Dan Bull

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is an English rapper and songwriter known for his politically oriented lyrics and specific addressing of high profile figures in his music.

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I don't know enough about the physiology or behaviour of woodchucks to answer this question to a sufficient level of accuracy. However, considering that you specified that the woodchuck can chuck wood, I can tell you that the answer is going to be more than zero units of wood.

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I'm not certain which topic you're referring to but I'll answer about the digital rights one.

I spend most of my time on the internet and I think it's a really powerful tool. I keep seeing rusty old corporations stuck in their ways of doing things, who try to stop the amazing advances in communication that the internet offers.

I chose rap because I really enjoy it, and I reckon I'm quite good with the wordplay.

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Yes it is.

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You probably want me to say "Dovahkiin" but I'd rather answer truthfully and say that at this point there are probably thousands of people around the world rapping.

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I'm probably best described as an atheist. Religious behaviour makes me feel uncomfortable, and I just don't see how religious people can hold the peculiar beliefs they do, when there's no rational evidence for them.

That's not to say that I am denying the existence of God. I just find it so unlikely that it's beyond useful discussion.

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A lot of people have prejudiced attitudes towards rap. But rap is like many other things, it's just a tool / a medium. It's not intrinsically bad. If people use the subject matter of rap as a reason to be against filesharing then their argument is pretty weak.

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I always wondered who you were. Thanks for adding a splash of colour (or more accurately black and white) to the video.

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Glad you appreciated it. I like keeping grounded and keeping in contact with people. I think the age of the mysterious untouchable superstar is coming to a close. We're all just people who do different things.

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Thanks. I think hip hop is a genre with great scope and potential. There are people out there rapping about everything. It's just that you only hear a very narrow band of the genre in the mainstream. I'm not saying that band of music is bad, but it can become boring when you keep hearing the same topics.

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You could have just put a question mark at the end and I've had awkwardly worked out a way to answer it...