Brian P. Burke

Brian burke in 2009
most recently served as the president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs from November 29, 2008 through January 9, 2013.

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Hi, hockey ambassador here. JVR is James Van Riemsdyk, a player currently playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Until last summer, James played for the team I am employed by, the Philadelphia Flyers. We traded James straight up for Luke Schenn. Last night, the Flyers played the Leafs, and JVR made a move called a toe-drag (in which the player extends his stick with the puck, then quickly pulls the puck back towards himself using the toe-end of the stick) around Luke. Obviously this one play proves that the trade was a disaster and I should be fired in shame.

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  1. I gave Brendan a hug, told him I didn't care. Then we walked back inside my family's house and I yelled "Mom, you owe me twenty bucks! I always told you he was gay!" An older brother's job is always to harass his younger brother. I wanted Brendan to know that nothing would change about our relationship.

  2. Answered elsewhere, but Tommy Wingels and Andy Miele are the two big ones. The NHL players we have reached out to have been amazing and have gone out of their way to participate.

  3. We do not comment on players that may have been approached. We don't ever want a player to feel shamed into participating, and some players may have legitimate reasons for not participating (for example, some may be contractually obligated to only appear in ads for their charity).

  4. We are working to make those introductions now. We're hoping the overwhelming success of the NHL ads will work in our favor. One PR expert estimated that the massive amount of positive PR the NHL received in the wake of our launch was probably worth about 2.5-3 million dollars in ad buys for a league.

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It was an awesome moment for the hockey world. Brent reached out to ask our permission first, and we were more than happy to give it.

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  1. Thank you.
  2. We still love you.

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My dad just mastered his blackberry about 6 months ago. In 15 years when he understands how online message boards work, I will have him do an AMA.

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We are proud to have two members of the ESPN family on our advisory board, John Buccigross and LZ Granderson. In addition, ESPN has been well represented at the GLAAD awards the past few years. ESPN's job is to get ratings, and they have decided (right or wrong, for better or worse) on their current method of doing that.

If you are looking to talk networks, HBO donated all the filming, production and editing costs for the first few PSAs. Their 24/7 team, led by the amazing Bentley Weiner and Joe Lavine, worked tirelessly to get these players filmed and produce the spots everyone is enjoying so much. And they did it for free. Free. Then NBC donated airtime during one of their biggest games of the year to air our PSA.

So, watch HBO and NBC.

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I will consider You Can Play a success when we can shut down. When an athlete coming out is a non-story, when we're not losing young athletes to harassment and fear, and when athletes are judged only by what they bring to the game.

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I was out scouting the Beanpot last night. Had to find more talented young players to keep our playoff streak alive.

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If I had to summarize the feedback I've gotten on the project so far, it would be:

1) This is great! 2) You sound like your Dad 3) I've always hated Brian Burke, but this is great 4) Is there any way to show Lundqvist's eyes in color in the next one? 5) When is [favorite team] going to show up? 6) Lundqvist is a pretty man!

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Plus, The Wire and Community. I wonder if Alison Brie is a hockey fan.