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author of the projected three-volume series The Kingkiller Chronicle.

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Confirmed: Death by Lesbian Unicorn.

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^ (That's called foreshadowing, just in case you're wondering.)

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It's a little-known fact that each page of my book is lightly dusted with medical-grade heroin.

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There is no set publication date right now. I'm not being coy. We honestly don't know.

I've got a lot riding on this book, and I really want to make sure I get everything right. I don't want to pull a Matrix on y'all.

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Mark: This isn't actually my first gig as a beard. I used to work with Brian Blessed. Those were good days. Shakespeare. Black Adder. Flash Gordon....

While working with Pat isn't nearly as glamorous, there are some perks. I see a lot more catgirls these days for one thing....

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Humble Pie. They both could use a little bit of that.

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Heh. I kinda failed that little test, didn't I?

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"What does that have to do with the price of butter?" is actually a real-world expression.

Back 50-60 years ago, if you grew up in a farming community, like, say, in Wisconsin, the price of butter was really important. Important to everyone.

If you were away from home, and your parents sent you a letter, that would probably be part of the important news they'd include. If the price of butter was high, you knew things were good at home.

That's the world my mom grew up in. When I was in college, and she sent me a card, she'd include how much butter cost at the grocery store. It was a little joke between us.

But yeah. Butter. Important.

Idioms. Also important. They reflect a lot about a culture.

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My name.