James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel

host and creator of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a late-night talk show that airs on ABC

Hosted AMAs

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my publicist says you should definitely see Rampart.

JamesBatmanKimmel2046 karma

his stupid face

JamesBatmanKimmel1849 karma

as they say in Germany, gracias!

JamesBatmanKimmel1706 karma

this made me laugh

JamesBatmanKimmel1692 karma

we wanted to go out before it became pathetic.

JamesBatmanKimmel1564 karma

not only did she do it on her own - she did it three times

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JamesBatmanKimmel1539 karma

rough, but tender

JamesBatmanKimmel1497 karma

Breaking Bad

JamesBatmanKimmel1382 karma

Letterman. Bill Murray. Steve Martin...for starters