Kevin Nealon

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is an American actor and comedian, best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1995, acting in several of the Happy Madison films

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Kind of like Buzz Aldrin

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Nothin' Dante.

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fart under the covers

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paid gigs

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Thanks, psycho I appreciate it.

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It was an incredible experience. Loved it. No regrets. Farley offstage was everything you would expect him to be. Fun loving, reckless and often inappropriate. We had a thing -- If he was getting out of hand I would raise my eyebrows and he would respond with, "What? Take it down a notch?" Miss him.

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A great talent. We used to call him 'the glue' because he kept all the sketches together. I think about him often. So many fav sketches with him. Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein...Mace...The olympian weight lifter...I'm sure I'm forgetting tons..

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I'm so tired of that question! Once again, I don't see the problem!

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Yes, it worked that night.

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Loved having the breasts on my head. The make up dept. really made them authentic. Filled with condoms full of water. Everyone wanted to feel them, guys and women. At the end of the day when they were removed no one cared about me. It was then I realized how powerful it was to have breasts!