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is an Australian bodybuilder and actor. Born in Penrith, NSW, Australia, near Sydney, Grundy has placed first in the Mr. Australia championships twice and placed 2nd in the Mr. World competition twice: in 1999 and 2001.

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I am drug free now, I did use when I competed and would use a low dose for a long periods of around 6 months! before show you will cycle the hardening drugs that don't hold water but hold your muscle, in the off season you will use more test and water holding products as this helps you get big faster! Off season ifs for growing pre comp is for tightening

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The guys are Huge but we are having a lot of deaths, Nasser recently and another pro just died. the sport rewards the freaks these days and you only get freaky by taking a LOT of drugs, I think the sport is hurting it self, when your = legends die before they are 45 its very sad and something is clearly wrong. the judges are to blame, they reward the drugged up freaky look that is what the competitor will try and give them

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Good question, LONGEVITY! u have to look after your body, injuries will ruin a career and I have seen it happen! I had 3 shoulder reconstructions and spent 5 years of my life recovering from injuries, When ur young you think your Indestructible, U need to look big picture, if an exercise hurts your joints etc, dont do it and find another.

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he was the Most rude and arrogant ass hole there was, no one liked the guy, Bad things happen to bad people and he got what he got! I admired him then I meet him, such a disapointment! He crsuhed me when I seen what an ass hole he was, no one likes that Ass hole, Hey Flex your a wanker! U got a problem with that I aint hard to find :)

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I hated being Small and weak for my age, I didn't know my father until later in life, All I knew was that he was a boxer which meant he was muscular and could kick ass and every kid wants t be like his Dad and I was no different my insercuites are what are a major reason for where I am in life now.!

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Do your Cardio for at least 20-30 mins first ting in the Morning and look to get your Heart rate to around 120 beats a minute. I also will vary & rotate my carbs, some days high and some days low. These are the most important things I can suggest for you. Also good high quality protein with minimal Fat, Lean Beef is my personal fav! Also eat your Carb rich meals after training when your body utilizes the food more efficiently to feed the muscle!

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Reverse grip rows followed by hyper extensions, This really get the blood in the area! I fid reverse grips pulled low to the stomach worked my lower back and thickness best!

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I have use in the past. I stayed with the basic's, test, D-Ball Deca. For traps I will do these with rear delts as it gives you a much thicker and fuller look! If I had to say my favorite exercise it would be Lee haneys shrugs that he did with the bar behind his ass, this was great movement & few had bigger traps than Haney :)

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Arnold for sure! When I seen him on the Poser as the Terminator that is when I knew what I wanted to be Just like Him! Lee Labrada was awesome, Dorian Yates a true worker and over achiever! I was huge Fan of Flex Wheeler then I meet him and he was the biggest piece of shit I ever meet. Pls tell him i said so :) I was good mates with Craig Titus and admired him greatly, very sad what happened to him and Kelly as we where very close at one stage.

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Pure Ass hole would hit on everyone girl, act tough and had a Big Mouth One of the most unliked people I have ever meet! He is pathetic