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Chvrches (pronounced as "churches", sometimes stylised as CHVRCHES or CHVRCHΞS) are a Scottish electronic music band, formed in 2011.

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puhleeeze. "CHEEZVS" Iain

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MD: yeah. i saw them in a 100 cap room in glasgow a couple of years ago. it was INSANE

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I wish everyone who came to our shows danced like you did at the Wiltern. Iain

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MD: money of course :)

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MD: thanks. no chat from the people on the show tho. sadness.

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  1. The Mother We Share probably. That song went through so many different incarnations before we settled at the one you know. Maybe one day I will compile a soundcloud link with all of the different versions of that song spliced together. Could be interesting to some people I guess!

  2. "CHURCHES" it's like a Roman 'U'

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LM: Thanks, Neader - glad you enjoyed the article. I guess it's important for people to talk about things and make people feel less marginalized for not wanting to abide by the current societal norms... We are confirming set times etc soon and will post online once we have it all sorted :)

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LM: If people are supportive of our band, we are grateful for that. Comments that refer to things beyond that don't really interest me and I don't find it flattering to be honest. Every time someone tells us "she should smile more" or "she should dance more", I can't help but think that they wouldn't say that if I fronted this band and was male… See you in St Louis!