I'm always working on community projects. My focus is building public skate parks.. a ton of cool ones will be under construction this year.

  3. I felt genuinely and completely terrible.

Cfwsweater593 karma

Is drama and big cat really that awkward in real-life, or do you guys amplify it on the shows for affect?

Rob_Dyrdek1200 karma

We definitely amplify it for the show... Drama is a cool kid and Big Cat is awkward in real life, but not as awkward that we make it out to be on the show.

Jscoff578 karma

How do you feel about Drama's progress? I remember watching him on Fantasy Factory as this kid kinda made fun of and now he's all grown up with his own really successful clothing line.

Rob_Dyrdek1115 karma

It makes me feel like a proud father. I shed a tear when I see him driving around in his new Lambo... He learned the true value of hard work and that's why he has been so successful.

mhopki13500 karma

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs seeking funding for their idea/business?

Rob_Dyrdek989 karma

If you build a true, very smart business plan with a quick road to profitability someone is sure to invest.

Always try to be innovative, redefine a space or be first to a space.

Define_Time475 karma

You seem like a really genuine person. As an extremely awkward loner, how can I be more extroverted and have your confidence?

Rob_Dyrdek1098 karma

Go get hypnotized. I promise you it will work. Be hypnotized to be outgoing at your deepest subconscious level. Trust me

da_boss_da_boss_da_b606 karma

cant tell if serious

Rob_Dyrdek1149 karma

completely serious.

tomBARCIK449 karma

What's a stunt/trick that you could do over and over again without it getting boring?

Rob_Dyrdek961 karma

crazy basketball shots

yushmarley426 karma

Dyrdek ? ..... Dyrdek ?

Rob_Dyrdek646 karma

Every. Single. Day.

SirMonty1218402 karma

What made you decide to buy out Alien Workshop, and have there been any major changes to the structure of the company since you bought it?

Rob_Dyrdek783 karma

I helped name AWS when I was 15 yrs old and have been riding for them my whole career. When the opportunity came to purchase it, I just had to do it.

Iseeunakey386 karma

Do you watch Tosh.O ever?

Rob_Dyrdek639 karma

I do not.

BrodyApproves337 karma

In the episode with John Mayer("Local Celebrity Almost Dies!"), where you guys got dapper as fuck & went out for a classy night out on the town, did you guys sex those 2 cougars that were your dates?

Rob_Dyrdek714 karma

I did not. You make it sound so dirty.


During the filming of the episode of "Rob & Big" where you were obsessed with sacred g, I noticed you did have some winning tickets, how much money did you win off the quick pick lottery tickets?

Rob_Dyrdek536 karma

I won like 60 bux.. The sacred g did not help me become a multi millionaire by winning the lottery

castlesinthesky317 karma

how did it feel to 50-50 that massive handrail in the DC commercial?

Rob_Dyrdek500 karma

That was one of the scariest things I have ever done.

chad_carlsbad296 karma

Hey Rob, I am a huge fan and have seen every episode that you have out. I really admire how much fun you have even on a day to day basis. With that set aside i am very impressed how you are doing on the business side as well! I just had a couple of question for you. 1. is your daily life in all actuallity really that fun as it shows on the tv show? 2. What really happened with you and Big? 3.are you really close with drama and big cat and chanelle? 4.do you actually work at the factory on a daily basis? 5. any advice on a up and comer entrepreneur? Thanks in advance! I try really hard to see everyday as fun and eventfull as you man! Thanks again! Chad

Rob_Dyrdek395 karma

  1. My life is actually way crazier than what you see on TV, minus the stunt work. I wake up at 6am everyday and enjoy creating every single day. I do all of that creation from inside the Fantasy Factory.

  2. The show ended and BB moved to Texas...

  3. Yes

  4. Yes

  5. See the previous advice above...

eddyk1295 karma

I heard you donated money to build a skate park in my hometown. I don't skate but thank you so much!! It means a lot to all of us.

Rob_Dyrdek304 karma

Making it happen! Where is your hometown?

longboardingerrday291 karma

How do you feel about the recent boom in longboarding? Do you feel it could help people who are serious about skating make the transition to skateboarding? (When I say longboarding, I'm talking about serious longboarding. Not campus cruising)

Rob_Dyrdek609 karma

I'm down for anyone who wants to skate in any shape or form, whether that be longboarding, street skating, vert etc... I just love skateboarding

zsorini253 karma

Do you miss filming Rob & Big? Did you enjoy shooting Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, or Ridiculousness about the same? Or is there one you particularly enjoyed above the others?

Rob_Dyrdek440 karma

I enjoy Fantasy Factory the most. Even though it was more taxing to film than the rest, it was more rewarding because I got to do so many crazy stunts

JBadHawk253 karma

Your up comming season it would be cool if you had a Native American guest on your show, that's something i never see on the air of MTV.

Rob_Dyrdek423 karma

That would be cool... tell me who. Give me some names!

Tjn980251 karma

Question about the Fantasy Factory: What do you guys do there when you're not filming an awesome adventure for the show Fantasy Factory?

Rob_Dyrdek627 karma

Believe it or not, the Fantasy Factory is my actual office... we work all day everyday.

Jebusg241 karma

Whats one thing you still want to accomplish in your career that you havent had the chance to do yet?

Rob_Dyrdek336 karma

More things than I could ever begin to list.

Goukie311229 karma

How long does it take to get 1 clip of those insane basketball shots

Rob_Dyrdek395 karma

sometimes it's first try, sometimes it's 100... you can only do it so much until you give up

XDerp_ChrisX219 karma

What is your most memorable thing you have ever done that you probably couldn't have done had you not been famous?

Rob_Dyrdek424 karma

Definitely Kick Flipping the car for the Super Bowl XLVI commercial. If I did not have a TV show, that is not something the average person could pull off.

nomansland333155 karma

What's your favorite TV show you've been a part of?

Rob_Dyrdek286 karma

Fantasy Factory

bird19141 karma


Rob_Dyrdek452 karma

taskforcegeneral237 karma


Rob_Dyrdek251 karma

That was very real! Thank God we weren't involved in an accidental turtle suicide.

HeavenHole134 karma

Hey Rob, your shows were some of the last I could stand to watch on MTV. I used to skate as a youngin and still have the skating bone in my body, even though I don't anymore.

My question is, where did you get your sense for business? Did somebody teach you, or did it just come naturally? I know you've always been an entrepreneur, every venture you've pursued, you made sure that you had your own personal irons in the fire. Mad respect to being a mover & shaker, dude. Take it easy.

Rob_Dyrdek176 karma

I was surrounded by entrepreneurs when I was really young. It really instilled in me the belief that you can create anything you want with the right hard work!

morganrees1997128 karma

Hi Rob. Im a huge fan from Wales. One question, will you be entering any other GUMBALL 3000's any more ?

Rob_Dyrdek198 karma

No I won't. I've done many Gumball rally's and taking a week on the road is very taxing.

anotherbh122 karma

Any advice to young, aspiring skateboarders or entertainment personalities?

Rob_Dyrdek370 karma

No one is going to give it to you. Spend everyday getting better and focus on that which you can control, let everything else fall into place. You can't stay focused on what you can get from success, but rather focus on becoming successful!

emu_gordon107 karma

What exactly does Big Cat do nowadays? Is he still awkward? hahah

Rob_Dyrdek206 karma

He is the head judge for Street League Skateboarding. He also has a clothing hustle called Born A Lion

available_usernames106 karma

Who was your favorite guest on fantasy factory and how was working with Freddie Wong?

Rob_Dyrdek205 karma

There were so many good ones, it's hard to pick... FreddieW is so creative, I would work with him again.

Blucatt81 karma

Are there some days where you wake up, and you suddenly realize "I'm famous."? Like, you already know that you're famous, but you didn't really FEEL it until that moment.

Rob_Dyrdek149 karma

All the time

penguinkitten80 karma

Does Big Cat have any cats? If so, how many?

Rob_Dyrdek196 karma

0 cats

ELite_Predator2850 karma

Do you go on Reddit often? Will you still use Reddit after the IAMA?

Rob_Dyrdek124 karma

I will definitely be returning more!

KittensInspired40 karma

How's your monster tattoo?

Rob_Dyrdek118 karma

non existant

the_dyslexic_kid38 karma

What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign? What would you consider your biggest skateboarding accomplishment? What do you have planned for the future? How did you found out about Reddit?

Rob_Dyrdek79 karma

  1. The weirdest thing is seeing a lady tattoo my signature on her after I told her not to, she also had my face tattooed along with D.Y.R.D.E.K?

  2. The skateplaza movement and my foundation.

NoiseImmunity22 karma

is street league still a thing?

Rob_Dyrdek36 karma

Most definitely. The 2013 season will be starting soon.

chriskrohne15 karma

Did you really own a time machine at one point?

Rob_Dyrdek31 karma

I did