Georg "Goggi" Hólm

is the bassist of the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. He is the most prominent member of Sigur Rós in the English press, as he does significantly more press than the other members due to his being the most fluent English-speaker in the band

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Get drunk :)

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Photo please.

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in the past i used to sing with just sounds that fitted best to the song and melody and it is probably the most natural way of singing, but maybe too repetitive ... and also lazyness of writing lyrics ... hehehe ...

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You have been acknowledged.

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one of our all time favorite moment also ...

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thank you for listening

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Ten years older.

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Hello! Orri here. I had been getting these weird headaches for a few days before the show and i just managed to get through the show in Guadalajara with the help of painkillers. In Tepoztlan it was too much for me and everything went black and i passed out. My head was checked and I was and am fine. I guess it had something to do with stress or altitude. I felt really bad about having to leave the stage.

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Yes hopefully. We talked to Dean the director and he is working on it.

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Yes he has left the band. He said he spent half his life in the band and it was time to do something different.