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Your face is a cop out.

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Oh my...

No I did not.

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You'll never get away with this!

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I do nice things so I can feel good about how nice I'm being.

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I don't know why this happened to you, but I like that it did.

As for spices, I feel like my book would pair well with cumin.

I am eagerly awaiting your review of both the spice grater and the cumin suggestion.

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I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet, but I used to just use my track pad. It was a dark time.

I've never been able to make option C work for me.

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The best thing I can say is don't try to fix it for them. That can be hard because it's natural to want to help, but clinical depression doesn't really have a reason behind it or a clear solution, and all the helpful advice almost makes the depressed person feel pressured to pretend they feel better so they don't frustrate the people trying to help them.

It was incredibly relieving for me to know that I could just sit next to someone and watch a movie or eat dinner or whatever, and not have to worry about making them feel like everything was okay. Because it wasn't. And I didn't know when it would be again. But it felt nice to not have to pretend.

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By my calculations, that would be about nine hundred million house minutes. I'm thoroughly impressed!

In the first stages of my depression (several years ago), there was a bit of self loathing involved, but anymore, it's just an emptiness and inability to engage with things. In other words, I have everything to be happy about, but when I'm very depressed, I'm far too detached to enjoy anything.

As for the self loathing, I definitely used to be a lot more anxious than I am now. And in a way, I think my depression cured my anxiety. I might be an emotionless wasteland inside, but it's really hard to upset me!

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I hope the president of the cumin industry gives me an award or something.

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It seems that she finally accepts this as her home. She still runs in crazy circles on the wood floors sometimes, but it's because she's feeling crazy, not because she's struggling to cope with change.