Hey Reddit-

Broken Lizard here at the Lizard HQ. We're going to answer your questions and we have some exciting news to share this morning.

We have JUST launched an Indiegogo campaign to make SUPER TROOPERS 2.


You can see our launch video we just shot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5-eGnOWK68&feature=youtu.be

And here's our pitch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt0mSRLTEbQ&feature=youtu.be

Go ahead and AUA right meow!

PROOF PHOTO: http://imgur.com/eXLTiRS

EDIT (1:30PM PT): We're still going! Each of us is going to take a shift. Keep the questions coming! What's the record for the longest AMA?

EDIT 2 (4:52PM PT): Thank you Reddit! We're wrapping up and we're floored by your response. Steve thought he wrote 4000 answers but that was just the upvotes. He still uses AOL. Go to www.supertroopers2movie.com for more videos and added perks throughout the month. We also recorded this sign off video for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8sUqEurSG0

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jackdawillustration985 karma

Hello, Broken lizard! Jay, I illustrated this Super Troopers print for Pensacon last month, and gave one to Erik. He said you dug the print, and I only have one copy left. Would you like it? If you PM me an address to have it shipped to, I'll send it out to you.

Also, is Pot Fest ever going to happen, or were you just fucking with us? Thanks, I can't wait for Super Troopers 2.

JayChandrasekhar790 karma

I love that thing. What's PM?

JayChandrasekhar765 karma

I want that thing.

TheTeamCubed897 karma

In a movie filled with great gags, one of my favorites in Super Troopers is when Foster buys a giant cotton candy and sends it to the Horseshoe-mustachioed Spurbury cop at the Little League game. It's the most creative, passive-aggressive, petty revenge move I've ever seen on film. Did this stem from a real-life incident? Who came up with it?

JayChandrasekhar927 karma

Well, we're always looking out to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, so we wanted to make the largest cotton candy ever put on screen. We hold that record, though I don't know if we've been included in the latest reprint of the book.

frankrizzo24570 karma

Hey guys. Thanks for doing this AMA. You have some of the most quoted movies ever. What are the lines most people yell at you on a daily basis?

Also, Zjob?

JayChandrasekhar1309 karma

If you have to ask, big man, you can't afford it.

kayjay25540 karma

Super Troopers is my favorite comedy of all time, thanks for making it!

I was just wondering, have any of you chicken fuckers ever been recognized by a cop and gotten out of a ticket? Meow.

JayChandrasekhar877 karma

Honestly, quite a bit. We originally thought cops would hate us, but the opposite is true.

sydog1457 karma

What are the chances that Super Troopers 2 will re-create this scene? Just imagine Thorny flying in on top of Car Ramrod. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=475120265976048&fref=nf

JayChandrasekhar435 karma

Wow. I like that. Sounds like we'll need some green screen.

joegetto350 karma

i loved club dredd! it didnt get nearly as much attention as your other movies, why do you think that is?

JayChandrasekhar506 karma

Because the film opened the same weekend as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which broke all records. We got trampled. But we love that film, too.

jamishtheinadequate332 karma

Can I have a moustache ride?

JayChandrasekhar919 karma

Yes. 5 cents. No weight limit.

lumbrzach328 karma

Jay, how was it working on Arrested Development?

JayChandrasekhar566 karma

It was special. We felt we were shooting the best show on TV, though nobody was watching. There was top level talent all through that show. The Writers were stellar, the actors were phenomenal and the directing was, well that's up to you to decide.

kathryn13269 karma

Love you guys! Super Troopers was amazing...I kind of think of it as a documentary. How did you know that so many Vermonters have experienced the first 10 minutes of the movie?

JayChandrasekhar373 karma

Sounds like you need Uber, Kathryn.

Truelikegiroux215 karma

Who came up with the name Broken Lizard and why?

JayChandrasekhar513 karma

I did. We spent three days smoking grass and choosing a name, which was between "Four Whites and and Injun" or "The Chocolate Speedo Bikini Team." When i got to the poster designer's place, I randomly changed it to Broken Lizard because I wanted people to think about Monty Python when they thought about us. Python begets Lizard.

dtbrown215 karma

Super Troopers was probably one of the most quoted movies with my friends when we were in college. Also led to the greatest Halloween costume ever.

I'm also a huge fan of Beerfest. When you were filming that movie, how much beer did you guys drink? I don't think you could have been actually hammered the whole time, but you guys must have had a nice buzz going on the whole time, right?

JayChandrasekhar87 karma

We drank a lot in the afternoon.

cmcintyre90192 karma

How was it working with Michael Clarke Duncan (rest in peace) on the Slammin' Salmon? He was absolutely hysterical, and I can imagine it being difficult to keep a straight face during his shoots.

JayChandrasekhar273 karma

Mike Duncan was phenomenal. Funny, funny dude. He played an intimidation game, where he said, "If I were to attack you right now, could you defend yourself?" Good fun.

Jwentz182 karma

How much meow will be in this movie? Meow?

JayChandrasekhar214 karma

We're working on a dog barking sketch, so...

NerdMal146 karma

What made you decide to make a Super Troopers 2, aside from the fact that it's probably one of the most highly quoted and hysterical movies meowst of us have ever seen?

JayChandrasekhar168 karma

We were on a road trip in Vermont and saw that a cop had pulled over someone and we laughed about how tough everyone is when they talk about cops and how meek they are when actually pulled over. And we were looking for a film idea that would be able to accommodate five guys.

Shrave134 karma

Jay, what's up!? Thanks for doin' this thing here. Any advice for a brown actor from a successful fellow brown actor in terms of becoming a successful brown actor?

JayChandrasekhar274 karma

Stay Brown. I don't know. Honestly, I'd learn to write. The parts have to be created and that comes from writers. At least, that's what I did.

sigfemseks114 karma

I know your movies are super quotable, but I'm curious if there are any quotes from your own movies that you find yourselves referencing even today?

JayChandrasekhar276 karma

"Desperation is a stinky cologne." I think that one a lot.

ItTricky107 karma

Few questions for you guys. Assuming you actually enjoy beer, especially after Beerfest.

What are each of yours favorite beers?

This one is more directed towards the rookie.

Will you still be the rookie? Can you grow a damn 'stache yet?

JayChandrasekhar139 karma

Hey ItTricky. It be tricky?? This is the rookie. Still the youngest on the force, so unbelievable but still getting hazed. It's bullhoeey. Buy a ticket to see me get my butt waxed against my wishes. Still trying to grow stache. Only a sharpie seems to be working for me right now...

JayChandrasekhar137 karma

My favorite beer is Bud Light. I also like Sapporo, which is the Bud light of Japan. I also like Bud.

JohnnyUtah0697 karma

Really sorry to hear about Daniel von Bargen. Wondering about returning cast members from ST1?


RealKevinHeffernan193 karma

Still figuring out who returns. Gonna cost a lot just to bring back Chandrasekhar.

JayChandrasekhar200 karma

Yeah, with me on the roster, the salary cap is pretty strained.

JayChandrasekhar176 karma

Yeah, Daniel dying was tragic. The dude was insanely funny. And when we shot the film, he would take out the local cops, they'd smoke grass and get hammered. We highway guys were never invited.

Koonce86 karma

First just wanted to say you guys are hilarious. I saw your live show in Iowa City and it was awesome. Jay, how was it working with the Jackass guys? Any cool stories from on set? Also, Super Troopers 2!

JayChandrasekhar233 karma

Shooting Jackass 2 was fantastic. Spike and Knoxville prepped me for 2 hours. Some of my pubes were used for Aaron's beard.

JayChandrasekhar189 karma

I'm as proud of getting to be in Jackass 2 as anything else I've done. Knoxville is a great dude, though you have to keep your balls covered in meetings or he'll punch them and laugh.

prettygoodkid73 karma

Will you chug ketchup in ST2?

JayChandrasekhar149 karma

I'd do that. Yeah, I'd definitely do that.

courtiebabe42071 karma

Beerfest is one of my husband and I's favorite movies. So I'm super excited to have you guys here!

Who's one actor/actress/entertainer you would like to work with in one of your films that you haven't yet?

JayChandrasekhar242 karma

Nicole Kidman. I have a thing for Australian red heads...named Nicole...Kidman.

PrincessJellyshoes66 karma

Hey! Fellow Colgate grad here. Beerfest was the first Broken Lizard movie I saw (when I was a freshman there), and when I looked up the movie and found out that you went to Colgate, I was like, "Yep, that makes sense!"

I'm a writer, so I was wondering about how you write as a group. Do you divvy things up somehow?

JayChandrasekhar111 karma

Dear Princess Jellyshoes, we spend 3 weeks on an outline, then split up the points of the outline. Then one person is the point man and they make it all consistent. Then we meet for three weeks on each draft and then rewrite out sections. By draft 4, the point man takes over and takes all notes and makes all changes. Then we do about 20 drafts before we shoot.

joemart8048 karma

Super Troopers 2, Potfest, Slammin Salmon 2....i don't care I just want to see you guys on the big screen. There's nothing funnier out there. I've had to survive on stand up, shorts and podcasts from you guys need. It's like watching the birth of christ whenever you all get together. So my question is, if you could bukkake anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

JayChandrasekhar96 karma

I would bukkake Farva.

RebelDreamer18 karma

Hi all, love your movies. I have to say, The Slammin' Salmon is hilarious, and in my opinion, hugely underrated. What inspired the group to make the film? Side note, cannot wait to see ST2: Revenge of the Mustaches

JayChandrasekhar25 karma

Steve, Erik and I were waiters together and had a blast. We thought it'd be a fun small movie to make during the Writers strike.

Skram33315 karma

Will the Schnozberries still indeed taste like Schnozberries? Do you like Mexico?

JayChandrasekhar33 karma

Actually the Schnozberries we use in the new film are Acai berries. They look better on screen. And I liked Mexico more before they got into the kidnapping/beheading business.

O_Heck11 karma

Guys, thanks for doing the AMA. I have a question for Jay - one thing that has bothered me about Beerfest is the emptiness of the stands during the competitors' entrance shot. Did you run out of extras, or did you just run out of beer?

JayChandrasekhar15 karma

Shit, was it empty back there? The truth is, we were using the team members as extras in the film, so we couldn't have them be in two places.

Titan77719 karma

Can you call the Super Troopers sequel Top Cops?

JayChandrasekhar56 karma

We could, yes. We won't, but we could.

ILoveMyselfSometimes5 karma

You guys ever suck each other off?

JayChandrasekhar16 karma

More when we first started dating, but it's tapered off.

eightequalsequalsdee5 karma

Which Broken Lizard member can drink the most?

JayChandrasekhar10 karma

I can. Though, Steve is quite a drunk, too. And of course, Heffernan is a professional drinker, so he doesn't count.

melbinles5 karma

Hi guys! When my husband and I me you all in Montreal, when you were here for Just For Laughs promoting Slammin' Salmon, we asked you about the prospect of having some of the Super Troopers story happen in Canada and you said you would love to film here in Quebec. Have you put that plan into action? If so, we would love to help in anyway to get Super Troopers done - we'll work for free. Even if that means giving piggy back rides. ;)

JayChandrasekhar8 karma

Can't say anything about the plot as its top secret, but I will say you won't be unhappy.

scorvy5 karma

Just came here to say that you guys are amazing, and I can't wait for Super Troopers 2 to come out! A question must be asked though.. So, will Farva's suspension still continue, or will we be able to see his magnificence in the field?

JayChandrasekhar11 karma

Hmm, I would say you'll be happy if you're looking for what you're looking for.

it_happenz4 karma

Do you boys like Mexico? Or no?

JayChandrasekhar14 karma

I liked it more before they got into the beheading business.

guiltybubble4 karma

how is this going to be supertroopers when the department was shuttered?

JayChandrasekhar7 karma

Well, we deal with that in the script, guilty bubble.