on january 24th starting at 3pm est (noon pst, 8pm gmt) we'll answer as many questions as we can in an hour about the band, touring, the music or ourselves.

we'd like to share with you a video teaser for our upcoming tour, featuring a music snippet from our forthcoming release: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk

we are touring the world in 2013 and hope to see you somewhere: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/tour/#tickets

verified: https://twitter.com/sigurros/status/294530445448712192

ask us anything!

** back to mixing the new album. thank you all for the q&a, we had fun! -sr

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dlm851503 karma

Just wanted to thank you for making some fine music.

WeAreSigurRos1025 karma

thank you for listening

licorice_straw1334 karma

The best concert experience I've ever been to was 2008 in Berkeley at the Greek. Rain had been predicted for the evening, but none started until the encore. As the song started mist began to form and it all led to the climax of the song. The heavens opened up and it POURED, the crowd lost it.

Sigur Ros is magical. Thank you for all of your music!

WeAreSigurRos1225 karma

one of our all time favorite moment also ...

CarlFarbman712 karma

Will Heima ever be released on Blu-ray format? It is a beautiful release that must see the light of day in hi-def.

WeAreSigurRos840 karma

Yes hopefully. We talked to Dean the director and he is working on it.

TheUltimatePoet652 karma

I love the song Sæglópur. I want you to acknowledge my existence!

WeAreSigurRos1239 karma

You have been acknowledged.

WeAreSigurRos537 karma

okay....we have to go back to work now. its been fun talking to you.

14000seconds502 karma

Kjartan has left the band, is that true?

WeAreSigurRos828 karma

Yes he has left the band. He said he spent half his life in the band and it was time to do something different.

lazyink472 karma

How do you deal with the boredom of touring?

WeAreSigurRos1846 karma

Get drunk :)

paranoideo446 karma

What really happened in the last show in México?

WeAreSigurRos890 karma

Hello! Orri here. I had been getting these weird headaches for a few days before the show and i just managed to get through the show in Guadalajara with the help of painkillers. In Tepoztlan it was too much for me and everything went black and i passed out. My head was checked and I was and am fine. I guess it had something to do with stress or altitude. I felt really bad about having to leave the stage.

skywritergr405 karma

The language that your songs are sung is not icelandic, but rather a vocal language with no special meaning. Is there any rules for that language or is it what comes in mind at the time?

WeAreSigurRos1269 karma

in the past i used to sing with just sounds that fitted best to the song and melody and it is probably the most natural way of singing, but maybe too repetitive ... and also lazyness of writing lyrics ... hehehe ...

WeAreSigurRos384 karma

No, It´s in Icelandic.

Caville353 karma

At the end of Ekki Mukk, the piano recording is the most beautiful, delicately recorded sound I've ever heard. I noticed a few changes in where notes appear in the stereo field, and these change between two different stereo images of the piano. Would it be possible to explain how you recorded it so delicately, and the stereo image changes of the piano, what that was for?

It's a beautiful album, and I'm seeing you Manchester at the beginning of March. Really hoping to meet you. Apologies for the technical question!

WeAreSigurRos739 karma

we recorded that song individually. so everybody had to play their piano part in the studio while the other ones waited outside in the car and smoking cigarettes and couldn't hear what the other ones where doing ... then we listen back to the mess and sort out the nice things ... we like to play with accidents in music ... something that happens accidentally and is not planned ... is sometimes the best thing ..

unarmed_walrus401 karma

Wait, Sigur Ros, aren't you describing the process of recording Fjogur Piano? OP was asking about Ekki Mukk.

WeAreSigurRos759 karma

oh shit, yess you are right ... sorry about that ... hahaha ...

pragu345 karma

Jonsi et al, Will you marry me?

WeAreSigurRos1567 karma

Photo please.

crazy_eye306 karma

What's your favorite song to perform live?

WeAreSigurRos594 karma

Poppsong... After a long show it´s good to end on something energetic like that.

hookedonsymphonics227 karma

What's up Sigur Ros! Been a listener for a while, great to have you on reddit.

Couple questions, what was it like finding out Starálfur would be used in the Life Aquatic? This might not have been the first use of your music in film and I know it wasn't your last, but I really love that scene and would be curious to know your initial reaction seeing it.

Your music is definitely cinematic by nature. Do you have any scoring / soundtrack projects in the works?

WeAreSigurRos342 karma

It did really fit well in there yes. We were very happy with the result. No scoring projects at the moment since we are very busy working on a new album and touring at the same time.

coldbrains41218 karma

Who are 2 or 3 Icelandic bands or musicians you like right now and would recommend?

WeAreSigurRos419 karma

sin fang

orange_kevin189 karma

What actually happened at Bestival?

I know you said was a bad gig for you, but my friends, my brother, and I were right at the front after waiting six years to see you live (and having waited all day at the front - and it was my birthday (you seem to have made a nice coincidence of playing on my birthday... on my 22nd I saw Jónsi live at Leeds O2 Academy!), and we were in awe. Sigur Rós was the sole reason we travelled all the way from Northern England to the Isle of Wight! We realised the issues with the bass and sound crew, but you blew us away completely with your set and presence up there - and the man in the crowd to my left who got Jónsi's bow actually started crying with happiness!

I can't wait to see you live on your first Brixton date in the UK, you must hear it often, but you create, by far, the best music, art, and imagery of any band I have ever listened to and witnessed.

WeAreSigurRos156 karma

There were a lot of issues, mainly technical problems... things not working on stage.

B_MCC188 karma

whos idea was it to put Shia LeBoeuf's wang in the video?

WeAreSigurRos592 karma

I think it was probably his idea.

hamontoast178 karma

Any chance of coming back to new Zealand one day? The show in 2006 was amazing

WeAreSigurRos206 karma

That would be amazing. We really do hope we can go back there.

jkbh154 karma

First of all: Thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart thank you for the music you've made. It has gotten me through some real dark periods and is one of the biggest influences on my own songwriting.

My question is this:

Now that Kjartan has decided to spend time with his family, and since he was (what i've understood) the one with the most experience of composing, will there be any major changes to the sound of Sigur Rós?


Jonsi, Please make more cooking-specials with Alex! I loved those episodes!

*edit a bit of formatting

WeAreSigurRos211 karma

There will be changes yes, but not only because Kjartan has left. We always try to evolve and make things interesting.

teendaze150 karma

Hey guys! Just wanted to start by saying that your show at Benaroya Hall in Seattle was the best show I've ever been to! My friends and I were sitting front row center, and I managed to shoot this Polaroid during the encore of Gobbledigook! So thank you for that!

A couple of questions for you:

Jonsi, as someone with certain dietary choices, how do you find being on tour and also being a raw vegan?

Are there any plans for another Jonsi & Alex record?

I'm thinking about spending some time in Iceland: what time of the year would be the best to visit?

What are some of your favourite books?


WeAreSigurRos278 karma

i used to be raw food vegan but stopped it when i started touring. i found it to be so antisocial in my hotel room with my blender making a green soup when everybody else was out eating somewhere ... but im mos def gonna go back on raw food diet someday ... makes you lighter and more creative ...

yeah it would be fun to do another jonsi and alex album ... we are throwing around some ideas in the kitchen between courses ...

all year around, different experiences ...

Zys_133 karma

Who's running the website, twitter, facebook accounts, ...? Can we say hi and thank you to him/her/them?

WeAreSigurRos276 karma

Darren and Bjossi are at the helm. They don't sleep.

remymartinsextra129 karma

Will you tell us about your most recent elf sighting?

WeAreSigurRos629 karma

Björk on the main street.

Shoowee119 karma

I've see you guys once, years ago when you were touring after your first album. It was at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. I was really moved by the music and the pairing of it with a background video showing some out-of-focus birds perched on wires silhouetted against an orange sky. At a climax during the show, the camera focused and the birds took flight. It's a long shot, but do you know who made this video? I'd just like to check out more of their stuff.

WeAreSigurRos325 karma

we did it ourselves

gmay13118 karma

What is the best Icelandic drinking game?

WeAreSigurRos604 karma

Stick a bottle of brennivín up your behind and stand on your hands.

jon_york117 karma

Hello from Canada!

WeAreSigurRos397 karma

Hello Canada.

Krioniks116 karma

I host a radio show in Vancouver and I have seen a lot of concerts over the years and Sigur Ros in Vancouver both times has by far been the best. Why no Vancouver dates on both of Sigur Ros' last visits to North America? We love you here...

WeAreSigurRos378 karma

We are coming to Vancouver this year. Just has not been announced.

karinosv115 karma

Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years?

WeAreSigurRos961 karma

Ten years older.

lukehmuse99 karma

To Jonsi: Are you considering releasing another solo album? Go is one of my favourite albums.

Can't wait to see you guys in March!!!

WeAreSigurRos232 karma

Yes, maybe, would be fun ... just going to plough through this crazy year of touring with signor rossi

tjuan96 karma

Did you ever see Bobby Fischer around Reykjavik? What did you think of him?

WeAreSigurRos178 karma

Yes. Genius chess player.

stormstatic95 karma

If you could go back to the very beginning of the band's existence, would you do anything differently?

WeAreSigurRos323 karma


this_is_not_the_cia90 karma

What was the biggest influence on your musical career?

WeAreSigurRos392 karma

When I was a kid I wanted to learn how to play the vibraphone and I went to the music school in Seltjarnarnes. The teacher told me that I had to start by playing the drums for one year before touching the vibes. I agreed to that and really got into drumming. Later i found out that the school didn´t have a vibraphone and the teacher was just trying to get me into the school. So I was tricked into playing drums.

hubascuba87 karma

  1. If you had been Eden Hazard last night would you have kicked the ball boy?
  2. Why has there been a lack of info on whether Kjartan had left the group or not?
  3. Ronaldo or Messi?

WeAreSigurRos188 karma

  1. That was very dumb of him but I think he and the ball boy should have gotten the red card.
  2. He has left the band.
  3. Messi of course.

WeAreSigurRos81 karma

Georg is staying on for a while longer. Bye.

indieprogllama373 karma

I know practice makes perfect, and i'm really inspired by your work, but how did you become such successful musicians?

WeAreSigurRos209 karma

Sticking to it and a lot of luck.

WeAreSigurRos201 karma

and a lot of work

electronicwolf70 karma

Are you playing Coachella this year?

WeAreSigurRos165 karma


Mahl3r65 karma

Hi! I would first like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I've enjoyed your music for years now, and it has compelled me to write some of my own music.

I write my music almost entirely by ear and I'll experiment with different harmonic structures before deciding what I like. What does the song creation process look like for you? Does it require a lot of experimenting with the band before putting it down to paper?

WeAreSigurRos284 karma

it happens quite naturally and effortlessly ... we just jam in the rehearsal space and come up with something we all like ... we do everything by ear and don't even know what these black and white keyes on the piano are called? and we never put anything down on paper ... just keep it in our small brains before it shrinks any further ...

WeAreSigurRos135 karma

There is a lot of experimenting yes but nothing goes down on paper... just tape.

Ecresis59 karma

Do you plan to tour with a choir and full orchestra one day ?

WeAreSigurRos90 karma

Haha probably not.

Aleril_Antarai59 karma

Do you care about music reviews, like ones from Pitchfork or Spin?

WeAreSigurRos151 karma

Not really... but they are fun to read sometimes.

niniel5559 karma

When can we expect your next album to be released?

WeAreSigurRos248 karma

this year. we are writing these answers from the studio in los angeles right now!

riazor53 karma

Do you like sushi?

WeAreSigurRos116 karma

oh yes

a_rabies46 karma

First of all, thank you so much for doing this! I waited for 5 hours at Lollapalooza this year to be in the 3rd row for you guys, and it was such an breathtaking experience. Your music is so powerful and has helped me through a lot.

Second, what is your process for writing your music? Any plans of doing more film competitions?

WeAreSigurRos69 karma

Thank you very much. We really enjoyed that show.

The process varies almost with every record.

No film competitions at the moment but it was very interesting.

shallow_submarine45 karma

How do you guys choose which questions to respond to on Reddit?

WeAreSigurRos94 karma

i think its pretty random.....so many questions coming in.

toriani44 karma

How come there is not a South American Leg of the tour? Don't you have plans to come to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico???

WeAreSigurRos73 karma

we are trying to make it work in december this year

WeAreSigurRos51 karma

We are working on that. We will most certainly come to South America later this year.

jackory44 karma

Is Kjartan planning to compose/record on his own? We will miss him.

WeAreSigurRos108 karma

He is planing to compose on his own yes.

jacoborriv33 karma

Is jonsi's les paul modded all to hell? looks like a PRS neck or something?

WeAreSigurRos89 karma

its a homemade guitar that one of our guitar tech did ... its a mixture of les paul and an old ibanez guitar and the shape is easier to play with a bow ...

greenplasticron33 karma

What was it like working with Radiohead on the Split Sides collaboration and can we expect to see any upcoming collaborations from the both of you?

WeAreSigurRos50 karma

There was not much collaboration, in fact that was the whole idea of split sides. No was to know what the other person was doing... not even the dancers. No collaboration has been planned.

e_m_i_l_i_e32 karma

I've seen you twice this summer and I was a little sad that Valtari was not really present in the pacing of the show. Can we expect more songs of Valtari for the 2013 tour?!

You guys are awesome, I love you sooooo much! I will be there for both Montreal and Toronto shows in march, I can not wait! xx

WeAreSigurRos68 karma

It´s almost impossible to re-create live most of those songs. But there will be more new songs surfacing this year.

vinsticks32 karma

I've just heard Kjartan left the band.Is it true? Could you tell us why he left, if you are sad about it, if you had an argument with him, if you have made sugery on yourselves to add extra hands to play the keyboards on stage??

WeAreSigurRos90 karma

Kjartan has left yes but all on a good note. He wanted to leave for some time. We have added some extra hands but thats also because we use a lot of instruments on the albums and we can´t play them all at the same time live. We want the live experience to be as good as possible.

iisancharte28 karma


WeAreSigurRos37 karma

hoping to come this year.

WeAreSigurRos22 karma

We are working on getting back to Mexico. Yes I do remember Orri getting sick, it was pretty scary.

Austinicus26 karma

Hey there! My name is Austin, and I'm a huge fan. You guys are my favorite band and have been for about 4 years now. If you care to hear my story then you can keep reading this paragraph, if not then my questions are below. My first time hearing Sigur Rós was in my sophomore year of high school. I was in a bit of a depression and was exploring some new music when someone recommended I listen to Ágætis byrjun. From the first listen I was amazed, and I must have listened to the album at least once a day for about two months. It's not a stretch to say the album helped me out of the depression. Sigur Rós have been my favorite band ever since then, and I love everything you guys have put out. I unfortunately missed the chance to see Jónsi on his tour for the Go album, but I have my ticket for the San Francisco show in April and I'm the most excited I've ever been for a concert. Now, for a few questions:

  1. Along with being a huge Sigur Rós fan, I'm also a big fan of record collecting. I own all of Sigur Rós' albums on vinyl with the exception of one, Takk. I'm not sure if you are aware, but Takk is pretty rare to find these days and frequently sells for over $100 online. Would it be possible for you guys to re-release the album on vinyl? I would gladly pay whatever I needed to buy it directly from the band rather than pay a collector. If I'm going to spend money on music, I prefer it benefit the artist. On a related note, back in 1998 you guys released an EP called Von Brigði. While I own a CD copy of the album, only 100 vinyl copies were pressed and they go for absurd amounts (I saw one sell for around $600 on eBay). That is an EP that I would love to see get a re-release on vinyl, as I hope to one day be able to own everything you guys have released.
  2. I remember reading an interview a while back and the interviewer mentioned that his favorite song was from the Von album, and the response was that you guys didn't even remember how the song went. I understand that album wasn't very popular and maybe it's in the past now, but have you considered maybe doing modern versions of the songs? The updated version of the song Von for the live Hvarf/Heim album is fantastic, I would love to hear updated versions of some other songs like Myrkur or Hún Jörð.
  3. Valtari was one of my favorite albums of 2012, and I really liked the sound of it. That being said, I wouldn't want another album to just sound like it's more of the same. I really enjoyed the new song you guys performed live, “Brennisteinn”, it was a great style for the band. Will the new material be more in that direction?
  4. I'm not a big concert attender so I don't know much of the way things go at them, but if I were to bring my vinyl copy of Ágætis byrjun to the San Francisco show in April, would it be possible for you to sign it after the show? It would make my night unbelieveable (all though I'm already sure the concert will be).
  5. One more thing related to the San Francisco show. I would absolutely LOVE it if you could play Untitled 3/Samskeyti. I'll be attending with my girlfriend and it's “Our song”.

WeAreSigurRos158 karma

we are going to fix the lack of vinyl thing.

Mind-Reflections22 karma

Hey Guys, I'm going to be in Iceland the week of February 4-11, right before you embark on your European tour. Any chance you guys are playing any secret or hometown shows that I could see when I visit your Country?

WeAreSigurRos30 karma

Nothing like that planed no.

Aine220 karma

Sæll! Many musicians choose to forsake their native language and sing in English to make it “big”. You (thankfully) didn’t make that choice. What would you say to folks that believe that you must sing in English to make it internationally? (Takk fyrir tónlist!)

WeAreSigurRos42 karma

Just stick to what you feel most comfortable with, and be true to yourself.

richlewis184818 karma

Really enjoyed all the VALTARI shorts - brilliant collaborative concept with both established filmmakers and fans. Any future ideas and plans for other such interesting projects? P.S wouldn't expect you guys to simply repeat anything!

WeAreSigurRos25 karma

I enjoyed that too. No plans at the moment but it would be fun to do something like that again.

danwilliams241012 karma

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

WeAreSigurRos31 karma

follow your instincts and keep at it

fullmooncorp12 karma

How did you find the inspiration for Ara Batur, Hoppipola and Samskeyti?

Also....Why is Mexico not planned for the upcomming tour? :(

Thank you for doing this. Your music changed my life that i cant even describe it. But i know everyone else feels the same way!

WeAreSigurRos24 karma

  1. I don´t know
  2. We are coming to Mexico. We are just trying to make it work out logistically.
  3. Thank you too :)

FlaviusMercurius6 karma

Hi Sigur Rós! Really enjoy your guys' music. I've heard the lyrics are your own sort of made up language + some Icelandic. Can you shed some light on this?

WeAreSigurRos31 karma

It´s almost all in Icelandic.