Jeff Garlin

Jeff garlin
is an American comedian, actor, producer, voice artist, director, writer, podcast host and author

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What kind of question is that? Just WHO do you think you are?

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yes! he has never taken a picture, and he has never put money in a jukebox. At some point, you learn not to be boggled by what Larry David chooses to do or not do.

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the coolest, and a dream come true. I remember when I saw Toy STory (the first film) in the movie theater- I said to my wife, "That would be when I know that I've made it, that I was a voice in a Pixar movie. They called me and asked me if I would come up to Pixar - they would fly me up, to pitch me on the possibility of being in their new movie. And I said to my wife, "I love that they're going to pitch me, as if the answer won't possibly be yes."

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I have no idea. I'm hoping sometime in 2014.

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Maeby Funke.

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I hope so. It looks good. But I won't even say very good, just good, but i hope so.

I don't crack up because i'm a professional. If I were just watching the scene, I would crack up, but because I'm in the scene, I'm a professional so I don't crack up.

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To film... i don't know that i have a favorite to film, probably one with a location closest to my house. As far my as favorite Curb episode, it was one called "Wandering Bear," where Larry and I watch Girls Gone Wild, my dog gets run over, and Cheryl's vagina itches and it's cured by an Indian. I think that is the best episode because it's completely self-contained.

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What are you scared of?

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I followed the Dalai Lama for a while, but he tweeted way too much for my taste.

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completely mine. but my favorite line from that episode was "boy cock, girl cock, e-i-e-i-o". That killed me.