Dan Mintz

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Dan Mintz is an American comedian, voice actor and writer. He is best known for his role as Bob's daughter Tina Belcher on the animated show Bob's Burgers.

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Yes because it's my own voice

DanMintz1563 karma

Girls have uteruses, boys have duderuses

DanMintz1404 karma

I usually just use John Mulaney's bathroom.

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Thanks! I actually can mince mints and the answer is 115

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Thanks! They originally picked me to play a boy - Gene and Louise's brother - but then changed the character to a girl after I was already cast. I was very skeptical but when they showed me an animation with my voice it somehow actually really worked with that character

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that it's not easy being a teenage girl

DanMintz1259 karma

That's a great question. I hope they don't ask me to do that because I can't make my voice any lower.

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I remember Loren asking me to make a nervous sound for an episode and I guess that's what I did. Don't remember why I thought of that one in particular, but now I do it all the time when I'm nervous without realizing it.

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100 friend fictions about 1 butt

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When Tina had her first kiss.