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is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and voice actor known for roles such as Spencer Olchin in the sitcom The King of Queens and for voicing Remy in the film Ratatouille

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Why are we still talking? I'm on my way over.

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It's good, but I know the blues are always lurking. It's my job to stop 'em from darkening into blacks. Yours, too, if you've got it. It's workable, and once you realize it's a visitor that comes around every now and then, and you can wink at it and welcome it before you send it away for awhile? You'll be okay.

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If Downey doesn't do AVENGERS 2, and Joss can explain a sudden Tony Stark weight gain, I'm in line for the Iron Man part after Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Will Sasso, Bobby Moynihan, Rick Ross and Paul Giamatti turn it down. Fingers crossed!

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I think that might have come from a bet/dare with the writers or producers. There was such a huge stoner contingent amongst the writers and producers on that show. My "motionless" scene is just one of the many oddities hidden in episodes. Listen for the word "Yuspa" and the phrase "Hey, Eddie!" when you're watching re-runs. They appear with alarming frequency.

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It was ridiculously nice of him to do that. I gave it to The House of Secrets comic book store on Olive Avenue in Burbank. Stop by and marvel at it sometime...

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I care less and less about music and films that I hate. In that, I don't listen to them instead of wasting energy telling people that I think they suck. And, along with that, I've cared less and less what people think about me. There's nearly 7 billion people on this planet -- not all of them are going to like you. So the fear of not being universally loved has faded the more aware I become of the numbers.

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I had a whole circle of comedy nerd friends. And thankfully -- and this is true today -- I was nowhere near the funniest guy in my group. Made me try harder. Still does today. All of my friends are funnier than me.

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Emily Heller, Beth Stelling, Dominic Dierkes, Eliza Skinner, Brooks Wheelan, Whitmer Thomas, Eric Dadourian, Jake Weisman, Dave Ross, Paul Danke, Shelby Fero, Ronald Funches, Hampton Yount, Joseph Ocon, Pedro Salinas, Will Weldon and Chris Thayer

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  1. The PARKS AND REC ad-lib was my terror at them never calling "cut."

  2. In terms of gut-blasting laughs, Todd Glass.

  3. I'll be the last to know if it happens.

  4. No.

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Okay guys, that's it. Thanks for all of your questions. This was fun and lively. I like typing!