Henrik Rummel

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the coxless four and won third place

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A little bit, but I thought the whole thing was funny

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I seem to remember them being very slightly upvoted beforehand but something about a Reddit algorithm downboted the posts when people started upvoting them, or something along those lines. I don't think they were negative at any point, but if someone did I don't really mind. I think I gave good advice and if people didn't want to follow it then that's their choice! I was really happy that my game of thrones questions were answered really well after people started checking my comment history

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At one point, right after the final I got kind of depressed. I just kind of realized how awesome it would be to have won. It wasn't until I was leaving the course when everyone stopped me to congratulate me on the way that I realized it's a pretty unique experience and something I should be proud of. Every experience is different, and I really wish we had won, but I'm proud of the result

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I haven't actually done one this year but my guess would be low 5:50 or high 5:40's. Doing a test wasn't a priority for our coach this year

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Some of us get a small monthly stipend from USRowing and the USOC in addition to free healthcare. I had a part time job when I was training in NJ, but when I moved to CA I had to quit and have been tutoring math to high school and college kids to get by.

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I'm fluent in Danish and English and I'm proficient in German

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Tired and jet lagged!

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I didn't stay at the village but I did hang out there a few days. The coolest part is by far the dining hall. It's basically a big warehouse full of buffet style food stations with athletes eating there 24/7. As for the parties, most of the parties were in London away from the village so it wasn't as raucous as people are reporting.

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4-6 a day with Thursday mornings and Sundays off

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I've received a lot of sleazy messages and emails from women and men alike. I have a serious girlfriend though, so I just ignore them. I had to change my facebook privacy settings because I was getting a lot of attention right after the story surfaced. I have a serious girlfriend though so I just ignored them