Mick Foley

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often referred to as "The Hardcore Legend", a nickname he shares with Terry Funk. He is currently signed to a Legends contract with WWE, where he makes special guest appearances

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MickFoley1423 karma

You wore shirts with my face on them? Effective form of birth control!

MickFoley854 karma

Thimble full of talent, dump-truck full of heart.

realmickfoley785 karma

I could not. I believe he was using that expression as a euphemism, the same way that the AC/DC song "Beating Around The Bush" is a very subtle and sensitive euphemism about an awkward young man who was unable to get to the point of the matter. One of their most touching ballads (I just happened to pick up that AC/DC album when that question came in, and I'm not actually familiar with that song).

realmickfoley722 karma

After the second week of Mr Socko, I found that if I was going to co-exist with the other WWE Superstars... and Al Snow, that I'd better have a clean sock for every match.

realmickfoley674 karma

Mick is a pretty good name!

Seriously, try to enjoy every moment. They really do grow up so quickly.

realmickfoley589 karma

That's a good question, I will give you a two part answer.

No, I don't think it diluted my legacy, but I will grant you that at a certain point, defeating me was no longer seen as such a big deal. But fortunately, it was a big deal when Randy Orton defeated me, and when Edge defeated me in 2006.

realmickfoley496 karma

That's a great question. At the very least, I would have put my hand up to block some of those shots. I also don't believe I would have ever taken a head shot at a house show. And I would have tried to recognize the concussion symptoms and asked for a few days off when I felt them. I think WWE has made huge strides in preventing unnecessary trauma to the head.

realmickfoley474 karma

Double main event for next year's Wrestlemania: John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the unified World Heavyweight/WWE Championship. And The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family in some type of inhumane stipulation match.

realmickfoley466 karma

It was a nerve hold under the tongue, so I never actually got the uvula. Only one wrestler requested that I not use the move. He was actually one of my best friends, and thought the move had sexual overtones, which was never the intention.

realmickfoley459 karma

DUDE THAT WAS YOU!!?!?! Remember it? How could I forget.