Loren Bouchard

Loren Hal Bouchard (born October 10, 1969) is an American cartoonist, animator, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, television director, and composer.

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clearly we have to do something. the world demands it. there's a perfect way to do it, but we just haven't thought of it yet.

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can't pick a favorite but i love long, sweaty ones, like "the cauliflower's cumin from inside the house burger (comes with cauliflower and cumin)"

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if roller coasters went really slowly and took lots of breaks to go to the bathroom.

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they are star crossed. it's always gonna be complicated. - william shakespeare

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it's like working in a coal mine if coal was something that made you laugh.

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yes. i won't deny it. it was straight up theft, though i like your word "successors" much better. we wanted them to be their own little fellas too though, and we wouldn't have done it if we didn't think they were worthy as their own characters.

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thanks! sincerity in comedy is underrated and under-used.

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they add seasons slowly for some reason. i think YOU probably have the most power in that relationship. more than us anyway. demand more episodes. but you know, nicely.

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me too! copying and pasting into a script right now.

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interesting question. we won't do a last season of roseanne thing. that's for sure. but i like to imagine that if bob's was a real restaurant it would find success after a long struggle.