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is an English stand-up comedian, actor and writer. His comedy style takes the form of rambling whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime.

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That is a very interesting question. I have only ever thought of a day as time, up to now. But I do feel a better day is a fuller day. So for now I will look at time in a day in a slightly different way. Thanks for that question.

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There is a sketch called the "Mister Hilter Sketch", which was written unusually by John Cleese and Michael Palin. They didn't normally write together but they did on this one. It's a very silly idea where the Nazi high command have escaped Nazi Germany and are hanging out in a seaside town in England. It is very bonkers and I would be happy to play any character in that sketch.

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Yes. Deep immersion is the best way and maybe the only way. If you want to learn French go and work in France, for at least three months or more. If you want to learn German go and work in Germany for three months or more. I think that one month deep immersion in a country is equivalent of 2-3 years of learning in a classroom. It makes a massive difference.

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I would do anything for Monty Python. Their gigs in London are for them. I just want them to have a fun time and for the audience to enjoy themselves. I'm not thinking any more than that. But they will always be my greatest comedy heroes.

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When I came out as transvestite / transgender back in 1985, that was a really difficult thing to do. But since I have done that I have found I can take on difficult challenges and quite often make them happen. This I attribute to the mental strength I got from coming out all those years ago. Endurance running is all about mental strength as opposed to physical strength. You wouldn't think the mental strength was so important but it really is. It's 90% if not 100% of the fight.

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You all have to tell the BBC what you think if you want to make something happen.

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I think that I would like to play Professor Snape but Alan Rickman already played him beautifully so it's not necessarily. I was and still am a big fan of Allan Rickman. The arc of his character as Snape was wonderful to watch. Allan Rickman gave me my first break in dramatic theatre so I own him a lot.

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Happy reddit Cake day to you!

And then in answer to your question, I haven't decided yet what policies I will have regarding London. It is still six years away. But what I would say is that I will bring all my energy and drive and inventiveness to the job of being Mayor of London, if I was fortunate enough to be elected.

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Monty Python.