Hi Reddit, it’s Eddie Izzard here. I’m in New Zealand at the moment where I’m currently in your future, as it’s technically March 1st here and most of you are reading this on February 28th. I’m on my new world tour called WUNDERBAR… it means Wonderful in German, but I’m doing the tour in English this time. If you’re interested in coming along go to https://www.eddieizzard.com/shows for more info. Anyway, ask me stuff and I will try to answer you to the best of my stuff answering ability.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/eddieizzard/status/1101240002023813121

Wrapping Up: Thanks everybody for your questions. I do assume the intelligence of my audience and it’s great to have such smart people coming to the shows and asking me questions. I look forward to seeing you all as I tour through America and around the world.

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TemporalExplorer1366 karma

Hi Eddie, I have a question on our perception of time, and how the language we think in, affects it. English speakers view it as length, ‘how long the day was’. While Spanish speakers view it as volume, ‘how full the day was’. As you speak both, how do you perceive the passage of time?

EddieIzzardHere1830 karma

That is a very interesting question. I have only ever thought of a day as time, up to now. But I do feel a better day is a fuller day. So for now I will look at time in a day in a slightly different way. Thanks for that question.

Shaysdays1007 karma

You’ve often been referred to as the “Lost Python,” notably by John Cleese.

If you could reunite everyone and perform in one sketch, which one would it be and what role would you play?

EddieIzzardHere1656 karma

There is a sketch called the "Mister Hilter Sketch", which was written unusually by John Cleese and Michael Palin. They didn't normally write together but they did on this one. It's a very silly idea where the Nazi high command have escaped Nazi Germany and are hanging out in a seaside town in England. It is very bonkers and I would be happy to play any character in that sketch.

atriaventrica680 karma

I've always called you "My favorite history teacher". Would you ever consider a non memoir book discussing some of the funnier aspects of world history?

EddieIzzardHere619 karma

Probably not that book. I am interested in the history of the world, and I try to put it forward in a funny way just because it can get too dry. But I would us to learn about from book about history rather than just laugh at history.

cyclingreporter634 karma

Tips for learning languages, you lovely polyglot?

EddieIzzardHere1249 karma

Yes. Deep immersion is the best way and maybe the only way. If you want to learn French go and work in France, for at least three months or more. If you want to learn German go and work in Germany for three months or more. I think that one month deep immersion in a country is equivalent of 2-3 years of learning in a classroom. It makes a massive difference.

Briggykins493 karma

The marathon thing. You had no particular running experience beforehand and yet decided that it'd be a good idea to do 43 of them in 51 days. It took me half a year to build up the courage to do one half marathon. What made you think you could do it?

EddieIzzardHere1051 karma

When I came out as transvestite / transgender back in 1985, that was a really difficult thing to do. But since I have done that I have found I can take on difficult challenges and quite often make them happen. This I attribute to the mental strength I got from coming out all those years ago. Endurance running is all about mental strength as opposed to physical strength. You wouldn't think the mental strength was so important but it really is. It's 90% if not 100% of the fight.

SteelRockwell430 karma

What did you have for your tea?

EddieIzzardHere606 karma

I had a chicken caesar salad.

SupriyaLimaye377 karma

I fully cried laughing at your Gandalf/moth bit! If you had to take the place of any character in a popular fantasy franchise (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc), who would you choose? What would you do as that person?

EddieIzzardHere940 karma

I think that I would like to play Professor Snape but Alan Rickman already played him beautifully so it's not necessarily. I was and still am a big fan of Allan Rickman. The arc of his character as Snape was wonderful to watch. Allan Rickman gave me my first break in dramatic theatre so I own him a lot.

ILoveTheAtomicBomb368 karma

Hey Eddie, I am super stoked to see you live for the first time in June!

Is there any hope for The Riches film getting to see the light of day?

EddieIzzardHere278 karma

I'm afraid not at this present time.

ssirin88367 karma

Cake or death?

EddieIzzardHere807 karma

To answer all the cake or death questions - the answer is of course "or".

vanitypridelust267 karma

What is the most useful and/or profound advice you have received in your lifetime?

EddieIzzardHere516 karma

"One life, Live it well." - I saw that written on a car bumper sticker when I was training for my first marathons.

neonmixtape1263 karma

What are some of your pre show rituals?

EddieIzzardHere611 karma

I deliberately try to have no pre show rituals. I want to be the inverse of superstitious. So I purposefully try, in stand up comedy, to just flow between off stage and on stage - and then I start the show.

Electic260 karma

In one of your old shows you said that you didn’t identify as transgender, and now I think that you do? I’d love to know a bit more about what changed in yourself, or your perception of the issues, if you’re comfortable answering that? Thank you for being fabulous!

EddieIzzardHere808 karma

I don't believe I ever said I wasn't transgender. I might have not been using that term at the time but I always thought that the overall group name was transgender. When I first came out in 1985 there was TV and TS ( I was TV). Then I reclaimed the word transvestite as it was seen as a negative word and I chose the terms "action transvestite and executive transvestite". The language was changing and I was changing it for myself. Since then the language has moved on and has become transgender or trans so that is now how I identify myself. My genetics have not changed, it's only language with which the community is using that has changed. This has happened with other different communities over the years.

PurpleSarah9180 karma

I got a hug from you after a show you did in Cleveland many many moons ago - 2003 or 2004 possibly. When you reflect back on your early career, what is your favorite memory, and what do you wish you had done differently??

EddieIzzardHere308 karma

I don't wish I had done anything differently. I think the way life turns out just has to be your journey. The memories of the early days that I really like are playing in the smaller rooms when I was up and coming. But now because I do work in progress shows in smaller theatres and I also do them in French in France and German in Germany, I find that I am playing again in smaller rooms and have re-found that fun energy. The truth is I like playing in the smaller rooms and the bigger rooms.

goyamigo160 karma

Does the blue pendant necklace you’ve been wearing frequently have a special significance? You’re wearing it in the Vince Henderson interview.

EddieIzzardHere339 karma

No it doesn't I just like it a lot and I'm very lazy at changing things. I also find it rather difficult to find affordable jewelry that I like.

OcvistPrime146 karma

How DOES a chicken learn Jazz?

EddieIzzardHere336 karma

No one knows but we think he studied the greats.

subutterfly131 karma

Greeting's from the past. How on earth do you tolerate the length of your nails? i am at a loss to put up with a nice set of french tip manicures before i snap one off almost immediately.

EddieIzzardHere205 karma

My own nails happen to be very strong and I like quite long nails. So I'm happy to put up with them because I didn't have long nails before. It's just a choice and I can shorten them or keep them long.

ChicagoCher119 karma

Hi Eddie Which are your favorite cities to perform in?

EddieIzzardHere350 karma

I don't have a favourite, as all cities are fun to perform in. But performing in French in Paris and German in Berlin have a special feeling for me.

Raddaatt112 karma

If you could erase three people from history and or today, who would you pick?

EddieIzzardHere273 karma

Hitler, Pol Pot and Pinoche

ceara_red88 karma

hello, Sir. #Wünderbar

of all your films, which set was the most fun and why?

EddieIzzardHere261 karma

I think maybe the film set in the film Mystery Men. It was big and crazy and one of the first films I ever did.