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YO! I'm not answering questions on this page. Please come over to this:


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I'm so confused. Who am I?

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The book that I wrote, Rob Delaney: Mother Wife Sister Human Warrior Falcon Yardstick Turban Cabbage is available at all good bookstores in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia & New Zealand. You may also order it here: www.robdelaney.com

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Hey Rob,

I am a gay man in college. Convince me in 10 words or less to switch over to a vagina lover.

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No! Be gay & have fun & be happy touching penis(es).

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If you had to blow one (1) celebrity, who would it be and why is it Ethan Hawke?

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It's common knowledge that his penis tastes like hickory rubbed rib-eye, so sucking it isn't gay, it's just smart.

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Did the Mitt Romney campaign ever respond to you publicly or privately during the campaign? You used to tweet all kinds of crazy stuff at them, but I never saw them reply. Did you ever get any word that they were reading it?

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Nope! They were smart and didn't let me know they saw it. Wow oh wow would it have been fun if they had gotten in touch with me.

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What is your favorite medium for telling jokes? Also will you ever consider coming back to iowa city?

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Live to your face. That's the best medium by a lot. Yes, I'll come back to Iowa City.

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Who in your opinion is the funniest person on twitter?

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Last tweet I RTd was by @boring_as_heck. He's amazing. I don't have one favorite person.

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I met my girlfriend at one of your comedy shows. (At the Bottletree in Birmingham, AL.) So thanks for that Rob.

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Wow! I loved that place. Such a cool venue. Have you posted any videos online where I could watch you guys make love?

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Aliens land in your backyard, they step out of their pimp-ass spaceship and start walking towards you house. What do you do?

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Lube up my stinker.

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No, I'm going on Thursday. And I don't mosh anymore because I'm a responsible dad.

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What has been your favourite Twitter interaction to date and why? (eg. Company PR, celebrity, etc)

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Any with Margaret Atwood. WHY does she interact with me? I cannot believe it.

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Wait. We ask you questions here, or at the link you provided? That just links to a post about this AMA being here in r/IAmA. I am confused.

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Are you moist right now?

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Oh yeah.