Daryl Morey

the current general manager of the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association

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When Yao Ming was in the drug testing line during training camp he asked all his teammates, “Why am I the only one not nervous?”

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There is a common denominator to all their issues...

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Can I just buy your knees?

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Yes & Yes

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Will general managers ever get endorsement deals involving girls who look like this? http://gamedayr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/chandler-parsons-ashley-sky-buffalo-jeans-570x570.jpeg

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How can we ever break that up?

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True story I worked in Eagan, MN for about a year so I am excited to visit Minneapolis. Lutefisk is not going to do it but if you can get me an invite to the 2nd week of deer camp somewhere I might consider.

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A great person which people always say but actually true in this case. I think the quality he has as a person that many don't know about is that he is extremely funny. He was by far the funniest person in the locker room. Most jokes I cannot print there is one time I remember I can talk about. During the pre-season required drug testing, all the players were lined up to pee in a cup and Yao Ming looking to all of them and said, "why am I the only one not nervous"?

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We would have been thrilled for either of these moves to go through which should hopefully make sense in the context of my other answers that we want to obtain a top player. I guess this will have to be AMAA as I hope you can understand I would never reveal the private trade conversations we have had with other teams. We thought we made a very good offer in both circumstances and in both circumstances the team decided to do something else.