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We were all in Jay's car and got pulled over for speeding. Jay got the ticket since he was driving and we made fun of him for turning into such a wimp when the officer came to the window. Then we thought, these guys have so much power! What if they actually had a good sense of humor and like to play games on speeders when they got bored. That was basically when the seed was planted.

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Do you need assistance?

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One of my favorite stories is when I first met Jay. We were building sets together in college. Hammering away. He told me he was from Chicago, I told him I was from Minneapolis. We quickly got into a heated debate about which city was tougher. He insisted it was Chicago. So... I picked up a hammer and SMACKED myself in the ankle as hard as I could and said "Hey Chicago, are you that tough?!" That's probably only funny if you know that I have a fake leg - which he didn't at the time.

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I was recognized.... but still got the ticket. Sad face emoticon.

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Olive garden??

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Originally the prop woman had iced tea in the bottles, but it didn't have that glug, glug, glug thick look when we chugged it... so Jay and I said 'we gotta do the real thing' - then went into a diabetic coma on a dark floor while everyone else enjoyed their lunch

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What do you mean 'what did you guys drink IN PLACE of beer'?? Beer! And I may have been joking about drink beer the whole time in Beerfest, but we did actually drink real syrup in Super Troopers. Fo reals.

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hi. Super Troopers sequel is written, and Broken Lizard is very excited to make it. Right now it's in the hands of the studio Fox Searchlight... waiting for them to give us the greenlight.

Get recognized most from ST would like to be recognized from Puddle Cruiser, that was the role I really enjoyed.

Michelle Bachman is my favorite comedian these day (and that is not a political statement!) I just think she is hysterical.

You asked what am I doing next? Currently traveling around doing a lot of speaking and in addition to speaking at University and Corporations, it's been really meaningful meeting with wounded warrior groups. Love meeting vets! Amazing the sacrifices they make daily for us and our country.

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Yes, BUT interesting story. The prop person carved the soap out of white chocolate. We were just about to shoot the scene and Brian (who is diabetic) was just about to bite into the soap, when he stopped for a second and said 'there isn't any sugar in this is there??" The prop person said 'Of course, it's white chocolate'. He said "I can't eat this." So the prop person had to go track down sugar-free white chocolate to carve a new bar of soap. No easy task!!