David Brian Ury

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is an American film and television actor, stand-up comedian and Japanese film, anime and manga translation specialist.

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Surfingmonkeyshow312 karma

Didn't you learn anything from the show? She ain't no skank!

Surfingmonkeyshow278 karma

Make up took about 3 hours. We were on location. When I left the trailer, security came up and told me I can't be on set. That's when I knew they'd done a good job :)

Surfingmonkeyshow229 karma

Hey guys, It's David Ury (I played Spooge in season two). Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the show. Thanks for all your great work. I can't wait to see Chicks n' Guns.

Surfingmonkeyshow170 karma

ahh, I don't think the kids really knew what was going on in the episode...thank god.

Surfingmonkeyshow165 karma

Thanks, Luis. I was just watching your episodes. TERRIFYING!

Surfingmonkeyshow151 karma

They are funny. That was a very inspirational show to work on. They kept improvising their scenes and you could tell they were having a great time. To answer your second question....I'm 39, you can't expect me to remember every cock I've touched.

Surfingmonkeyshow126 karma

I'm hoping it ends with a whole show about Spooge's ghost coming back to haunt Jesse.

Surfingmonkeyshow104 karma

Thanks. I'm going to send you a list of names.

Surfingmonkeyshow87 karma

I'll paste an answer from below. . The ATM scene was very difficult. They had a whole dug into the ground where I put my head when it starts to fall. It was held up by sandbags so that it wouldn't actually hit my head...but it still scared the && outta me. Then my stunt double actually had to lie there and bury his head into the hole when the atm came down for real.

Surfingmonkeyshow79 karma

It was one of the best jobs I've ever had in my life. Everybody was gracious, kind, and dedicated. It was the job against which I measure all jobs.