Edgar Wright

Edgar wright director
is an English film and television director and writer. He has worked with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Nira Park

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I'd like to kill them with kindness.

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I'm going to break your heart here, but I was offered the episode "Rose" by Russell T. Davies (the first of the new Doctor Who episodes) and I could not do it because I was busy with Shaun of the Dead. And my mother has never forgiven me.

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The fence jumping is an obsession of mine because when I used to walk to school it was in the alleys not through people's back gardens, and I always wanted to take a shortcut through their gardens and I never did, so I'm living vicariously through the movies.

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Sunday papers, coffee, sitting on the sofa watching bad TV, then a movie, then a meal, then bedtime.

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I've changed my mind. I'm going to say it's Nick.

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Sean Connery is still the original and the best.

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It's a HUGE relief that we're making good on a promise. We are very proud of the movies.

We're relieved that it's done.

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One of the first people to see Shaun Of The Dead was George Romero, and he really loved it. Which meant the world to us.

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Then Shaun brought a doggie bag home full of steak for Ed.

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Surely it's me?