Hey everyone, I'm Chandler Parsons, this is my third season in the NBA with the Houston Rockets. Looking forward to this, feel free to ask me anything!


Guys thanks for all the questions. Sorry I didnt get to you all, hope to do it again.

Thanks to Buffalo Jeans for setting this up!


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dmorey1157 karma

Will general managers ever get endorsement deals involving girls who look like this? http://gamedayr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/chandler-parsons-ashley-sky-buffalo-jeans-570x570.jpeg

ImChandlerParsons671 karma

Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine...

Corghee596 karma

Hello, Chandler Parsons! These were the top 5 highest rated questions from r/NBA.

  • What was it like starting your pro career in France due to the lockout? Was is stressful coming into the league with such uncertainty?
  • How do you average 17ppg after drowning in all that pussy the night before?
  • I'd like to know how the Asik trade scenario is impacting locker room chemistry, if at all. Also, Why does Mchale hate Jeremy Lin with all his heart?
  • Who is your funniest teammate? Please share a story or two.
  • Forget the paycheck for a second, do you prefer the college or pro game more? Atmosphere, teammates, schedule, etc.?

Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone's questions.

ImChandlerParsons405 karma

very stressful without having a guaranteed contract. There was pressure to playing in a foreign place without out having a deal done and knowing the Rockets and every other team were watching me. Ate Subway and McDonalds every day

haha, im playing too many minutes for that

Waiting on Omer to get healthy, he can really help us out. I am not the GM so dont know about any trades. He doesnt hate him, Jeremy is a huge part of our team.

Dwight by far. Every day is something different

I would still say pro. Travel, lifestyle, everything is first class. College you have to worry about class, study hall, and all the rules. NBA is all about basketball

FartyMcConstipate300 karma

Who is your favorite basketball player of all time and why is it Jeremy Lin?

ImChandlerParsons384 karma

no its Yi

spidermanjka2k195 karma

Hi Chandler I am a big Rockets fan and love the way you have stepped up for us! But I do have a beef with you. My gf says you are the only man she would leave me for. I must ask how do you look so dashing everyday?

ImChandlerParsons603 karma

Good genes I guess, tell her I said hello ;)

bigCthewise1175 karma

What's the first thing you're gunna buy when you sign your (well deserved) fat new contract this summer?

ImChandlerParsons614 karma

taking care of my parents.

Eric_Cartman_the_1st166 karma

What would it take for Harden to shave his beard?

ImChandlerParsons308 karma

Nothing, we have tried and bet him on tons of things. He will never do it. Plus... Have you seen him without it?

SoSteezyy160 karma

How much crap did your teammates give you about the modeling commercial?

ImChandlerParsons261 karma

a lot in the beginning bc you dont see many NBA guys doing that, but in the end they all really liked it and it turned out well. A lot of compliments once they saw it.

biglions152 karma

Hey Chandler, UF Alum here. Go Gators! Can Billy still ball? If you played him 1 on 1, what would be the score?

ImChandlerParsons273 karma

11-0. He has no chance.

heyiknowstuff145 karma

You've watched the team go from Kevin Martin to Lin-Harden-Howard. How has that affected the chemistry of the team, and the tone of your organization? Is it weird to see such a 180?

ImChandlerParsons234 karma

Its tough to see friends come and go but its promising to see the organization be so proactive in trying to win. Love the direction we are going and happy to be a part of it.

wtfisdisreal143 karma

what was the hardest part about picking up playing basketball in the nba?

seriously though, apart from winning a ring, whats one thing you would like to accomplish before retiring?

ImChandlerParsons189 karma

The physicality of it. Everyone in the league are the fastest, strongest, most talented players in the world. There are no off nights.

Want to win a ring more than anything, but definitely want to be a multi-time All Star.

blaise_barry123 karma

Yo dude I was in the O'Dome the night you hit the game winner against South Carolina! It was one of the best moments of my life! You were my favorite player at UF and you're my favorite player in the NBA and it's awesome seeing you ball with the Rockets. Keep hooping bro!

ImChandlerParsons270 karma

Thats not a question but Go Gators!

pan17109 karma

Hi, Big fan! Do you often hang out with Jeremy when free? What kinda stuff you guys do for fun after practice? thx

ImChandlerParsons239 karma

hang out a lot. live in same building. Good friend of mine.

yozgatsi107 karma


ImChandlerParsons120 karma

I feel like its perfect for me bc I am a very efficient player. I did not have to change much bc I have always played that way. I think its a great way to maximize your players. Its a fun and exciting system to play in.

youre welcome. Thanks for drafting me.

Reddit-Famous104 karma

Who's the hardest player to defend? Hardest team to play against?

ImChandlerParsons214 karma

OKC and Durant, he is a great player.

htown74790 karma

Chandler, is this the healthiest you've felt since your back spasms? You looked like you were pain-free last night.

ImChandlerParsons160 karma

close to 100%. Still doing lots of rehab every day to maintain it.

SP207890 karma

At what age did you realize you had a legitimate chance to make the NBA?

ImChandlerParsons189 karma

I was a late bloomer, always overlooked. However I always believed in myself.

ns02490 karma

Are you going to continue to pursue a career in modeling?

ImChandlerParsons180 karma

should I?

HotGatorade89 karma

Chandler, I traded you away in my fantasy league. I've regretted it since. Will you ever forgive me?

ImChandlerParsons356 karma

probably get fired as a GM.

grandmasterfunk87 karma

Hi Chandler! I'm a big Rockets fan since the days of Hakeem. A few questions:

  1. What former teammate do you miss most playing with?
  2. What's your favorite thing about the new Rockets locker room?
  3. What was your favorite movie of 2013?

ImChandlerParsons164 karma

Scola, true professional

Best locker room in the NBA, they did a great job. tons of technology incorporated and we all love it.

Lone Survivor, I know its 2014 but best movie Ive seen in a long time

nba_addict80 karma

Is there anything living inside Harden's beard?

ImChandlerParsons169 karma

who knows? that thing is wild.

jayhoch479 karma

Has it been surprising to see Terrence Jones evolve from a D Leaguer to an impressive starting PF so quickly?

ImChandlerParsons133 karma

not surprising. Saw it everyday in practice. I give him a lot of credit for being patient and now its paying off with him helping us win.

driftingsquash69 karma

Greetings Mr. Bang,

Long time Rockets fan. Thanks for being really good again, it's a more enjoyable watching experience than the rebuilding years.

1) Where do y'all buy your clothes? (being giants and all) Do you just have to get everything tailored or find a Foot Locker Big and Tall?

2) When showering, in order to get your head under the water, do you squat, kneel down, or bend over backwards?

3) Are there any particular older players that you have somewhat tried to model your game after? Anyone who you looked up to and wanted to play like?

4) How much time do you spend with other Rockets in your down time? Do y'all hang out a lot, or do you see enough of them as it is during the season?

5) How old were you when you could first dunk?

6) If a massive free-for-all brawl broke out in the locker room, which Rocket would go down immediatley or refuse to particpate?

7) A lot of guys have been stepping up at forward this season, were you ever surprised at how well they performed (anything specific)?

That is all. Finish off this homestand strong.

Yours forever,


ImChandlerParsons112 karma

Pretty much everything is customed. Shop a lot at Saks, Nordstroms, etc (s/o Buffalo for always looking out).

difficult sometimes

Grant Hill, Scottie Pippen, and of course Kevin McHale.

We are a very close team. Always hanging out, grabbing dinner, going out.


idk, im a lover not a fighter, may be me. Junkyard dog Pat Bev is last man standing.

StopItTickles68 karma

HUGE fan here, and great performance last night my man!

You have to guard some of the best players in the league in Lebron, KD, Melo and others, what is going through your head in those situations? How to you prep the pregame for these match ups?

City of Houston absolutely loves you, don't ever leave us. Pls. Thanks for the AMA Chandler!

ImChandlerParsons75 karma

Love the challenge of guarding a superstar. Trying to make it as difficult as possible for them and give up no easy baskets.

SwitchStyles67 karma

Everyone is asking questions related to basketball but I'ma ask a different type of question.

Do you play any video games and if so do you own a new system?

What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favorite artist of that genre?

ImChandlerParsons219 karma

never have before, but James bought the whole team Xbox Ones for xmas so trying to get into it. my tag is CP25, come see me.

earl_sweatshirtt66 karma

Who do you feel is the Rockets' biggest rival right now? There's the obvious in state rivals with San Antonio and Dallas but I feel like Golden State has to be up there.

ImChandlerParsons159 karma

probably Golden State. They're very talkative, but they have a similar system and its fun to get up and down. They are very talented.

2Chainz4Braceletz65 karma

Has Jeremy ever crashed on your couch?

And how do you feel about the nickname Chandler Bang?

ImChandlerParsons143 karma

haha yeah when he first got here. I dont mind Chandler Bang ;)

tadsweet60 karma

What kind of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favorite musicians/artists/bands?

ImChandlerParsons102 karma

listen to all types of stuff. Love hip hop, country, r&b.

sharkdude9559 karma

What is your favorite arena to play in, besides the Toyota Center?

ImChandlerParsons136 karma

MSG or Staples. Awesome energy in those buildings.

dfetz359 karma

Is it weird knowing that a good portion of diehard NBA fans have a man crush on you?

Also, which of your excellent haircuts gives you the most aerodynamic dunking?

ImChandlerParsons129 karma

lol, there isnt a lot of competition.

handcold59 karma

As a player, how often do you watch other NBA games? What series did you enjoy more last season, Miami vs Indiana in the ECF or Miami vs Spurs in the Finals?

ImChandlerParsons163 karma

watch every single night. league pass on deck.

drdickweasel57 karma

So what are some of your favorite Houston restaurants? Maybe both classy and not so classy?

ImChandlerParsons121 karma

Uchi Sushi

patta9557 karma

Yo CP25! Who's your favorite fellow NBA player to watch??

ImChandlerParsons211 karma

steph curry. When he catches fire its great to watch. One of the best shooters ever.

g8rgrl1556 karma

Hi Chandler!! I'm really excited about this AMA. I went to UF 2010-2013 and would go to every basketball game and wait in line for an average of 5 hours just to get first row (Rowdy Reptile forever!!) You, Vernon, Alex and Erving are some of the most exciting players I've ever seen play the game. Also, my friends and I all had the biggest crush on you (wow, can't believe I just said that).

That being said, what have you felt is your biggest and hardest transition going from the Gators to the Rockets?

ImChandlerParsons165 karma

thank you for the support and I love the Rowdy Reptiles, miss you guys. schedule and guarding best players is toughest transition. There's no off nights in the NBA like playing Auburn on a Super Tuesday.

ns02455 karma

I'm sure both LeBron and Durant are hard to guard, but who is tougher between the two for yourself?

ImChandlerParsons218 karma

Lebron is a better player. KD is a better scorer.

Chop_Artista52 karma

Do you have any unique pregame rituals?

ImChandlerParsons105 karma

nap, same meal, music, warm up shots.

letmikeflow52 karma

Chandler how did you come up with the handshake between you, Jeremy and the beard?

ImChandlerParsons92 karma

all came together two minutes before opening night.

babyhaim42 karma

PLEASE tell me what product you use on your hair?

ImChandlerParsons116 karma

Can't reveal that, but much easier having a shaved head.

ns02437 karma

When can we get new Rockets jersey's?

ImChandlerParsons98 karma

hopefully next season

tommyisaboss36 karma

Hi Chandler! I have two questions for you.

1.)What is it like playing with guys like James Harden, Dwight howard and Jeremy lin on a daily basis? 2.) What has it been like for you since you kind of exploded in fame over the last two seasons?

ImChandlerParsons102 karma

awesome playing with those guys. They make the game a lot easier for you. Don't pay attention to fame stuff. I try to be same person...but i dont wait in line anymore.

huntergatherer1936 karma

What aspect of your game do you pride yourself most in?

ImChandlerParsons152 karma

being a great teammate, lead by example, and definitely the deadliest pump fake in the league.

veredleigh35 karma

what was one of your favorite things about visiting the Philippines?

ImChandlerParsons64 karma

taking in the new culture and food. It was an awesome experience.

awkwardkyle33 karma

How often do you end up getting a new pair of shoes/jersey? Does it vary player to player?

ImChandlerParsons59 karma

I honestly dont know. would have to ask equipment manager.

interrupting_candy32 karma

Would you ever consider the dunk contest? And do you feel like big name players should participate?

ImChandlerParsons67 karma

yes, the bigger the name the more fun it would be to watch. Its definitely a show, so you have to be creative.

babyhaim31 karma

If you couldn't play for the rockets, what team would you want to play on the most?

ImChandlerParsons97 karma

never thought about it, grew up in Orlando, so that would be cool.

vi3tninja7228 karma

Two Gators related questions: 1) How far do you think the Gators can make it this year? 2) Where's the one place you MUST eat at whenever you visit Gainesville?

ImChandlerParsons56 karma

must eat at Leonardos 706 and I really think they can win it all. Very balanced and mature team.

TankSteakhouse27 karma

Do you believe that staying for four years in college was a major factor in your great transition to the NBA?

ImChandlerParsons63 karma

Being a 4 year guy you are more game ready and mature than guys who come in too early. You understand work ethic, how to win, and have experienced playing in big games. You are only 22 years old.

ns02424 karma


What area of your game did you work on the most during the off-season?

ImChandlerParsons49 karma

training with rob mcclanaghan improved every facet of my game. Try to be an all around player and as versatile as possible. Want to be able to do everything on the floor.

Madano24 karma

Among all of the small forwards in the league where would you rank yourself? Also, you play a pretty complete game, but what would you say is the thing you need to or could improve most on?

ImChandlerParsons59 karma

I think I can play with anyone. work on my ballhandling so I can do a better job of creating my own shot.

JoshuaGr33n20 karma

The Rockets (Harden in particular) get a lot of criticism for a lack of defense. How can you guys improve on that end, given that many teams without a good defense can get bounced early on in the playoffs?

ImChandlerParsons59 karma

defense is really a mindset. Guys need to focus and understand we will always score a lot of points.

ChristheGreek19 karma

Hi Chandler, big Rockets fan here. I remember watching you your rookie season miss a game winning 3 or game tie-ing 3 (can't remember which one) against Dallas and thinking to myself "who is this guy and why is he starting over Chase Budinger?" Over the season I was pleasantly proved wrong and since then your career has only moved in an upward trajectory. So congratulations on that.

So my question: Your rookie season you were more known for your defense, particularly after performances against Kobe and KD. However, since then it seems like your defense hasn't been as good. Does that have to do with the increase in offensive production, i.e. playmaking and scoring, or would you disagree with my assessment?

ImChandlerParsons45 karma

Its tough guarding the best scorer every night, guys are gonna have good nights. I try and bring it every time on the court.

NepAlchemist18 karma

How do you physically manage playing so many minutes on a nightly basis?

ImChandlerParsons58 karma

Im in great shape. Healthy diet and rest.

maplestaple6 karma

Do you feel the NBA takes advantage of its players?

ImChandlerParsons36 karma

no, i have the best job in the world.

nickrox995 karma

So Dwight obviously has improved in his post play and is really starting to be unstoppable in the low block. So I was wondering, how often does he actually practice, with or without Hakeem or McHale? And do you plan on developing a post game?

Secondly, McHale is notorious for not running plays, so is this actually true? Thanks for being awesome man, stay healthy and GO WIN US A CHAMPIONSHIP!

ImChandlerParsons15 karma

working on the post game. With my size I need to be able to take advantage of matchups. Can learn a lot from those HOF guys.