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I am really happy to hear that. I am glad you got kicked out of class because my joke made you laugh. I hope you don't become stupid because you missed half of that one class. Thank you.

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I met my wife when we were both volunteer counselors at a camp for people w/ disabilities in Massachusetts. We were both working with kids with cerebral palsy. It was summer so she was in a bikini a lot. She was/is very smart and kind and funny and beautiful so I wanted to marry her pretty much right when I met her.

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Elton John, because he is gay. Leonard Nimoy isn't gay so it would be pretty traumatizing for him. Plus Elton could help guide me through it since I've never had sex with a man and would be nervous.

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Yes, I take Lexapro and Cymbalta. Those, plus talk therapy & exercise & eating well (plus not drinking or doing drugs) helps it very, very, very much.

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You're my sea.

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Not really. Let's take rape for example. It's not funny. End of discussion. But you can do a funny joke about how people talk about rape, or you can juxtapose it against something else in a way that will evoke laughter and a "new" way of thinking in people who aren't monsters and/or rapists. So it's all about the way the joke is done. Is your motivation/volition to help or shed light in a way that will (if taken to its maximum/mega-extreme) result in LESS rape in the world? Then please, talk and joke about it.

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I see it as a rehearsal for something better/more focused down the road. Do we really want to arm an opposing force to Kony based on something we saw in a video (and wake up and leave dreamland if you think the VAST majority of people watching that slick video are doing any further homework) Is Kony a fucking monster? Yes. Is this the way to deal with him? My UNDEREDUCATED, NONPROFESSIONAL opinion is probably not. But because someone is Kony's enemy doesn't mean they'd responsibly handle a big influx of cash and weapons. Pick up a history book before you pick up your checkbook. That said, I think the tactic Invisible Children is using is powerful and a testament to the way things can/do work in the world now.

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As long as I'm on Twitter.

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This is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Ha! I don't give a shit about pot. The joke I do about pot isn't even original, it's like Dragnet, Joe Friday, Reefer Madness, etc... I just can't help it, the idea of someone coming down so ridiculously hard on pot is funny to me. I happen to not smoke pot now, but I did for years. My honest opinion is that it's a waste of time, but if people want to do it, please please go right ahead and it should absolutely be legal.