Citizens of Dada Land! This is Olle from Dada Life answering your questions on all things Dada Life and Dada Land.

We just put out a new vocal version of “Born To Rage” with the legendary Sebastian Bach of Skid Row - iTunes

Stefan is still recovering in the hospital and will answer questions about his health at a later date.

Let’s go bananas!

Edit: Thanks for all the questions everyone! Until next time!

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Davezo140 karma

Can you explain the obsession with champagne and bananas?

dada_life316 karma

it was on our rider from the beginning. champagne is the ultimate alcohol and bananas give you extra energy to make it all night!

YouSeeLALikeABruin137 karma

Not a question, but one night I came back to my hotel in a wheelchair after seeing you guys in Vegas. It was awesome.

dada_life98 karma

hope you're good now!!!

calen276114 karma

Hey Olle, I was one of the few who Stefan pulled up on stage at Frequency in Edmonton, and I gotta say, being up there with you guys was probably one of the most fun experiences I have had to date! Figured I'd say thanks for the fun!

dada_life75 karma

thanks for coming up on stage!!!

mc_hammered96 karma

Im working security for you in scottsdale later this month! any requests for champagne and bananas?

dada_life288 karma

of course!!! otherwise we do a deep house set all under 118 bpm...

mbdave53 karma

Being part of your pillow fight record was an amazing experience, are there any more records like this in the future?

dada_life65 karma

OH YES! but we can't tell you yet...

PokeSomeSmot52 karma

Hey guys, I absolutely love that trademark sound you guys bring to the dancefloor.

How can an aspiring producer "stand out" to your ears, if one were to send in a demo? What traits of a track make it go from average to exceptional?

dada_life247 karma

our best tips to upcoming producers is to try to copy the sounds of your favorite producer - to learn the trade - and then when you actually start making your own track SKIP IT ALL and do something completely different. the biggest problem with tracks that get sent to us is that they lack originality. but that problem is all over the beatport top 100....

trollolol0151 karma

What is the true meaning behind 'Dada Life' and 'Dada Land'?

How did you figure the name 'Dada Life'?

dada_life74 karma

it easy we just want people to live a "dada life"!!! and the best place to do it is of course in DADA LAND

SmarTeePants46 karma

Hey Olle! One time, you threatened to play a 2 hour tech/deep house set if a venue failed to provide the bananas requested on your rider. While I'd never be so bold as to deny you bananas, I'm curious as to what tracks you'd play. What would a Deep Dada set sound like?

dada_life84 karma

so far it's only happened once and we started with something really soft - can't remember which tune - and then the promoter came running...and we kicked it off!!!

guywithtnt43 karma

What is THE key to loudness? I've noticed that your tracks are too fat to describe and I'm just stumped.

Fill the entire spectrum and then push it some more?

dada_life153 karma

either you hook a proper sausage from the butcher - or you just use THE SAUSAGE FATTENER

Medditor696940 karma

Are you gonna change my life at EDC?

dada_life49 karma

if you want to!!!

shellset30 karma

Dada Life! Thanks for doing this AMA. Big fan here.

  • What is your relation to Norway?

  • Does any of you use snus? If so, what brand?

dada_life22 karma

we love norway, we haven't played that much though. just a few times. no SNUS!!!

lolquetaco26 karma

I live the rules of Dada. I was born to rage. What do I need to do to get a dadaland passport?

dada_life17 karma

hand at

recklessconsumption25 karma

How did you get involved with having Sebastian Bach do vocals on Born to Rage? Any other dream collaborations you would like to produce?

dada_life16 karma

we needed someone who really was BORN TO RAGE and he seemed a good fit. and then he was open minded enough try the song and it sounded amazing!!!

mrodn23 karma

Om ni spelar Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazor Remix) på Yran så lovar jag att ta med Dada Life flaggan, har vi en deal!?

dada_life19 karma

om vi kommer ihåg det...!

mrodn15 karma

Okej.. tar flaggan ändå såklart! Sjukt kul att ni kommer till våran lilla stad och gör en sån här spelning. Hela stan håller på peppa ihjäl sig tror jag :) hoppas ni är lika peppade! Årets händelse :D

dada_life19 karma

så klart vi är!!!

houstonlindell23 karma

Have you ever been starstruck while meeting another artist?

dada_life55 karma

not really.

themetalofhonor15 karma

Hey guys, I'm a big fan. I've seen popularity for hardstyle increasing recently. Do you guys have any opinion on the genre and any chance you've considered making a track?


dada_life15 karma

proper hardstyle: no. but we def had hardstyle in our mind when we did boing clash boom!!!

milesabove13 karma

What are the political aspirations of Dada Land? And what will be its primary export?

dada_life24 karma

freedom is the most important issue. we need a place where we can do what we want to do. a place without rules. only the RULES OF DADA! we export HAPPINESS already! it will always be our prime goods.

niney12313 karma

What's your thought process when creating new songs?

dada_life20 karma

it really different from song to song. sometimes we just sit down and play around in the studio until we have something that sounds good. other times we start with an unusual sound and build on that. one track started with us beating a fork - so we recorded that. other times we just think about a feeling - for example from a show - and we go into the studio and try to recreate that feeling.

OWNdizzaled11 karma

Question on production:

Which DAW do you use primarily? And which plugins are your favorite? (other than Sausage Fattener)

dada_life25 karma

ableton! we use a lot of the plugins that comes with ableton. other than that: sylenth, razor and others. our best advice is to learn one vst really good and then maximize it instead of getting to many and just use presets.

picopw12 karma

I helped you guys set the world record for the largest pillow fight in Chicago! What other records have you set?

dada_life16 karma

none so far. but we have plans...

Dm_1810 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! My question is which artists inspired you to make music?

dada_life18 karma

nirvana, prodigy, little richard, stockhausen, and just random kick drums. and many others...

rinasaurus910 karma

how often do you really eat bananas?

dada_life18 karma

every day !!!

mp17219 karma

What go you into music and the day you met Stefan, what made you guys form the ugly banana duo called DADA LIFE?!

also, how do you feel about plantains? aren't they just imposter bananas?

dada_life10 karma

we just met and thought 'lets make a track together' and the day after we went into the studio and made the first Dada Land single: Big Time!

rage-rally-repeat8 karma

I've seen you guys 9 times live (and was the one who won your NYE competition grand prize in 2013 in NYC... This is me: ). After seeing you guys at festivals, clubs, concerts and warehouses (and fucking DADALAND), what would you say is your favorite type of venue to play and why?

dada_life13 karma


zahhak7137 karma

You guys are the reason I got into electronic music. The first time I heard happy violence it kinda went downhill. I know I'm required to ask a question but I forgot it. You guys are incredible and keep us citizens ugly!

dada_life9 karma


duckaducka7 karma

What is your favorite coffee & brewing method?? coffee makes me want to RAGE!

p.s. y'all are fucking AWESOME

dada_life11 karma

sometimes espresso sometimes just regular coffee. but it needs to be high quality. we're coffee snobs.

zsteezy7 karma

Your sausage fattener plugin is amazing and is used by beginning producers and professionals alike. How does it feel to know that the sound you created is being used so widely?

dada_life10 karma

good! that was the idea from the beginning: to give other people the same fx that we use...

Bolleke956 karma

Last year you guys said there were more plugins like the sausage fattener coming. Is that still the case? :)

dada_life15 karma

yes, but we're just so busy we haven't had time to finish it. we have one coming. finished interface and everything, but just not tweaked yet. we don't want to release anything that isn't perfect!

philoskeeper6 karma

What are your favorite events to play at? What have been your most unique experiences from being a famous artist?

dada_life18 karma

it's different. sometimes it's amazing to play a huge festival for thousand and thousands of people. but sometimes it's great to play a sweaty club for 300 people and see everybody up close!

vinh3595 karma

What kind of black tee shirts do you guys wear?/DJs?

dada_life8 karma

different. whatever we pick up...

gregasaurus474 karma

Dada life has the image of the crazy, going all out (going bananas) rager. Being superstar DJ's, what is something regular you do that you don't think people realize.

Also, My best friend and mine are huge edm freaks and obey the rules of dada on the daily!! Our birthdays are both in a week and are both going to your show in AZ on 4/26?? Can her and I meet you??:D

dada_life10 karma

everybody says we're crazy. we think of ourselves as normal. the rest of the world seems a bit crazy to be honest.

tomsucksballs2 karma

hey olle. im the guy that emailed you telling you that you guys saved my life. i really really wanna thank you for that. you two truly are saints in my eyes. I was just wanted to know was the email saying that you wanted to meet me sent from Toby Benson real? or was that someone playing a horrible joke on me?

dada_life3 karma

of course it's real!!!

tanuchpanochini2 karma

Also, why did you choose Sebastian Bach for the vocals on Born to Rage?

dada_life10 karma

because he was BORN TO RAGE! of course... and he has a sweet voice

Pendhul2 karma

What was your reaction and feelings when you got arrested?

and id like to point out im a huge fan of your music :)

dada_life4 karma

it was a night mare! but it's over now....

gotanychange2 karma

Whats it been like doing multiple shows at hakkasan? Does it get repetitive or do you enjoy the consistency. Also, thanks for making such great music, i always run to your monthly mixes they are awesome!!

Btw do you like your bananas on the ripe side or the green side?

dada_life4 karma

never. we love hakkasan. and we love playing in vegas.

TwentySevenOne2 karma

Walking into your Dadaland Compound show in LA and seeing the rules of Dada, being welcomed to Dadaland and getting the little lapel pin, was fucking surreal. Love you guys, hope Stefan gets well soon!

dada_life5 karma


sonjaar1 karma

What do you think about your precious neighbour country Finland? Will you be coming here soon?

dada_life3 karma

we will try! we've played helsinki and that was amazing so...

fhcm_1 karma

How did you guys become the actors of bananas in pyjamas and then transition to DJing?

rage-rally-repeat4 karma

this has been a rumor forever and as much as i want to believe it it's false

dada_life6 karma

remember the RULES OF DADA. don't trust us.

flying_bacon1 karma

What are your thoughts on the current state of the EDM scene/the fans and where do you see it going?

dada_life4 karma

it's here to stay! sounds will change all the time, but the energy is here to stay. this is the future.

DJ_Giron1 karma

Where do you guys get your inspiration from?

dada_life2 karma

for new songs we mostly get the inspiration from YOU!!! playing a show and seeing people go crazy for a certain sound or a certain drop. we try to remember how that feels, and then we go back to the studio and try to recreate the feeling...

ApplesAndBeer1 karma

First of all, I just wan't to say Thank you for all your hard work and great music, you guys are amazing. Secondly, how do I increase my chances of scoring a Dada Land Passport, I would sell organs to be able to have one of those.

dada_life2 karma

we will have competitions now and then. also the best thing is to hang at that's the place we will tell everybody first about all important stuff.

BarackEmRack0 karma

Whatsup Olle, I'm a huge fan of your music. I heard Stefan got sick recently and had surgery, so I was wondering how he's doing. Also, I wanted to ask how you guys maintain such high energy when you DJ?

dada_life4 karma

we just love doing what we do. then it's easy to maintain the energy level!