Daryl Morey

Daryl morey
the current general manager of the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association

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Can I just buy your knees?

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Will general managers ever get endorsement deals involving girls who look like this? http://gamedayr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/chandler-parsons-ashley-sky-buffalo-jeans-570x570.jpeg

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How can we ever break that up?

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A great person which people always say but actually true in this case. I think the quality he has as a person that many don't know about is that he is extremely funny. He was by far the funniest person in the locker room. Most jokes I cannot print there is one time I remember I can talk about. During the pre-season required drug testing, all the players were lined up to pee in a cup and Yao Ming looking to all of them and said, "why am I the only one not nervous"?

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We would have been thrilled for either of these moves to go through which should hopefully make sense in the context of my other answers that we want to obtain a top player. I guess this will have to be AMAA as I hope you can understand I would never reveal the private trade conversations we have had with other teams. We thought we made a very good offer in both circumstances and in both circumstances the team decided to do something else.

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Yes. And then I would ask him to follow up with a txt of what he wants on one of the 4 cell phones he always carried.

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Lin played at an all-star level last year. Even if he does not maintain that level (likely), both he and Asik increase our flexibility and get us closer to our goals. I also like that Lin has already played for a small yet not insignificant stretch at an all-star level. This increases his odds -- up and down the roster that is the primary thing we are trying to do -- increase our odds of developing or acquiring an all-star level player.

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We have a binary star system

ba-dum ching

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I was asked about this recently

Sorry reddit, I know my opinion on this will not be popular! Hopefully you can check out the article (it is short) if you care about politics vs reflexively being negative.

One thing left out of the article I told them is that many of Mitt Romney's partners are good friends and owners of the Boston Celtics (where I worked for 4 years) so I do have near first hand knowledge of my opinions in that article and my belief that Mitt would make a great leader for the country.