Mary-Louise Parker

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is an American actress. Best known for her lead role on Showtime's television series Weeds portraying Nancy Botwin.

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Roll a fat one and order Dominoes. Extra thin crust. And know I love you.

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I drank a lot, in fact I think they show me peeing in one season at the border of Mexico. So yes you are correct, I was well hydrated.

And you're so sweet, if I was still of child bearing age I would pump a couple out for you.

MaryLouiseParker2213 karma

God bless you. What’s your borough?

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Fantastic. Everything you could imagine and more.

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I’m really, really hard on myself. And I make excellent scones. But they’re never good enough.

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No, but you can bet I’m going to try to get them to do it this weekend.

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I love that, are you kidding insulting? Keep insulting me. Yes, there are some rituals involved with the goats.

No, that’s so flattering, thank you. I've always lived a clean life. The women in my family look young. I think when you err on the other side, with injections and all that, I think it can actually make you look older. I think some of it is luck. You know, I don’t eat red meat. I drink goat milk every day, but only in small quantities…

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I wish I knew, I remember the moment but not the words.

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I would say, there was a man years ago that insisted that I’d gone to high school with him and that we’d had dinner, and then he started screaming at me. But I just wanted to ignore that part of my life. He just recognized me and didn’t know who I was.

People have been incredibly sweet. I especially love getting Japanese fan letters because they tend to put a lot of stickers all over and draw smiley faces.

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I’d get all the pillows in my home, put them in the movie room, hunker down and watch any Miyazaki movie with my kids. Maybe drink root beer straight out of the bottle.