Dada Life

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Dada Life is a Swedish DJ duo from Stockholm. The duo consists of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom and was formed in 2006.

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it was on our rider from the beginning. champagne is the ultimate alcohol and bananas give you extra energy to make it all night!

dada_life288 karma

of course!!! otherwise we do a deep house set all under 118 bpm...

dada_life247 karma

our best tips to upcoming producers is to try to copy the sounds of your favorite producer - to learn the trade - and then when you actually start making your own track SKIP IT ALL and do something completely different. the biggest problem with tracks that get sent to us is that they lack originality. but that problem is all over the beatport top 100....

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either you hook a proper sausage from the butcher - or you just use THE SAUSAGE FATTENER

dada_life98 karma

hope you're good now!!!

dada_life84 karma

so far it's only happened once and we started with something really soft - can't remember which tune - and then the promoter came running...and we kicked it off!!!

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thanks for coming up on stage!!!

dada_life74 karma

it easy we just want people to live a "dada life"!!! and the best place to do it is of course in DADA LAND

dada_life65 karma

OH YES! but we can't tell you yet...

dada_life55 karma

not really.