Chloe Bennet

is an American actress and singer.

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Hey Reddit! I just want to start this AMA off by saying I will only be answering questions about Rampart moving forward....kidding :)

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Iv walked in on way to many people having "alone time " then any girl should ever have to experience in one lifetime.

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i understand wuffy. i totally understand. As you can imagine. I dont know what to answer.

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I love cats.

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a few guys in the airport were talking about me in mandarin saying that they should not stand behind in the security line because they thought I would take I took my sweet time just to annoy them!

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three letters. RDJ

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I ate bacon 2 hours ago. And I don't regret a thing.

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Great question/answer jelleC . Uhm think about how cool you think Clark Gregg is.. and then times that by 1209384209... and then thats how cool he really is. The guy has TWO first names. What a fucking G.

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I would wish for: 1. The ability to never have to sit in traffic. 2. Eat as many donuts as I want.. and it all just went to my boobs. 3. I want to be able to understand a football game.