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franktheraabit551 karma

When I was around twelve I went to In Your House: Fully Loaded in Fresno CA. Everybody else lined up to see Steve Austin and Sable at a signing after the event, but I went to your line because I knew you as Cactus Jack, not just Mankind. You ended up talking to me for about twenty minutes and and asking me what my favorite part of the show was and I said Sable. You told me that one day I would find a girl that would love me and I would realize not all girls had to look like that. Later on when I read your book, you said that was a tough time for you and you thought the WWF was only concerned with marketing tits. I just wanted to say Sable wasn't really my favorite part, I was just short and that was the only part I could really see. I always wanted to say sorry if I made me you feel bad at all that night and thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I'm twenty five and still have that signed picture.

MickFoley445 karma

Thanks man..but after seeing Sable in the Tp 50 OMG moments, I'd say choosing Sable as your favorite part is not a bad idea.

Sigafoos264 karma

There was a period of probably six months when I was a sophomore in high school when I only wore shirts with your face on them.

So, thanks for being awesome.

MickFoley1423 karma

You wore shirts with my face on them? Effective form of birth control!

nearvana201 karma

How annoying was it to wear that leather thing on your face as Mankind?

MickFoley402 karma

Man, when I first wore that thing, I was on the verge of just quitting; I HATED it. Worked out pretty good though.

Jericho_Hill183 karma


Chris Nowitski has made ECF his cause after being diagnosed with it while being with the WWE. Have you thought about joining your fellow wrestlers and other athletes (such as Troy Polamalu) in donating your brain to science so that we can understand the brain and how it deals with trauma better?

I am someone with compensated hydrocephalus since birth, but was very lucky to have no brain damage and no need for surgery. I've got to be very mindful about blows to my head , and the research CHris is doing not only helps those athletes who compete and are exposed to such risks, but many of us normal folks in normal life.

PS: I once got your autograph at a show. You took time with everyone. You talked a ton, and I can't remember what I asked you, but I know you rambled for 3 minutes with funny stories to answer it.

MickFoley424 karma

Yeah, I'm all in with Nowinski; made the decision to donate my brain..which isn't an easy choice to make. But Chris can be pretty persuasive, and I really do want people to learn form my history.

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To save you some anticipation and Mick the effort of retyping - he answered this in a wonderful, detailed, excerpt from his book Countdown to Lockdown which he published on his blog back in February.

A few months ago, after a couple years of persistence on the part of my friend Chris Nowinski, I agreed to contribute posthumous samples of my brain to the Sports Legacy Institute, the group that Nowinski cofounded after his own pro-wrestling career was cut short due to a history of concussions. It’s not like I find the image of a drill burring its way into my brain after death to be a real comforting one. But afterdoing some studying on all the problems associated with concussions in football, hockey, wrestling, and just about any contact sport, I do realize the great importance of this type of science, and I hope that my life and career can be of some use to others after I’m gone. - Source

Also, should anyone be interested in the book, and I used the same referral code he uses on his blog for the amazon link above.

MickFoley121 karma

Yeah, that info is in the book. I think there are some good chapters for younger wrestlers in the new book, especially "An Open Letter", which is available for free online.

HawaiianDry125 karma

You've demonstrated an unparalleled ability to move between promotions. Whether you're working in WWE, TNA, ROH, or another fed, your bridges remain intact and unburned. Oftentimes this becomes a problem for wrestlers, as they seem to destroy their relationship with a promotion shortly after leaving it. To what do you attribute your chameleon-like skill?

MickFoley179 karma

I may not burn them, but I've left a few of them in a pretty battered state. But some of these things heal over time. I've been able to have differences in business without making it personal over the past several years - which is something I wasn't able to separate back in the 90's.

Pudie44 karma

This is one of the biggest reasons I love Foley. He's such a nice guy he's welcome everywhere and never leaves on bad terms. NO ONE hates the guy.

whoneedsmeme33 karma

On that note, how do you make everyone like you? are there any key traits to this? Like always doing people favours, keeping your word etc

MickFoley115 karma

I don't know if everyone likes me, but I think everyone I've worked for realizes that I have tried to do what was best for the company I was with, even if we weren't seeing eye to eye at the time. I think a good example of this is the last segment I did as part of WWE, with Edge three years ago.

jeep_jeeps109 karma

I doubt this will get read and/or answered but here goes nothing..

Looking back at your Hell In A Cell match in 1998 at King Of The Ring, if you could do it all over again, same match, same physical fitness level would you do it over again? Would you still wrestle Undertaker, if not who would you wrestle? Would you still get thrown off the Cell onto the table? Through the cell? Would it be as extreme as it was or would you tone it down?

I've followed you and your career for a long time, I've purchased the signed copies of your books and I'm thrilled you're doing this IAMA.

You're the best in my book, I never have seen you wrestle but damn it if I didn't watch you every chance I could.

Foley is GOOD!!

edit to add in thanks from all of /r/SquaredCircle

MickFoley202 karma

That's a tough one, because that match clearly meant alot to my career, but I wouldn't advise anyone to do anything like it again. But it's nice to feel the love every time a cell match comes along. I'm like Santa at Christmastime; everyone remembers me.

mkay0102 karma

You are the king of putting people over, while usually making yourself look better in the process. Why is the ability to tell a story that makes both guys look better so rare in wrestling? What do you know that others don't?

MickFoley162 karma

Man, I wish I had the answer to that. If I had one gift, I think that would be it - helping get guys to that next step. But truth is, the secret started getting out of the bag..people started realizing that I hadn't had too many W's in the new millenium.

the-horace100 karma

Because nobody else said it: Thank you for having the Testicular Fortitude for doing this AMA!

MickFoley280 karma

If there's one word that would accurately describe my testicles, it would be "Fortuitous"

Raidenbobalay96 karma

How would you like people to remember the name Mick Foley, not just as a wrestler but as a person?

MickFoley854 karma

Thimble full of talent, dump-truck full of heart.

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MickFoley194 karma

I've always had the deepest respect and admiration for Bret, as a wrestler and as a man. One of my deepest regrets is not keeping in touch with Bret when he was recovering from his stroke. I think that's where the world of tweeting and texting has really been helpful; it makes those uncomfortable moments much easier to get through.

NewUSSR81 karma

Looking at the current crop of WWE talent, who would you most like to feud with / work a program with?

MickFoley167 karma

Punk would be a great guy to work a return match with, but I think anything short of a big match with Stone Cold for Punk when it comes to Attitude era (I didn't say old) guys would be seen as a dissapointment.

Pudie72 karma

What are your thoughts on Undertakers streak? Fans seem pretty split on keeping it in tact vs. having it put over a rising star. Where do you fall in the debate and who do you think should end it if it is ended?

MickFoley163 karma

Hey, it was my 8 year old who asked me if I was going to be the guy to break the streak. Guess he hadn't checked out his dad's Won/Loss record.

smc017067 karma

Is Vince McMahon really as crazy behind the scenes as he is made out to be?

futuredoctor2016174 karma

A little insight I have.. My dad and I (I was 13 at the time) were at a restaurant near stamford,CT where Vince lived at the time and where WWE is based. We go to sit down and we see Vince is there with his wife (i assume) and my dad got all excited and walked over to say hi. I was incredibly embarrassed... and then Vince invited us to eat dinner with him. He was so nice the entire time.

MickFoley219 karma

That's a cool story about Vince. He really does value what fans have to say, and you'll never see him when he doesn't look thrilled to be in a photo with a fan. He's the guy who came up with "WWE Universe", since I believe he sees the people who support WWE as being more than just fans.

cole111466 karma

Before I ask my question, I'd just love to let you know you're one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I always loved watching you, no matter what you were doing. I'm not even that big a fan of hardcore matches, but you always made them great. But this is an AMA, not a "tell Mick Foley you love him" thread.

Wrestling has been in a decline for a couple years now, that's not hard to see. I would love to know your opinion on what needs to change in order to stop and eventually reverse said change. Should there be more promotions? A complete overhaul to the way characters in wrestling are presented? Or something else?

MickFoley98 karma

Hey, it's ok..we can turn this into a lovefest if we want to. But I disagree with you about wrestling being in decline. I know it's cyclical, but I think we are in an up part of that cycle.

Hedonopoly25 karma

As a couple of add ons, do you think MMA's popularity will take a chunk of wrestling's popularity forever?

Also, you were my favorite wrestler as a kid as well, and were the inspiration for many a bodyslam of both me and my brother.

MickFoley84 karma

Sorry about those bodyslams! I think there's no doubt that MMA (really just UFC) has taken a chunk..mostly in PPV. In this economy, people really do have to pick and choose their events, and UFC has gotten that "must see" feel, even among people who are not watchers of their TV show. So I think pro-wrestling just has to continue the attributes that set us apart - characters and story-telling.

bulletv143 karma

What's the one match that is viewed by the mass as a great match 5 star that you think isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Thank you Mr. Foley for all the entertainment you provided me, and for taking the time to answer our questions.

MickFoley121 karma

You know, i think even some of Al Snow's 1 and 2 star matches have been over-rated. BUT I DO think Al has some of the funniest tweets in the business. Check them out @realalsnow

d-pain40 karma


  2. this isn't much of a question, but my old band had a song based on the dumpster match with you and funk vs. the new age outlaws, it would be crazy to me if a wrestler ever heard a song we wrote about him. If you have any interest, here it is: Vaderbomb - New Age Outlaws VS Cactus Jack And Chainsaw Charlie

MickFoley65 karma

Tweet it to me tomorrow, @realmickfoley

crazydog9939 karma

Favorite roller coaster/amusement park?

MickFoley72 karma

Favorite coaster and park? Hmm that's tough, because I allow my personal fondness for places like Knoebel's Grove and Santa's Village to cloud my objectiveness. I'm actually going to try to do sets of comedy at both those places, just so I can put them on the back of my tour t-shirt.

Pudie31 karma

  • Seeing as how you made a name for yourself as a death match wrestler, how do you feel about those type of matches now given the Hep C controversy.

  • You were in ROH briefly but never got to work with Colt Cobana. While you did do a comedy tour together, you never did anything in the ring. Was there any ever discussion about it? If you both end up in WWE again would it be something you would try to make happen? I think you two doing some promo's together would be AMAZING.

  • What's the morale like backstage at TNA?

  • How big do you see ROH becoming?

  • Who've been your favorite people to work with and who do you still want to work with?

  • And lastly, not a question, but a thank you. You're one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Your mic work is the best the business has ever seen and you've put your body on the line time and time again just to make us cheer. So thank you! Mrs. Foley is surely proud o you.

MickFoley48 karma

I'll try to get to a few of these. I've only heard about the morale being a little low in TNA - I know I've felt bad for the guys who work so hard and can't really make a living.

I think ROH has an opportunity to really establish a niche market for themselves - as a true alternative and not just a variation on the same theme.

BlubberyGiraffe31 karma

Dave Grohl is widely known as the nicest guy in rock. Among the many circles of wrestling fans and stars themselves you are known as the nicest guy in wrestling. How does that make you feel knowing that is your status in the wrestling world?

MickFoley72 karma

Really, is that my rep? Cool! I try to be nice, but I think everyone has an off day now and then. Just had one of those days today, by the way.

midnightnick31 karma

Mick, being a fellow long islander, I just wanted to thank you for your years of hard work and getting to the top.

MickFoley81 karma

Hey thanks..tell your LI friends to come see me at Governor's in Levittown on 10/8. Sales are slow right now and it needs to look good for filming. Go to for info

Carlitofly31 karma

How can I be as cool as dude love?

MickFoley89 karma

Not possible for anyone to be as cool as the Dude, so don't even bother trying. I just found my wife's dress from when she was a Dudette, and tried to put it on my new e-bay auction to help Vermonters suffering from the floods brought on by Irene. But she said "no dice". Auction starts tomorrow..check it out.

UseYourIllusionII29 karma

What is your favorite bit to do during a stand up comedy act, either because of the bit itself or the reaction it gets? Do you think you'll continue to do comedy in the future?

MickFoley56 karma

I really love the comedy, and am looking forward to my upcoming shows tomorrow in Lasalle, Ill and the 5th in Charlotte, the 6th in Virginia and the 8th on LI. I try to make every show different, but I do love that Al Snow Penis Suplex story as my closer.

killernerd42029 karma

I used to love the Chef Boyardee commercials with WWF guys like you and Jericho. did you get free cases of ravioli for doing that gig? btw, you've been my idol since i first started watching around WM15, and i can't believe this is all i could think to ask. thanks for all the memories!

MickFoley153 karma

I had SO many cases of ravioli. I showed up at the local food bank and was like a hero!

ColourInks25 karma

What's it like working with the Insane Clown Posse?

MickFoley47 karma

You know, I really enjoyed the Gathering..and i was pretty terrified going in. That "Miracles" is a heck of a video, and I've even got a Cactus Sac shirt in the works - on sale for the first time at my Oct 8 show at - come for the shirt, stay for the show!

LeeHarveyKennedy25 karma

Hey Mick, long time fan, first time asker of anything. There's one thing I've been wondering since I first read Have a Nice Day: In regards to the IWA match at the Tokyo Dome, you wrote that, and I'm paraphrasing here, your arm 'somehow got cut open, but you don't recall how'. I saw that match in high school, and I vividly remember Leatherface taking a chainsaw to your arm. That doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd just forget, so I have a two-parter:

Did the WWF/E just forbid that in the book, as it would be too graphic?

If so, was there anything else you wanted to include in a book but were told you couldn't, for any reason?

Thanks for everything over the years, man.

MickFoley41 karma

You guys are just going to have to use your imagination on that one. You know, even when I had my ups and downs with Vince, he always let me write the truth the way I saw it, even when it wasn't flattering toward him,

kondron23 karma

Do you think that Professional Wrestling could ever, or would ever unionize? Or will the system simply stay the same as it always has been?

edit: Thank you for all of the damage you did to your body in the name of entertainment. I'll forever respect you and be your fan.

MickFoley51 karma

I really don't see it happening. Just too many pieces that don't fit into the puzzle. Flights, indy work, royalties..just too much that I don't understand to be honest.

NewUSSR23 karma

Not a week goes by where I never recall his 1998 HIAC match against the Undertaker.

Especially now, with the whole HIAC pay-per-view in two days. People say that there needs to be something that equates the fall from the top or the chokeslam through the middle...but then the person taking the bump might not be as lucky as Mick was with the whole 'not dying' aspect. Remember guys, JR totally thought he was dead. And JR never thinks anybody is dead.

Pudie57 karma


mkay038 karma

Somebody stop the damn match!

MickFoley82 karma

Yeah, I think that call JR made is the best call in any form of entertainment..ever. Really - I think it was THAT good!

electron-shock22 karma

Hey Mick, Huge fan. I saw you wrestle against Flair in Boston at Summerslam. Stole the show in my opinion. I also got your autograph in 2000 at Six Flags New England slightly after 'Mania. Fond memory, still hangs on my wall...

anywho I was hoping you could settle a debate amung friends. Your autograph has three loops strategically drawn on the name and it kinda looks like you drew a penis on my autograph... is this intentionally done?

side note: I really hope you are on Rock's team at Survivor Series.

MickFoley58 karma

No, I really doubt I intentionally drew a penis with my loopy autograph.

Pudie51 karma

I would mark so hard if Rock and Sock came back.

MickFoley115 karma

Hey, that match is only a phone call away!

Barkingpanther22 karma

Who at TNA do you think would blow up huge in the WWE? (Added difficulty: under 40)

Who in the WWE do you think would be huge in TNA? (Added difficulty: midcard or lower only)

MickFoley37 karma

I think Beer Money and the Gunns off the top of my head could be huge in WWE. I'd like to see what Vince could do with the Gunns from a marketing perspective.

IrritatedMing21 karma

How have your history of injures/concussions effected your day to day life?

MickFoley90 karma

Well, watching me walk down a flight of stairs isn't pretty.

CharlieBennett18 karma

Hi Mick, I'm a big fan of you as a person. Ive always noticed that you are an all round great guy who really cares about other people. What would you say is your philosophy on life and what motivates you? Thanks Mick

MickFoley50 karma

What motivates me? Hmm..just trying to find my piece of the larger puzzle, and do as much as I can with it.

freakangel15 karma

Mick. i know you are a child at heart and love Christmas, hence the Christmas room in your home. if you could dedicate another room to a holiday which would it be and why?

MickFoley56 karma

You know, my son Mickey has always liked decorating for halloween, so we just kind of accept that one room in the house is going to look awful for a month,

Kyrodragon14 karma

Mick, I must say this is rather exciting, as I've been a big fan of yours since I was very young.

  1. I want to get into the business myself, and work in Japan. I know you have experience from working in IWA Japan, what kind of advice would you have for making it over there?
  2. How rough was it to commentate those JCW matches?
  3. What was the reasoning for the few AJPW bookings you had in 2002-2003, and how did it feel to face a fellow legend in Toshiaki Kawada?
  4. What was going through your head when The Rock was beating you with that chair, besides the chair?

MickFoley31 karma

Funny thing about that Kawada match in 2004 is that I literally could not walk going into it. I was on crutches before and after the match. and spen the post match puking in a toilet. That one was ALL about the Benjamins..and I made quite a few of them that night.

Ad-rock13 karma

On a scale of one through ten, how satisfying was it to beat up bubba the love sponge?


MickFoley17 karma

I actually always liked Bubba - he was just a little awkward to work with and I ended up hitting him harder than I intended to. I didn't think anything of it until Lisa Marie told me he was in rough shape. Now that I'm doing comedy, I'm going to have to call him up and say, "hey old pal!"

O-Prime12 karma

Hey Mick. I read or am reading all of your books but I can't really think of anything to ask (other than "What's Rock like? What's Undertaker like? What's Vince like? etc.)

When most people talk about you and your career, the hardcore aspect of it is usually discussed. I loved all that you did with the HIAC and various brutal matches, but I think what I loved most about you was the humour. I experienced so many laughs from your antics, so I thought I'd ask what your favourite funny moment(s) of your career are. Thanks.

Oh, and by the way... did you really get a chance to borrow a "roll of quarters" from Naked Mideon's fanny pack?

MickFoley24 karma

No, I never did get to that idea with naked Mideon as my assistant. Funniest moment involved the Rock in Milwaukee,,but a close second was with JB in Gassaway, WV. I would only consider my appearances a success if i could make JB crack, and he had tears streaming down his chheks in Gassaway.

DaveDrevello9 karma

I know you've said before that you're disappointed some of your hardcore stuff has influenced some people to do some pretty stupid stuff or something like that. My question is who is doing hardcore the right way these days?

MickFoley20 karma

I think many of the top guys do a great job doing stipulation matches when they get the chance.

I did get a kick out of being part of the Primo's show in Denver. They were pretty creative with the agony. Kitchen sink matches, bar room brawls, things that sting.

ComfortGel8 karma

Thanks for doing this!

How do you feel about the demise of the territory system in the industry?

Do you think there's any way someone like WCW could come up and be a real challenge to the WWE again?

Who was your favorite performer to work with outside of your WWE runs?

MickFoley19 karma

Good questions. I really don't see anyone challenging WWE - but I think there is plenty of room for other promotions to be successful. I started worrying about TNA as soon as I heard they wanted to take that top slot away fro Vince.

Fenndude8 karma

first off god do I love you man. You got me into all this crazy we call pro wrestling and I thank you for it. Anywho I have to ask is there anyone in your time of doing this you wish got a push or anyone you wish to have worked with

MickFoley36 karma

Hate to admit this, but I think more could have been done with Al Snow coming off Tough Enough. It was a show that drew many non-wrestling fans, and i think Al had some real credibility on that show. OK, that's the last nice thing I say about Al for a while.

AfterDeath7 karma


MickFoley20 karma

I've only got a few minutes left, so let me get right to the part about selling shirts. I'm bringing back the Wanted shirts, along with the cactus sac shirts, which are a tribute to the Wanted theme. Did I mention I will have them for sale on 10/8 at Governor's in Levittown, NY. Let's get some Juggalos in the house!

Dudley_shale7 karma

Do you ever regret being so willing to take so many chair shots?

MickFoley19 karma

Yes...should have brought the hands up on those chairshots.

Leeyowc6 karma

From your hardcore fan fr Philippines! What ever happened to the early childhood education center you mentioned at the back of wrescal lane book?

Thank you for having a big generous heart in sharing your talent/blessing to other people in need. More power, best of health & God bless. Ps. My wife is still waiting for last yr winter stuff! Hehe! She's kidding!

MickFoley12 karma

That early childhood education center was completed, but I can't remember the town, I did another one in Cotabato, in Mindanau, and several in Africa, in Sierra Leone. I think building those things is one of the ways I want to be remembered.

gezhowarth6 karma

Mick, how was it working in the six sided ring opposed to a standard one? would any of your tna matches get into your top ten matches of yours? How did you get into stand up?and which comedians influenced you?

MickFoley17 karma

Not sure if any of my TNA matches would get into the top 10, though the match with Flair might. It was pretty intense. Did you know Ric is coming to the Oct 5 show I'm doing in charlotte for Shane Helms? Pretty cool, right? Get tix at in "events". It's so fun having my own website to send people to.

Justin_S4 karma

Do you think more could have been done with Terry Funk in WWE in 1998 (and/or 2006) than was? I'm not sure if through various people you and him knew the two of you feuding and teaming was as high as he would go, or if he could have become a main eventer like you did.

MickFoley18 karma

Yeah, I think more could have been done with Terry in 1998, especially after he and I had a hellacious match in Richmond. But the Funker has had a pretty good career.