Ian Matthias Bavitz

better known by his stage name Aesop Rock, is an American hip hop artist and producer

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unicorn bacon

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I rap. I make rap.

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My brother introduced me to the Mountain Goats in about 1994 and I was hooked. John has always been a humongous inspiration to me. In '03 John put my Bazooka Tooth record on some year-end top 10 list that he wrote and I was floored. Flat out could not believe it. At his next NYC show I introduced myself and we nerded out.

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Thanks so much. really.

  • Not much of a story, just tough times. i was going through it and had some friends help me out. That's about the size of it.

  • answered elsewhere i think, unless youre looking for something more specific

  • same

  • Hm. This probably changes daily. Today i got danny brown "stupid ass" at full volume. As for my stuff, probably something new and not yet released. I just finished a song called "saturn missiles" for my record. it's the most recent and by default my favorite.

  • Me and Slug will surely do more.

  • No label or date yet. sometimes i leak snippets of stuff im working on at the 900bats website. I'm going to be doing that more soon, and now that i'm actually nearing completion I'll try to get some official info together asap.

  • I have ridden in a blimp.

  • I'm playing uncharted 3 now and it's awesome. favorite games are zelda64 (ocarina), Ico, and maybe uncharted 2. I like watching shows and movies where people use magic and swords.

  • I am always kicking it and eating burritos. always.

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God shmod.

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I think inspiration is not really something you can pinpoint. Your life is gonna wind around enough by itself to be interesting. I take a ton of notes - like if i hear something interesting, a word, a phrase, whatever. My songs end up being patchworks of a lot of these smaller ideas inspired over weeks or months.

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it feels fucking awesome.

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thank YOU

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I had emailed with Kimya years ago to say I liked her songs and to keep on truckin'. Then when me and some friends of mine started the 900bats website, I was curious as to whether or not she would be interested in contributing. Turns out she was, AND that she was working on her new album (Thunder Thighs). She asked me to do a beat for a rap song she wrote. We became friends and I ended up working on about 6 songs on that record. We have since been recording a group record together, and have done a bunch of touring this year.