Brandon Novak

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is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and friend of Bam Margera and is a prominent member of the CKY Crew.

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Look at him.

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Vince is in Phil's basement doing paperwork due to the fact that Colorado courts and judges say that he doesn't know how to act in public. He can't have any public appearances for another seven years.

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We play tennis.

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Believe it or not, I'm a nice guy despite what your boyfriend says.

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Fuck no. I owe that man at least a million bucks. Put it on my tab. Thanks, heroin.

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Not one bit. He's never anything but a stand up guy to me.

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People see him on TV and thinks that he wakes up and smashes his windows out, but really he's no different than you. It's a job, kids.

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Let me break this into answers: Dunn's death came to me as a shock, no doubt. I was made aware of it while serving my year sentence in prison through another inmate who was listening to Preston and Steve on MMR. He told me "yo, one of your best friends died" and I thought it was Bam. THe prison wouldn't let me attend the funeral so all I could do was watch Bam cry and lose his mind on the news from my jail cell.I still haven't quite dealt with it because I was isolated from the world when it happened but recently going through rehab, I am slowly coming to terms with it. Yes, Dreamseller 2 is about 80% done and this one will blow your fucking mind. Rake is a chemist doing chemistry and making babies. Clorophyl boreofill. Who cares, Rake? Love you, buddy.

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Hmm... well, pretty much legit as it gets due to the fact we had a "who gives a fuck" budget thanks to MTV that paid for all the mayhem we did to anything. On top of that, they paid for what we broke and paid us afterwards for breaking it.

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Stay away from drugs.