Brian Posehn

Brian posehn
is an American actor, voice actor, musician, writer, and comedian, known for his roles as Jim Kuback on The WB's Mission Hill and Brian Spukowski on Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program.

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So good. that's the only way I can come now.

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Great. Issue 16 this week.

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Ha! It was fun to get shot in the face, you should try it.

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Either Dare To Be Stupid or Ride the Lightning.

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All the time. the lady typing our group answers got it wrong four times this morning.

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The mudshark story from Seattle is true.

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Saul, Brian, tobias

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Awesome. No, we rarely butt heads, we kinda share the same brain.

The process starts with a pretty detailed outline, then we go to scripting, punching up all the time.

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That's really a Patton question. I will forever be down to go out with them again.