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is an American actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, often as "tough guy" characters, villains and anti-heroes.

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No, I use having been in prison to my benefit. I have to say that people in the world want to help. And if you let them know that you are sincere, it does not matter whether you have been in prison or not, they will want to help you. Everything good that has happened to me is a direct result of helping someone else, so I had to stop worrying about people thinking about me having been in prison, but it had to become more about me helping other people. And the more I helped people, the better my life gets.

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Somebody asked my son once "Where'd your dad grow up?" and he said "He hasn't."

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Absolutely. If somebody gave me a role, where the drug dealer bad guy gets away and gets to kiss the girl, I would not take it. The bad guys lose. The bad guys get their heads cut off by Machete. I don't want to lie. The bad guy loses, and if you don't believe me, look in the penitentiary.

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AAAHH!! That is a question for Robert. But seeing all the fans like Machete Kills, that is how we did Machete, so we'll see what happens.

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There ain't too many of me.

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Hey everybody, thank you all for taking the time to ask us some questions. We really really appreciate it. Hope you love the movie.

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They had posters of me that I was going to be in the Expendables, probably for all the Latino audiences, but I have never been in them. If they approach me, they approach me. I am just busy thinking of Machete.

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I make everybody watch From Dusk Till Dawn because I'm in it!

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Hahhaha! I probably would, you know? I have great legs.