Professional bodybuilder, 2x Mr. Australia and featured in the popular Louis Theroux documentary on Extreme Bodybuilding. Now acting and training clients in Los Angeles, Grundy is a brand ambassador for various fitness companies and has starred in films & television shows including Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior.

Check out Grundy in his new film - THE LACKEY released today on Cable VOD. The urban action film won the Audience Choice Award at the 2012 SoCal Film Fest & is currently rated 8.6 on IMDB with 77 users. Also available at Amazon, Best Buy & BN.

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Grundy's One Sheet for THE LACKEY

Grundy with his daughter


EDIT: Off to the Gym I go for an hr of weights and 45 mins cardio & then stretching! will also be coming back to answer any questions I receive while away, as I said you ask it I will answer it!

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I am drug free now, I did use when I competed and would use a low dose for a long periods of around 6 months! before show you will cycle the hardening drugs that don't hold water but hold your muscle, in the off season you will use more test and water holding products as this helps you get big faster! Off season ifs for growing pre comp is for tightening

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What's some advice you can give people looking to cut body fat around their muscles?

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Do your Cardio for at least 20-30 mins first ting in the Morning and look to get your Heart rate to around 120 beats a minute. I also will vary & rotate my carbs, some days high and some days low. These are the most important things I can suggest for you. Also good high quality protein with minimal Fat, Lean Beef is my personal fav! Also eat your Carb rich meals after training when your body utilizes the food more efficiently to feed the muscle!

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Thoughts on the current state of pro bodybuilding? Specifically the huge mass monsters and the amount of drugs these guys are taking, it feels like you're lucky to see some of these guys make it past the age of 50 with the way they used/use drugs.

guy_grundy57 karma

The guys are Huge but we are having a lot of deaths, Nasser recently and another pro just died. the sport rewards the freaks these days and you only get freaky by taking a LOT of drugs, I think the sport is hurting it self, when your = legends die before they are 45 its very sad and something is clearly wrong. the judges are to blame, they reward the drugged up freaky look that is what the competitor will try and give them

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How do you go about building your lower lats?

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Reverse grip rows followed by hyper extensions, This really get the blood in the area! I fid reverse grips pulled low to the stomach worked my lower back and thickness best!

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Do you do steroids? If so, what kind? Also what is a good way to build your traps?

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I have use in the past. I stayed with the basic's, test, D-Ball Deca. For traps I will do these with rear delts as it gives you a much thicker and fuller look! If I had to say my favorite exercise it would be Lee haneys shrugs that he did with the bar behind his ass, this was great movement & few had bigger traps than Haney :)

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In your opinion, what's the most crucial aspect of bodybuilding that a lot of people tend to overlook or consider non important?

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Good question, LONGEVITY! u have to look after your body, injuries will ruin a career and I have seen it happen! I had 3 shoulder reconstructions and spent 5 years of my life recovering from injuries, When ur young you think your Indestructible, U need to look big picture, if an exercise hurts your joints etc, dont do it and find another.

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What was your inspiration for getting into body building in the first place?

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I hated being Small and weak for my age, I didn't know my father until later in life, All I knew was that he was a boxer which meant he was muscular and could kick ass and every kid wants t be like his Dad and I was no different my insercuites are what are a major reason for where I am in life now.!

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Who were your role models when you started bodybuilding? Do they still influence you in your lifting today?

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Arnold for his Drive and focus & believing in him self! Lee Labarada for his professionalism and Dorian yates for his Approach and tenacity. I still use these men as role modeols as they where the best of the best as people and athletes to me! You need be both to be a great in my eyes Ass holes like Flex Wheeler made me NEVER want to let some one down that looked up to me like he did to me. He taught me a great lesson, I never wanted t hurt anyone like he hurt me and I never want to be a disappointment to anther like he was to me!

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What was it like working with Louis? Did you get on? Did you spend a lot of time with him? What are your thoughts on his other docs?


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Louis was Awesome as was the whole cast, he stayed with me 2 days and nights! I had a blast doing that show! One of the best things for me personally from my Bodybuilding career, I have received so much attention due to that show, I thought the show was awesome very honest and how things are

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Who are some body builders that inspired you?

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Arnold for sure! When I seen him on the Poser as the Terminator that is when I knew what I wanted to be Just like Him! Lee Labrada was awesome, Dorian Yates a true worker and over achiever! I was huge Fan of Flex Wheeler then I meet him and he was the biggest piece of shit I ever meet. Pls tell him i said so :) I was good mates with Craig Titus and admired him greatly, very sad what happened to him and Kelly as we where very close at one stage.

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Yes please elaborate on Flex Wheeler. Ive heard that he was the laziest guy ever with the greatest potential...

guy_grundy21 karma

Pure Ass hole would hit on everyone girl, act tough and had a Big Mouth One of the most unliked people I have ever meet! He is pathetic

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What did Flex do that pissed you off so much?

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he was the Most rude and arrogant ass hole there was, no one liked the guy, Bad things happen to bad people and he got what he got! I admired him then I meet him, such a disapointment! He crsuhed me when I seen what an ass hole he was, no one likes that Ass hole, Hey Flex your a wanker! U got a problem with that I aint hard to find :)

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Is cardio really necessary if you have a strict diet plan?

guy_grundy15 karma

For MOST YES! some people can get away with it, i am not one of them haha!

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What is your typical workout week? How do you have your worked planned in terms of what muscles worked that day?

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It all depends if I have a Movie shooting, When I am on set I will train my body in 2 workouts chest, shoulders & triceps workout 2 Back Biceps and rear delts and traps. I vary my training greatly depending on what I am focusing on, no matter what i always train and always will :) I like to vary my training my legs grow fast aso I do light leg training once a week prior to boxing or doing Ju Jitsu kore as a warm up! Tis allows my body more time to recover and grow!

XDerp_ChrisX7 karma

What about legs?

guy_grundy14 karma

Thankfully my legs are big from all the years of training hard! I just get some blood in them once a week I also do Bike for Cardio so they get additional work there. If my legs are to big and feel heavy it really effects my MMA especialy my kicks for the Movie world so only minimla leg training these days, I paid my dues for many years!

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What made you go from competing to acting? Was Arnold any inspiration?

guy_grundy15 karma

Ever since I can recall I have wanted to be a Hollywood Action Hero, I have abandonment issues from my child hood and I always want to be seen and noticed, Bodybuilding was the start to become an action Hero, as I have said many times my insercuites made me the man I am today and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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haha yes i was I did 3 Commercials for Fosters! It was a great experience being an Aussie and being the Fosters beer guy in the states!

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What are your thoughts on BCAAs before and after workout. I've read good things so far but would like to hear your opinion.

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They are Great, I am Brand Ambassador for ProFight Supplements & I use BCAA and Amino complex after and before every workout! I also take them prior to bed t help preserve muscle while sleeping!

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As someone with a great amount of exercise and muscle building experience I have a few questions.

Firstly, aside from basic calf raises, what are some good workout for building size in calves?

Secondly, I have a low body fat content, but no great abdominal definition. Do you have any suggestions for building abdominal muscle size and to increase definition?

Thank you.

guy_grundy9 karma

For me a combination of Seated and standing to work all areas is important, also I found High reps around 20 get the best results, the calves a high tolerance muscle group as we walk on them all day so High reps did the trick for me as well as stretching between sets seemed to increase the growth and keep me injury free! With the Abs you can have the best stomach muscles in the world but if u have have fat covering them it means nothing! It al comes down to diet to get the skins thin so all that hard work training abs shows! Diet and cardio is the answer to that one

BamBamBeano4 karma

Overtraining, is it as easy for beginners/intermediates to suffer from it when only working a major muscle group once a week? Is it really as much of a concern as the internets would have us believe (beginners, less than 24 months serious training)?

guy_grundy8 karma

If your hitting a body part once a week to every 5 days I believe you will be ok and not overt rain beginners tend to over train due to their excitement and desire. If your not getting a good pump and your enthusiasm dies you are more that likely over training, NEVER have more than a few days of unless yu need to due t injury that is a major no no for me, Consistency if the key!

ReashC4 karma

What's your training philosophy?

guy_grundy21 karma

Listen to your Body, if you don't feel like having a crazy workout don't, your body talks to you & if your in tune with it you will get great results! I also believe in changing things up so your body gets stimulated from different methods of training and most of all enjoy it!

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I am 31 and have been lifting seriously for about a year and a half, mostly focusing on building a good strength base first. I plan to switch to a mass-building routine in the near future. What routine(s) would you recommend to a natural lifter who's really trying to put on mass for the first time in his life? Do you recommend a bulk/cut approach or getting lean first and then more of a clean bulk?

guy_grundy6 karma

Eat clean as best u can and as much as u can in the off season, reps of between 5-8 are best overall for size gain but are also the surest way to injure yurs self, I would get as heavy as I could eating healthy food in the off season and then diet for show

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Do you like Louis?

guy_grundy5 karma

Yeah he was Very Cool, I liked him, I am a fan :)

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Skinny guy here that just started working out a few months back. I’ve gained a decent amount of weight (up to 160), but I think I might be doing too much on my workout days. I do bench, incline bench, skull crushers, curls, chin ups, push ups, standing military press, standing shoulder shrugs, bent over rows and forearm work. Suffice to say, by the time I get done with that workout (Three sets each time, twice a week, due to hectic work schedule), I’m totally drained.

With all that being said, it seems like with programs like SS or SL, you are doing so much less. Being a skinny guy, I’m really going for size more than strength and the ability to do big deadlifts or anything like that. (though I know they can go hand in hand)

So I sum all that up to ask these two things:

What lifts/routines would you recommend to build the most size for upper body?

How needed are the isolation lifts? My triceps have gotten a lot bigger, but I don’t know if that’s a result of skull crushers, or standing military press, or whatever else I’m doing.

Other side notes – I use a basic home gym, bench, squat rack thing, an EZ curl bar, and a doorframe pullup bar.

guy_grundy3 karma

I would follow a 2 on 1 off routine of chest delts and tricpes and back biceps and traps and rear delts this is commonly reffered to as the push pull system as you use your pushing muscle in the chest workout and your pulling muscles in the back wo, I would also train legs separate!

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My Pleasure, Thanks for having Grundy on :) Have roles models and people u look up to and look to emulate the traits they have that you like! I have meet many great people in my life and I look to take the good from each of them! Also seeing how others handle situations is how I have grown and matured.

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What motivates you to continue working out and competing after winning Mr. Australia the second time?

guy_grundy7 karma

I always wanted to be a World Champion and that drove me, i took 2nd twice and realized that I didn't enjoy competing like I used to. I have no regrets but I would have loved to have been able to call my self a Wol Champion, I competed one year more than I should have as I wanted that title but it wasn't to be

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How does the body-building community in Los Angeles differ from that of Australia? Or does it?

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Similar, both very hard core! There is a lot of bitching and whining in both in my opinion, Bodybuilders are by nature very insecure that's why they lift weights to some one else as they aren't happy with who they are. Its an unusual sport of egos . The main change is BB don't act so tough since MMA came around back in the Day some idiots thought they where tough cause they where full of steroids and big, that doesn't make you tough as many have learnt!

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Similar, both very hard core! There is a lot of bitching and whining in both in my opinion, Bodybuilders are by nature very insecure that's why they lift weights to some one else as they aren't happy with who they are. Its an unusual sport of egos . The main change is BB don't act so tough since MMA came around back in the Day some idiots thought they where tough cause they where full of steroids and big, that doesn't make you tough as many have learnt!