My short bio: I'm the author of Dreamseller (an addiction memoir). I've also appeared on Jackass, Bam's Unholy Union, Viva la Bam, and Where the Fuck is Santa. Recently, I've been performing as "Pill Collins" of FuckFace Unstoppable. "Bam's Badass Game Show" premiers April 14th on TBS and my documentary "Where Is My Needle" will be premiering this year.

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yungvanity67 karma

Where the fuck is Don Vito? + what is he up to?

nudie_novak69145 karma

Vince is in Phil's basement doing paperwork due to the fact that Colorado courts and judges say that he doesn't know how to act in public. He can't have any public appearances for another seven years.

alexobert54 karma

Why is Danger Ehren so easy to make fun of?

nudie_novak69164 karma

Look at him.

skizmcniz41 karma

You spilled beer on me at Hellview III and apologized for it. It was an accident and I had no problem with it, but the apology surprised me.

Loved Dreamseller. Any update on the movie or your next book?

nudie_novak6980 karma

Believe it or not, I'm a nice guy despite what your boyfriend says.

StevenSeagalFan32 karma

What is Johnny Knoxville like behind the scenes? Is he a douche?

nudie_novak6974 karma

Not one bit. He's never anything but a stand up guy to me.

chelz18230 karma

What is something you & Bam like to do that would surprise your fans to hear?

nudie_novak6990 karma

We play tennis.

alexobert28 karma

What's the biggest misconception about Bam?

nudie_novak6968 karma

People see him on TV and thinks that he wakes up and smashes his windows out, but really he's no different than you. It's a job, kids.

vahinko112226 karma

Hey Novak long time fan here. I always looked up to you growing up as a role model (probably not the best but what the hell) I have always been wondering how did you react to Ryan's death? We all know how Bam, and the rest of the crew reacted but what about you? Also do you see a Dreamseller 2 in the future? And finally what the fuck has Rake Yohn been up to since we last saw him in Viva La Bam? I'll be sure to see Where's My Needle when I can. Thanks for hours of entertainment and a shit ton of laughs.

nudie_novak6967 karma

Let me break this into answers: Dunn's death came to me as a shock, no doubt. I was made aware of it while serving my year sentence in prison through another inmate who was listening to Preston and Steve on MMR. He told me "yo, one of your best friends died" and I thought it was Bam. THe prison wouldn't let me attend the funeral so all I could do was watch Bam cry and lose his mind on the news from my jail cell.I still haven't quite dealt with it because I was isolated from the world when it happened but recently going through rehab, I am slowly coming to terms with it. Yes, Dreamseller 2 is about 80% done and this one will blow your fucking mind. Rake is a chemist doing chemistry and making babies. Clorophyl boreofill. Who cares, Rake? Love you, buddy.

vahinko112217 karma

My life is now complete. I have a lot of sentiment for you since you were the person who helped my sister kick her drug of choice (meth) I was 15 at the time and just finished Dreamseller whenever I learned about her being in rehab. When she out out we know she wasn't going to stay clean, but I got her to read it and as far I as I she's clean now. Thanks a lot man.

nudie_novak6946 karma

Through my own sobriety and working the twelve steps of AA, I've learned that this program of ours is about paying it forward. So thank you for those kind words, you just inspired me to stay clean another day.

baddozer23 karma

How much contact do you have with Steve-O now that you're going through some of the same steps he chose to go through, and has he been at all helpful with your recovery?

nudie_novak6949 karma

Yeah, he's 100% supportive of my recovery. I see when our paths cross and he's nothing but helpful.

IngiThor22 karma

Hey Novak huge fan of Dreamseller here from Iceland, loved the book! I've met Bam twice in his travels to Iceland so my question is when the fuck can i meet you and get a pic?

nudie_novak6926 karma

Next time I'm in Iceland hanging out at my favorite pub, Prickett's

p4lm4r20 karma

Do you regret any of your tattoos ?

nudie_novak6938 karma

Not a goddamn one. Can't put a price tag on memories.

nudie_novak6920 karma

This has been a lot of fun, everyone. I want to thank you for taking the time to ask me these kickass questions. I'm off to screen Bam's new movie "I Needed Time To Stay Useless". I'll be back again soon!

alexobert19 karma

Ever get Party Boyed?

nudie_novak6949 karma

No, not that I remember. Thanks, heroin.

dmanmooney2419 karma

I see Bam slap you around a little bit, you ever seriously hit him back?

nudie_novak6978 karma

Fuck no. I owe that man at least a million bucks. Put it on my tab. Thanks, heroin.

alexobert18 karma

Can you take us through the filming of Viva La Bam and how legit it was?

nudie_novak6967 karma

Hmm... well, pretty much legit as it gets due to the fact we had a "who gives a fuck" budget thanks to MTV that paid for all the mayhem we did to anything. On top of that, they paid for what we broke and paid us afterwards for breaking it.

Zeefrag18 karma

Where would you be if you didn't have a tv career? Thank you for doing this AMA :) Big fan from Norway :D

nudie_novak6934 karma

Probably dead or in jail due to my addictions

Arfa1518 karma

We've all seen crazy footage of what you and bam get up to but is it just As crazy when the cameras aren't rolling?

nudie_novak6937 karma

No. Fun things happen from time to time, but we all have to shut down sometimes.

chelz18216 karma

Hey Dreamseller, thanks for doing this AMA! In the Fuckface Unstoppable song Little Dick, Bam sings about you & an "Asian lady boy." What's the backstory there?

nudie_novak6946 karma

Thanks, but no thanks.

jen-iscool15 karma

Yo Novak! Saw you swim across the Frankston River when you came to Australia. Was awesome of you and Bam to interact with everyone there.

My Question, You a portrayed as the village idiot, is that something you actually like or do you get sick of it?

nudie_novak6918 karma

I love it.

Sourcefedistan15 karma

Have you ever had moments where you genuinely feared for Bam's life?

nudie_novak6927 karma

Once, in Finland.

zlitter14 karma

Tell us, what was it about ?

nudie_novak6930 karma

I literally thought he was losing his mind when he was organizing, taking apart, and reorganizing his new book that he thought was the New Testament. His new movie will answer the rest of that question. I don't want to say too much about it right now. Check out the movie when it comes out.

Sledger72114 karma

Novak, what would you tell the future generations of Jackasses/Stunt Skaters?

nudie_novak6955 karma

Stay away from drugs.

alexobert11 karma

Thoughts on Steel Panther?

nudie_novak6912 karma

Fucking rad band

StevenSeagalFan10 karma

What is the most pain you have gone through, physically.

nudie_novak6918 karma

Doo Doo Falls in Jackass 3. If it wasn't for Joleen from Nitro Circus and Knoxville for making me wear that helmet, I'd be cream shit cheeks.

ManBearTid9 karma

Which stunt hurt more, the belt sander skates .. or the toilet down the massive ramp ?

nudie_novak6919 karma

The toilet ramp, Doo Doo Falls. Any day of the week, pal.

Neltech7 karma

Novak, what's your favorite pizza?

nudie_novak6917 karma

Domino's, except it burnt to the ground when I was in rehab. Dodged that bullet.

cjgiacone7 karma

How are you today?

nudie_novak6928 karma

Better than yesterday.

WhiteTylerPerry-7 karma

Novak, you're known as the guy who will do practically anything, right?

What stunt hurt the most? Also, what's your biggest fear?

nudie_novak6914 karma

The dentist is my biggest fear.

misterdopeman7 karma

What do you think about the accusation, that Bam is turning into an alcoholic?

nudie_novak6922 karma

Wait for his new movie to hit, titled "I Need Time To Stay Useless" and you'll get answers to every question you have about Bam, straight from the horse's mouth.

RiverDeLaMorte6 karma

Sup Novak! Who the person you've been most star struck around? And have you had the chance to meet Pete Doherty yet?

nudie_novak6917 karma

Jay-Z made me the most star struck. No, I was supposed to our last Europe tour. Our bus driver was his bus driver. He reached out and called his manager. Pete was held up somewhere trying to clean him out, but they agreed to come to the FFU show. He was two blocks away from the venue at a red light and Pete jumped out of the car and ran off into the night.

a1iendays6 karma

What is your favorite movie?

nudie_novak6921 karma

I like Meet The Fockers, but my memory is too shot to really give you a good answer. Thanks, heroin.

weedymuff5 karma

How do you feel the recent tour went? I saw you in birmingham UK and it was a lot better than what I thought it would be as I didn't know what to expect. Will you tour again?

nudie_novak6911 karma

I wasn't on the most recent tour. Thanks, heroin. But fuck yeah, FFU will be tearing down the streets in Europe in June.

Nillaa4 karma

What is your fav memory of sweden ? :)

nudie_novak6914 karma

Fuck, obviously they had good goddamn drugs because I don't have much of a recollection. Just the Sweden beenie I got there that has a hole cut in it so I could stash shit in it.

ilovebacon274 karma

yo novak wheres the wiedest place you ever took a shit?

nudie_novak6919 karma

The middle of Interstate 10 in beautiful sunny Texas. Just kidding about the beautiful part, Texas blows but the people don't... except for the cops who banned me for 7 years. I was in a cell for 12 hours with no toilet paper while the asshole cop laughed at me.

HappyMess843 karma

Do you ever want to get married someday? Or have kids?

nudie_novak6911 karma

Definitely to both

roddystone3 karma

Hey man! It's a truly awesome moment to talk to you. I listen to Radio Bam near enough every night before I go to sleep and you are fucking hilarious on it. Even your goddam laugh alone cracks me up! I wanted to ask a few questions. Do you ever get to see your son much? Do you remember the guy on Radio Bam back in 2005 called Bolger that ate his own shit live on air?! That episode was the best! If so could you shed some light on who he was, and did you see much of him after that? Lastly, I would like to say you are a great dude. Your book has single handedly prevented me from engaging with drugs and I would like to think I'd let my kids read it to show them too if I ever have any. If I'm ever in West Chester it would be an honour to hang out despite you being barred from almost everywhere! All the best from Scotland, Ben.

nudie_novak6915 karma

How could you not remember Bolger? He was one of the best who ever did it. That dipshit agreed to eat his own shit just to be on Radio Bam. We need more people in the world like that.

johndon702 karma

What was it like to have such a crazy life with bam and the CKY crew?

nudie_novak697 karma

It was an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. To have the ability to cause mayhem and havoc, followed by a shot of laughter, on a daily basis which turned into our day job, was truly a blessing from above

the_danny2 karma

What was Howard Stern like? He seemed to really dig you and your antics? Was he a dick?

nudie_novak698 karma

He's a genius and sweet as a piece of strawberry shortcake.

daveed20012 karma

What is the one thing most people don't know about Bam that you miss the most?

nudie_novak696 karma

Miss the most? I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you mean Dunn?

Liies2 karma

Novak! Most important question ever!

....favorite ice cream flavor?

nudie_novak698 karma

I would say chocolate chip. I don't even like ice cream, though.

shotgundivorce2 karma

How much did you get paid to put up with Bams shit?

nudie_novak6936 karma

I got paid in countless memories that no amount of money could suffice

sK_Alerion2 karma

What's the most memorable thing you've ever done for any amount of money?

nudie_novak697 karma

My book Dreamseller is my greatest accomplishment to date.

efuhr7952 karma

What are some of your favorite bands? And how are you doing with your treatments?

nudie_novak6911 karma

Babyshambles, John Frusciante, The Rakes are my favorites right now

ilovebacon272 karma

Hey Novak, if you respond this i will cry and spin in cirlces.

nudie_novak6923 karma

Well don't fall down because I'm too busy on Reddit to save you. Call an ambulance.

NickCook7771 karma

Hey man I read your book and it's great but did you ever find out what actually happened to Toby?

nudie_novak696 karma

Only the streets of Baltimore City would know.

Postulation1 karma

Your new documentary is obviously about your drug use but what does it cover, your whole life including childhood or just about the parts spent as an addict?

nudie_novak698 karma

It covers my skateboarding career, the jackass years, being a son to my mother, a boyfriend to my girlfriend, and a best friend to my best friend AKA Bam Margera, followed by a topping of my newly found sobriety