Hello again Reddit, we are CHVRCHES. A lot has happened since the last time we were here. We're back with a few new tunes including Never Say Die, released today and a new album Love Is Dead, out May 25.

Kicking things off starting at 9AM PT / 12PM ET. Ask us anything!


Edit: GUYS, we have to go. THANK YOU for taking the time to ask all these questions and sorry we couldn't answer them all. Can't wait for you to hear the record! Iain, Lauren and Martin xx.

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Anarcie156 karma

Hey Iain, Lauren and Martin!

Long time fan of the band, and excited for the new album!

What does the writing process for you guys look like? Do you all just noodle around until you hear something you like, or is it more structured, writing a pad progression or maybe a bass line and building off of it?

Also, do you guys ever secretly lurk the subreddit? (Shout out to the /r/chvrches subreddit)

Thanks and Cheers!

weareCHVRCHES141 karma

it useually begins with throwing around ideas and trying to capture each other's attention. once we hit on something we are excited by, it becomes more structured. NO RULES tho. MD

dawsonconnelley123 karma

Do you guys actually own that many pairs of black pants or do you just wear the same ones all the time like I do?

weareCHVRCHES115 karma

ally own that many pairs of black pants or do you just wear the same ones all the time like I

i actually own quite a few pairs of dark grey pants. off brand these days, MD

martinrich9189 karma

Hi guys, very much looking forward to album 3. As I know you guys are cinephiles, what are your favourite films of all time?

weareCHVRCHES188 karma

LM: Dead Poet's Society, Breakfast Club, Blade Runner.

noeaguila87 karma

What are your plans for a new album tour?

weareCHVRCHES175 karma

play around 1 million shows, MD

grobo55578 karma

Hey guys!

Is there any chance of your BBC cover of Somebody Else being released on Spotify at any point? I love the original song, but I personally think you blew the 1975 out of the water with your rendition.

Can’t wait to hear the new album and to see you in Glasgow this summer!

weareCHVRCHES77 karma

LM: That was a fun one to do! Streaming wise, that's up to the BBC as they "own" the Live Lounge sessions.

stayvnderthetide1272 karma

I know everyone is already going to be asking about Dok's potential tracks on Love is Dead, but will we be getting more Iain moments to shout out along with him at gigs, i.e. my personal favorite “Say! Say!! Say!!!”?

weareCHVRCHES106 karma

i dont think iain sings on the album but he has one of the great heavy metal voices of our time. it was would be foolish of us not to at least use it live. MD

redfm869 karma

What made you pull the trigger on getting a live drummer?

weareCHVRCHES122 karma

It's something we always knew would happen...eventually. But what made us pull the trigger is that Love is Dead has a lot more live drums on it than our previous stuff. (Every Open Eye had none!) SO it made a ton of sense to do it now. Iain

weareCHVRCHES66 karma

GUYS, we have to go. THANK YOU for taking the time to ask all these questions and sorry we couldn't answer them all. Can't wait for you to hear the record! Iain, Lauren and Martin xx.

stayvnderthetide1265 karma

What's your phone battery at Dok?

weareCHVRCHES72 karma

79 percent. MD

stayvnderthetide1259 karma

Favorite and least favorite thing about living in NYC?

weareCHVRCHES127 karma

LM: Fave = soup dumplings. Least fave = cockroaches.

westmeadow8858 karma

Hi Chvrches!

I loved your version of "Do I wanna know?" by the Arctic Monkeys. Are there any covers of YOUR songs that you are particularly fond of?

weareCHVRCHES33 karma

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren (Tim Buckey cover). i think thats my all time favourite MD

tjcoutts57 karma

Hi guys loving the new signals

1) Have you ever recorded a song loved it but then had to gone how the f**k are er gonna play this live ?

2) Also side question I’ve always wondered what is Lauren saying at the beginning of Recover?

weareCHVRCHES78 karma

yes. downside of me and now NEVER SAY DIE.

thats a secret.


EthanIsBeefan54 karma

not sure if this will be seen as tons of questions are flooding in but Will We ever hear Iain's vocals on a full song? 😂 or nah? ~ much love ❤

weareCHVRCHES90 karma

Haha, aw this makes me happy. But nah probably not. Stranger things have happened though (not stranger things the tv show...but...you know) Iain

stayvnderthetide1250 karma

Hello!! I'll start off with this: Will there be a Love is Dead B-Sides collection coming out titled Lain is Dead? (I'm so sorry Iain, I had to.)

weareCHVRCHES54 karma

eye roll

You and 93 percent of all taxi drivers.... Iain x

K1NG_J0RDAN46 karma

Hey guys!! In your new track, Never Say Die, who is saying “Didn’t you say that?”

Who’s voice is that?

weareCHVRCHES73 karma

It's Lauren's voice but processed in a weird way. Iain

chvrches_obsession44 karma

How many hats does Dok own? And what percentage are black?

weareCHVRCHES74 karma

LM: Mysteries such as this will never be unravelled.

AntiChangeling43 karma

I've just noticed that you guys sign your posts differently. Lauren puts her initials at the beginning, Martin puts his initials at the end, and Iain puts his first name at the end. So, my question to all of you is: What do you think this reveals about each of your personalities?

weareCHVRCHES42 karma

HAHA. Not sure, What do you think?


weareCHVRCHES54 karma

LM: I am the most anxious / organised? Cry.

soggypastry39 karma

Can I ask about the album artwork? It’s such a radical change from your first two (including fonts), I just wondered what the thinking was behind it?

weareCHVRCHES69 karma

Yes you can.

Well the first two are pretty different no? I feel like we have been getting more photographic as we go on.

We don't really feel the need to have any kind of visual continuity between releases, this album art was a response to the feel of the music. We have always been suckers for that kind of distorted VHS look. It feels punky and a bit psychedelic and a bit trashy. I love the way it turned out...other opinions are available :-p Iain

mctomtom39 karma

In your opinion, what is considered the front side of a backpack? The part with the straps? Or the part with the pockets?

weareCHVRCHES56 karma

LM: I guess the pocket part is, in name, the front? Because it is facing outwards, and the "back" part is on your "back"? It's a linguistic nightmare.

stayvnderthetide1238 karma

Where would you place TLJ in your Star Wars order?

weareCHVRCHES67 karma

Such a tricky question. I would place it above the prequels but at the bottom of the pile of the rest. So 4th from bottom. Iain

stayvnderthetide1234 karma

Favorite gig you each have attended within the past year?

weareCHVRCHES62 karma

LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel was a real high point for me. Iain

americanidiot0634 karma

A question for every member: If you had to keep only two songs in your phone to listen to for the rest of your life, what would those songs be?

weareCHVRCHES49 karma

Ohhh come on. TWO SONGS? It's surely impossible to narrow it down to 2. But OK, Enjoy the Silence and Sinnerman. Since I HAVE to choose. Iain

tankan6314 karma

Iain are you the biggest Depeche Mode fan out there?

weareCHVRCHES21 karma

I think so


weareCHVRCHES48 karma

LM: Case Of You by Joni Mitchell and Firework by Katy Perry.

entenduintransit34 karma

Hey all, really looking forward to Love Is Dead!

What was different for you about the writing/recording process for this new album as opposed to your previous ones? Any favorite parts in particular? What in your opinion really sets Love Is Dead apart from The Bones of What You Believe and Every Open Eye?

Thanks in advance!

weareCHVRCHES45 karma

LM: I think it still feels like a "CHVRCHES record" but there are more live elements and lyrically it feels like it fits together as a specific body of songs and stories, focusing on when you use imagery and what you're trying to say with it.

apple_pie233 karma

Hi Ian Lauren and Martin! Long time fan, first time reddit AMA reddit-question- asker! I have a few questions for you guys:

1)Which of your own songs have you never played live before?

2)Will Martin be singing any songs on Love is Dead?

3) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Thanks for doing this Reddit AMA by the way! :D :)

weareCHVRCHES77 karma

Havent played follow you or zvvl before. both songs that i sing.

whilst we are on that subject... i have one lead vocal on Love Is Dead. thats an exclusive btw. lol

also pineapple is fine on pizza. MD

stayvnderthetide1230 karma

About when in the process did the title Love is Dead come about?

weareCHVRCHES30 karma

Right at the end I think, after we had written and recorded all the tunes. Iain

YoMikeeHey30 karma

Hi, Chvrches. Really dug all the 3 songs you put out so far from 'Love is Dead'.

My questions are

  1. Do you guys have any funny or interesting story while making album 3?
  2. What song in 'Love is Dead' was the longest one to make?

weareCHVRCHES50 karma

LM: 1) The final lyric we wrote for the album was in the song Wonderland, and I thought of the final line we needed whilst washing my hands in a pub toilet in Los Angeles... 2) Wonderland. For the above reason.

thisisme10630 karma

Hi! I have two questions.

  1. Love is dead. Can we fix that or do you think it’s too late?

  2. Do you ever browse /r/chvrches ?

Thank you for the great music!

weareCHVRCHES36 karma

I think we can fix it. I sure hope so.

Nope sorry, Iain

Clemerek28 karma

One simple question: South America. When?

weareCHVRCHES40 karma

it's going to happen. it has to happen. when? i dont know, sorry. MD

jrredwing25 karma

What are the chances of some Bones tracks that weren't played live on the EOE tour being added back to the setlist? I'd love to hear Night Sky live again, and You Caught the Light was one of the coolest live atmospheres I've ever experienced.

weareCHVRCHES28 karma

caught the light is a cool idea. i have too many songs now tho. it's hard to choose which ones MD

MleoC22 karma

Loving the tracks off the new album (especially the roosevelt remix of get out)!

Where is your favourite place to play/favourite gig you've played and why?

weareCHVRCHES40 karma

LM: I feel like great gigs kind of sneak up on you. They're not always in the bigger cities or festivals you'd expect to be "big" moments, and I like that. It's all about the energy in the room (and how well / badly we play, haha).

chvrches_obsession20 karma

Questions from other redditors... toughest song to write on the new album? Is the Fan Clvb forum Dead? I don’t believe there is even a link to it on Chvrch.es What should we know about Jonny Scott as a person?

weareCHVRCHES33 karma

toughest song was Wonderland. we had a good wrestle with that one but it wound up in a great place imo.

fan clvb will never die. unlike love.

jonny scott is one of my all time best friends and comfortably the best drummer ive ever seen/heard MD

crashtfz20 karma

Howdy y’all!

Since I know you guys are avid gamers, what are you guys playing currently?

weareCHVRCHES33 karma


FFXV and FFXIV at the moment. There's a new motorbike racing game called Isle of Man TT which is actually amazing. Lots of Tetris on Switch. Darkest Dungeon Iain

shadinski20 karma

Hey guys!

What are each of your favourite film soundtracks?

(Blade Runner 2049 for me)

weareCHVRCHES29 karma

LM: Magnolia.

thedoseoftea18 karma

Hello Chvrches, love your music!

  1. I read on twitter that Martin uses Cubase, while Iain's Equipboard page mentions he uses Ableton Live. What DAWs did you use while making Love is Dead and how do you go about working with different DAWs when you work together?

  2. How much did working with an external producer influence the compositional process for Love is Dead?

weareCHVRCHES28 karma

im off cubase and on logic now. i got really tired of how broken it was on mac.

working with a producer didnt really alter the compostitional process. it was more about augmenting what we already do. finding someone who could fit into our dynamic, rather than change it. MD

DamnCarlSucks18 karma

What's your favorite type of grilled cheese?

weareCHVRCHES61 karma

how come you guys call it grilled cheese when it's actually fried? MD

weareCHVRCHES42 karma

it's fried>!>!!>!?! Iain

weareCHVRCHES27 karma

The grilled kind. Very grilled. Iain

carinaes17 karma

Hey Chvrches!

if you had to chose a single soft synth and hardware synth, what would they be?

weareCHVRCHES17 karma

soft is too hard to choose one. arturia softs are absolutely essential to me tho. when i cant have hardware, they are more or less all i use.

roland juno 106 will forever be my fav hardware synth. we built our entire sound on it in the beginning MD

Ponton70017 karma

Hey CHVRCHES! Very excited about the new album! I’m wondering if you’re planning on making any more 7” vinyls or 12” singles for this album? I loved collecting the ones you’ve made so far and listening to the amazing b-sides and bonus tracks you’ve done! Also did you know there’s a community here on reddit all about chvrches called r/chvrches we all love your music!! Keep up the good work! Thank you! Joe :)

weareCHVRCHES22 karma

LM: We DID know about r/chvrches and are psyched / flattered that people are into the band and the music enough to even make one about us :) We love all those special edition / one off releases so hopefully we can do something this time round. Time will tell.

LRLArchi16 karma

Hey CHVRCHES! Love your stuff. Synthpop is literally my favorite music genre of all time (I dont think I’ve ever loved a genre this much, trust me). If you were free to experiment however you’d like with your music, what wild genre combination would you try to pull off with synthpop? (Ex. Jazz / synthpop) Also, (question for all of you individually) what was your first experience with music production?

weareCHVRCHES32 karma

Thanks! Psychedelic Synthpop sounds like fun to me. Maybe it already exists but I don't know of any! My first experience with Music Production was recording my guitar and a drum machine on a two track tape recorded. I figured out if I got another tape recorded and pressed play on one and played along with it whilst recording on another one it was a very basic form of multi-tracking. I was addicted after that! Iain

IsaacPG1816 karma

Hello!! Looking forward both CHV3 and your tour!! You are great! [The last track was awesome]

Q👉🏻 would you like to compose a movie score some day?

(And what are your fav recent movie scores)

weareCHVRCHES33 karma

Oh yeah we would be really into doing a film score at some point. I am a little obsessed with Jonny Greenwood's writing at the moment. His score for Phantom Thread is just beautiful. Iain

CactrotRunner15 karma

Loved your interview on Nerdist. There was mention that by the time the podcast was released, that the album would be out. Did the album get delayed or a miscommunication on when the podcast was going up?

weareCHVRCHES17 karma

LM: Chris Hardwick is the best! I think we might "the information" about the album would be out, as we knew we were announcing the title and release date of the record at the same time as we released My Enemy :)

abstracmusic14 karma

Hey Iain, Martin and Lauren!

I'm a big fan from the UK, had the pleasure of meeting you all twice on the EOE tour. I'd like to ask what it was like working with Greg Kurstin, and is the new album still as hardware synthesizer-based as the first two??

Don't suppose you have any shows in the UK lined up for the album release? ;)

weareCHVRCHES14 karma

the new album is hardware synths top to bottom. greg is a genius and a fantastic collaborator. we had the best time working with him. MD

apollo701813 karma

Long time fan, my question is if there is anything in the first two albums you would change or rework slightly? Can't wait for the new album this year!

weareCHVRCHES55 karma

LM: Sometimes if I hear the songs in a store or a bar, I can hear vocal things I want to redo because I think my voice is a lot stronger now but I don't think you should look at things like that. It's all part of the story and the character of the music, and sometimes making things too perfect is a mistake. You can't go back and pretend Han didn't shoot first, etc...

jamba__13 karma

Hey chvrches (love you guys),

I was wondering that since you have a live drummer for your live performances now does that mean the drums on the new record was recorded live as well? Was it performed by Lauren? And were previous albums digital or live drums?

I look forward to seeing you guys on the road! :D

weareCHVRCHES17 karma

LM: There were two songs on the first album with live drums (Gun and Night Sky) and live drum samples of Lies, and all of those were Jonny Scott, who is the drummer we've snapped up for this tour. The live drums on this album are by Greg Kurstin, Ian Chang and a tiny bit by me.

EhrgeizIX13 karma

How did you feel when you discovered that Muse covered Lies?

weareCHVRCHES23 karma

i was very flattered. they are MASSIVE and have had a great career. MD

weareCHVRCHES17 karma

LM: Surprised! It was very surreal.

sasuke-lp12 karma

Hey how do you guys feel about being associated with Purity Ring all the time?

weareCHVRCHES29 karma

Are we? I hadn't noticed. We met them once, they seem dead nice


anteater9711 karma

Hey Lauren, Iain and Martin!

First I wanna say thank you for doing what you all do. I heard your song for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst when it came out (it was probably the best thing from that game), and your music has dominated my playlists ever since. I can only imagine it getting worse with this new album haha.

I put you guys on most often as “comfort music”, when I need to chill out and just feel nice for a little bit. I suppose my question is: What are you guys’ “comfort artists", whether it be after a tour or just hanging out?

Thanks so much, and I can’t wait to see you all this tour!

weareCHVRCHES18 karma

LM: I definitely know what you mean. I have bands and movies and books for exactly that. It's often things I loved growing up (10 Things I Hate About You, Dawson's Creek etc) but right now musically I'd say Alvvays, Phoebe Bridgers and Leonard Cohen.

soggypastry11 karma

Other than your new drummer, what new things can we expect from your live shows during this album cycle?

weareCHVRCHES21 karma

LM: We're working on this nowwwww and thinking about how to make sure we do the older songs justice and also develop the show / sound. We've always been focused on wanting it to be more of a rock show than a "synth pop" show so hopefully we'll nail that this time round :)

HealthyAddiction1011 karma

Hey CHVRCHES been a fan since your apperance in the video games awards.

Do you guys have a favorite movie? Which one?

weareCHVRCHES12 karma

too hard to pick one tbh. jaws, the terminator or nightmare on elm st MD

abstracmusic11 karma

Is there ANY chance of Warning Call being played live on the Love is Dead tour? Or any time in the future? ;)

weareCHVRCHES18 karma

LM: I don't think so but it can still have a special place in all our hearts. Not enough people know the song for it to really go down well at live shows I don't think? We tried that with a few soundtrack songs before and have learned from experience :)

DallasOCat10 karma

Hey there!

Will you guys' cover of Somebody Else be on Spotify at any point?

Also, is there any place you guys draw inspiration from? Your sound is very unique and I've loved it since I first heard you guys on the radio.

Keep it up, you guys are great!

Edit: formatting and another question

weareCHVRCHES17 karma

LM: Live Lounge songs are owned by BBC Radio so it's their ball. We grew up loving things like The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Cyndi Lauper but I think it's the combination of each of our writing styles that makes what we're doing sound modern and like us, rather than bands we love.

RielAM10 karma

Hey Lauren, Iain, and Martin!!

Saw you guys at goodvybes here in the Philippines (unfortunately did not meet you guys but I was able to purchase signed copies of your records :))

Just wanna say how much I love your music and how excited I am for the new album!!

My question is: What do you feel is different with the new music and what are those things that you felt like you wanted to work on in the past and did on this project?

Thank you so much for doing this!!

weareCHVRCHES16 karma

LM: Thanks for coming to see us at the festival! We can't wait to get back to play in the Philippines. I feel like this album is the most lyrically coherent we've done so far - everything feels like it fits together as one collection of stories. Once we started recording, it became apparent that this album would be more "live" sounding which feels like it was a natural / inevitable thing that would happen to our sound given we all come from a more alternative / rock background. Can't wait to get out and start playing shows!

mixhail10 karma

Big fan of the more rock oriented tracks like “Tether,” any chance we get to hear more guitar oriented songs on the new album?

weareCHVRCHES12 karma

LM: Maybe. Just maybe...

rabidnz9 karma

The fuck is churches?

weareCHVRCHES16 karma

No fucking idea


Dallasite214149 karma

What new song are you most excited to perform live?

weareCHVRCHES18 karma

LM: Never Say Die, Forever and Deliverance.

alyssa_dartenay8 karma

What made you guys decide to delete all of your past social media posts before announcing Love Is Dead?

weareCHVRCHES14 karma

LM: We still have all of that archived but we just wanted to make space for the new album aesthetic because it's different to what's gone before and it felt right to give those visuals a chance to stand on their own.

KindaRedlight8 karma

Hi, big fan over here My question is: Would you consider doing more acoustic versions of your songs? because I loved the ones you did a couple days ago. Thank you for existing :)

weareCHVRCHES10 karma

Yeah that was a ton of fun doing that session. Would really be up for more of that in future. Besides I love it when I get to play guitar


vonize8 karma

Hey guys. I was wondering if the song Wonderland took inspiration from Alice's story, since in the Get Out video we can see some retro imagery of Alice in Wonderland?

weareCHVRCHES12 karma

LM: It isn't about Alice's story but the imagery is referenced whilst talking about something else... CRYPTIC. But YAY that you picked up the hint to the title of the song in the Get Out video!

anarchakelly7 karma

Hey Lauren, Iain, and Martin! A major fan, saw you at Landmark Fest in DC a couple summers ago and again in Baltimore the year after. I guess I have a few questions I'll drop below, feel free to answer any, all or none :).

Lauren: I hear you have a masters degree in Journalism? I'm considering grad school too and would love to hear your thoughts on academia, your experience pursuing a higher degree, and how that degree has helped you as the frontwoman for a stellar band. Do you think it's helped you "hack" the media so to speak?

Martin: I'd love to hear about your influences, whether that's musically, philosophically, ideologically. What sorts of thinkers, musicians, individuals get your brain jogging?

Iain: What are your guilty pleasures?

All: What books are you reading? What's the last movie you saw that you really loved?

weareCHVRCHES16 karma

LM: I am reading Heartburn by Nora Ephron and really loved Ladybird. Academia wise, I guess only you know what's best for you. I think I learned a lot but also that I learned more about the media by DOING than by reading about it. I don't think my degree helps me in my work now but if you are lucky enough to be able to learn things and have access to knowledge, it's always good to keep shoving new things into your brain and challenging the way you think / why you think that way.

StudentOfMind7 karma

I've been waiting forever to ask this pressing question:

Has the Moog Sonic Six made an appearance on Love is Dead?

Also, shout out to the CHVRCHES fangroup on Twitter!

weareCHVRCHES10 karma

lol no. i cant get anything near a decent sound out of that mad thing. MD

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

SORRYYY no Sonic Six this time...

Maybe I will make an album of JUST Sonic Six someday...


riplove187 karma

Which song on Love Is Dead do you guys think has the "gnarliest" vibe ?

weareCHVRCHES6 karma

Gnarliest is the best word!

Probably Never Say Die but there's another couple of contenders (God's Plan being one of them)


MrChocholate7 karma

Does it at all upset you that I refuse to pronounce your band as anything other than "Ch-vur-ches"?

weareCHVRCHES14 karma

No this is the correct pronunciation. Well done you.

Iain x

emuhaha7 karma

Hi guys! I was wondering for this next tour if you’ll do a meet and greet event before like you did for the EOE tour?

I’m very excited for this album and I hope you guys are having a great day

weareCHVRCHES14 karma

LM: We are figuring out plans for tours just now but I don't think we'll be able to do as many meet and greets this time round, just because of the logistics of it all. We're going to figure out a way to keep doing fun things with you guys but it might manifest a little differently than on the last record :) Brainstorming as we speak!

TomChelsea136 karma

Hey CHVRCHES, really liking the sound of the new album so far! What are your main influences for this album?


weareCHVRCHES34 karma

you cant say influences anymore cos you can get sued for a "vibe" these days haha MD

Skeletune6 karma

Do you guys own and/or use a Korg Minilogue, Monologue, or Prologue? Used it on any tracks?

weareCHVRCHES16 karma

For some reason I read that as Kylie Minilogue

Nah we don't have any of those yet. But There was talk of getting the Mono guy soon


kermitfrogit6 karma

Hi from India. Question for Lauren - does it ever feel weird writing lyrics about a breakup or separation when you're currently in a relationship?

Also, I made the trip to see you guys perform in London and Glasgow a couple of years ago, it's now your turn to come to India :)

weareCHVRCHES4 karma

LM: I haven't written lyrics about separation or breakups on this album, from my point of view, BUT that to me is what's so amazing about lyrics. It can mean different things to different people, and what I meant when I wrote it isn't necessarily what people will take away from it.

gdan956 karma

I don't know how well you remember this, but I met you guys at a record signing of Every Open Eye in Baltimore. I was the one who said I liked Iain's work on Gnasher. Here's a photo.

Anyway, my question is this: how do you decide which songs to let Martin sing?

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

LM: We go on a song by song basis. Sometimes the shape of the melody will sit better with his voice or mine, or the vibe of the song feels like it fits better with one voice. There is going to be one on this album and I am really happy about that because I feel like it's an important part of each album and the live show.

theunholyginger6 karma

Ok, I've asked about this on Twitter before, but I swear that a few seconds into 'We Sink' that I hear a sound that is either a door closing or a box falling. Am I crazy or is that actually what I'm hearing?

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

ill take a listen and let you know... im not hearing it haha MD

wirehead6 karma

How do you feel today about the original video of Lies that went around the internet a zillion times on YouTube?

Also, when you played your first show across the pond in San Francisco, what do you remember most about it now?

weareCHVRCHES5 karma

LM: I remember people singing a bit of Phantom Planet which was very surreal but fun. That whole tour feels like a weird dream or a movie we watched, not something we did. Fun times. Video wise, do you mean the live footage one? If so, I feel good about that. It was from our first show and it's so nice to have those things collected. We'll be glad to have them when we're old and nostalgic. I am nostalgic already though.

riplove185 karma

Are we getting another Dok song on Love Is Dead?

weareCHVRCHES17 karma


It's called God's Plan


coldshiver15 karma

Hi Chvrches, hoping you guys come back to Boston on the Love is Dead tour, loved meeting you guys last time you were here. What do you think was the hardest part of the creative process in creating this new album? Also, favorite comfort food for each of you?

weareCHVRCHES8 karma

LM: Making sure you are being honest and not self editing what you really want to say. There's a lot of weird self analysis involved. Comfort food wise, I fucking love a cheese puff.

JesusOCF5 karma

Hi Chvrches, love your music. Is there a movie you would like to make a song for?

weareCHVRCHES14 karma

LM: Blade Runner. But then we wouldn't have had the real Blade Runner soundtracks and that would have been sad.

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

yes the upcoming IT sequel. i actually might start campaigning to make that happen haha MD

Dallasite214145 karma

What are each of your favorite lyrics from the new album?

weareCHVRCHES17 karma


"I'm watching you run, run from the sidelines, taking a breath, filling your lungs, keeping you alive"

"You talk far too much for someone so unkind"

"They're leaving bodies in stairwells and washing up on the shore"

weareCHVRCHES5 karma

my favourite lyrics on the album are Heaven/Hell. MD

StonewallBurgundy5 karma

Hey guys!! I’m a huge fan, I met you guys in philly back in September 2016 and it was one of my favorite concert experiences ever lol.

Anyway, how did the process of making each of your three albums differ and what are some things that stayed the same?

Will we ever get another song structured like Tether? I think it’s definitely your best song and also one of the most interesting songs I’ve ever heard structurally!

Also, I know you guys are bigger now, but will you still offer the meet and greet entries for the fan clvb?

Thanks !

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

LM: Thanks, pal! There are definitely more pensive, introspective moments on this record, as well as more direct ones, so hopefully that'll fill your Tether-hole! We want to keep the ethos of FANCLVB going and are thinking of things we can do, but I don't think we'll be doing daily meet and greets like last time for logistical / practical reasons. We'll definitely see you out there somehow though :)

archangel6105 karma

What song would you call the bridge between Every Open Eye and Love Is Dead?

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

graffiti probably MD

ACP5055 karma

If you had to pick your favorite Depeche Mode song, which would it be?

What was it like when you toured with them?

weareCHVRCHES13 karma

Enjoy The Silence is my favourite. I also love Stripped. And Strangelove...I could go on.

It was really scary. It was before we had even put out our first album so we were pretty inexperienced. That said, we got through it and it was exciting and unforgettable. Iain

chvrches_obsession5 karma

Will we ever get to hear Lauren sing a Michael Jackson song?

weareCHVRCHES20 karma

LM: Not unless you come to karaoke with us.

adel_shakhin5 karma

Hi guys!

What’s your favorite song to cover? Or the one you would love to cover?

weareCHVRCHES10 karma

we need ideas. i think we have covered most songs in the world ever MD

adventure_guy5 karma

Hello Martin, Iain and Lauren! I'm a long time fan and I've always appreciated the effort you put into interacting with your fans such as the fanclvb and the Love is Dead texts. My question to all of you is why do you think it's important for you all to maintain such a strong connection with the people who listen to you?

weareCHVRCHES6 karma

LM: I feel like the internet and people sending our music to their friends was such a huge part of how out band got started that we always want to try to be reaching our fanbase in a way that's more than straight up marketing. It'll change from album to album depending on what's practical, but it's fun for us to think of things to do (embedding the phone number in the Get Out video, the text app, fan presales etc) so that, even when it's not in-person meet and greets, there's something different happening.

HunterGonzo4 karma

Hey gang! Love Never Say Die which just dropped today.

Even as successful as you've become, do you ever get over the nervousness of releasing new material? Or every time you release a song, is part of you always going "Oh sweet baby Jesus, I hope people like this"?

weareCHVRCHES6 karma

i still get nervous yes. like right now. MD

onemoreuntruth4 karma

Which Hogwarts houses do you all belong in?

weareCHVRCHES11 karma

i want to be ravenclaw but probably hufflepuff MD

JoseFresh2Death4 karma

You've recorded 3 albums now, which was your favorite to make and why?

Huge fan! Can't wait to see all of you in concert again!

weareCHVRCHES11 karma

Oh I think Bones. Because we were figuring it all out and putting the pieces together for the first time, it was so exciting.


gettingawayfromthesp4 karma

What are your favorite recent movies you've seen?

weareCHVRCHES13 karma

LM: Ladybird all the way.

weareCHVRCHES10 karma

Shape of Water was just amazing I thought.

Going to see Ready Player One tonight which I am very much looking forward to but dreading at the same time (I read and loved the book but I feel like they will have changed all the references) Iain

VanillaWater4 karma

I absolutely fell in love with you guys after seeing you perform at Lolla back in 2014. And I'm excited to see you again this year because I just bought my Thursday pass solely to see you!

My question for each of you is what is your favorite Disney film?

weareCHVRCHES7 karma

LM: Sword In The Stone or The Lion King.

syvelior3 karma

What's your favorite band to perform with?

weareCHVRCHES9 karma

LM: We really loved touring with Alvvays (their new album is great too) and The Range because playing shows with friends is the best.

limaumo3 karma

Hey Iain, Doksan and Lauren! If you're to describe the new record with one word, what would it be?

Looking forward to the release! :D

weareCHVRCHES12 karma

\m/ ( -_- ) \m/


weareCHVRCHES10 karma

LM: True.

stayvnderthetide123 karma

What is going to become of ET? Is he going to be coming along on tour with you all?

weareCHVRCHES6 karma

ET Lives with me. But I might bring him along. You know, for good vibes.


catpets2 karma

Hey CHVRCHES! I have a question about synths. On the studio 360 tour, Iain mentions a synth in the front room (with most of the big ones) that he wished you could use more in the future.

Did you guys end up using that one/did you spring for any new synths for the new album? Is there one you are particularly excited about? Thanks!

weareCHVRCHES5 karma

Haha, was that the Moog Sonic Six?

No we still haven't used it. I have it in my flat in NY and I still love it but as yet haven't recorded anything with it. Shame on me.


RielAM2 karma

I have another question - what prompted the change in album art styles? Was it something you guys wanted to do or just a spur of the moment type of thing?

Do you feel that this is symbolic to something/love dying in the sense of your discography (different font and art style)? Thanks again!!

weareCHVRCHES3 karma

LM: We worked with a different designer this time round (Warren Fu, who made the video for Clearest Blue and has been the creative director for all of Love Is Dead) and I think we wanted something that was visually provocative, in the same way as the title is provocative. We were inspired by a lot of old punk stuff and liked the idea of sticking two fingers up at people who were always telling us to put the girl on the cover. We put her on the cover, but we scratched out her eyes and fucked up the image with these bold, upsetting colours. It was about taking the paradigm and turning it on its head. And ultimately, people are talking about it and it's something you look twice at, whether you love it or hate it. I'd rather have that than a beige, MOR album cover that doesn't make you feel anything.

Scho999001 karma

I really like your music. I so much love your last two album. And i also love get out, my enemy, never say die. BUT I GOT REALLY SERIOUS QUESTION FOR YA. WHAT IS ‘LOVE IS DEAD’S ALBUM COVER?? BECAUSE, TO BE HONEST, THE ALBUM COVER OF ‘MY ENEMY’ IS DISAPPONTING.

weareCHVRCHES10 karma

Sorry to disappoint. (not sorry) :-p


IronEP1 karma

My question is this - do you know how hard I kicked myself when I ignored your reply on Facebook because I assumed you were a bot?

For real though, off the music based questions to give you guys a break... Martin and Iain, are you guys still fans of Destiny? Also Leah's stream misses you two!

Hi Lauren, I think you're the cooliest.

And finally, do you have any insight into merch for the UK? I want to pre-order the album/shirt/necklace/etc bundles but shipping prices are kinda high, and I'm assuming import fees too. I want to rep my favourite band everywhere, but things cost a lot!

Don't feel obliged to answer everything. Thank you! <3

weareCHVRCHES2 karma

LM: Thank you! Merch wise, the US store and European stores are separate and ship from different locations so make sure you're on the right one? This is the UK base: https://shop.virginemi.com/chvrches/