Based out of the Bay Area, I have been creating art, designing apparel, and scribbling anything anywhere anytime in hopes of eventually building an entire universe filled with weird monsters, bright colors, and rabbits with no arms. Along with writer/director Adam Green, I just finished production on a new monster movie called "Digging Up The Marrow" that was based off of a collection of art that I created back in 2009.

"Digging Up The Marrow" is available today on all VOD / digital formats - you can check it out here:

AMA guys!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTIONS! It was really fun, and possibly even a little offensive, which is also fun! I will jump back on here later this afternoon to answer more questions, but I have to go watch our movie again! YOU SHOULD TOO! OK BYE FOR NOW (R.I.P. Eric The Midget)

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aesoprockwins19 karma

Favorite Lithuanian American rapper?

AlexPardee14 karma

A$AP Rocky

Prometheusfawke12 karma

What were the best/worst/funniest parts about working in a mall toy store for 9 years?

AlexPardee19 karma

One time a guy in a wheelchair shit himself and it poured down the chair and onto the wheels, and he wheeled himself around the whole store so we had to scrub human shit off of a carpet all day one time. That was funny!

AlexPardee9 karma

I think the customers at the mall were some of my biggest inspirations, both visually and emotionally. A lot of them were such shitty mean people that I knew what I DIDNT want to be when i grew up. And i am fascinated with different unique shapes. and most of the customers were all different shapes.

oakles8 karma

Hey Alex, huge fan of your art. Do you think the ability to draw/paint/produce art on your level is something that you're born with or is it something you can achieve through practice?

AlexPardee14 karma

I think the passion you are born with. the ability most people (me included) have to learn. still learning!

SharkRancher7 karma

Hey Alex! Huge fan, proud owner of several of your pieces. Love the Instagram too. What artist would you say has inspired your work the most?

AlexPardee6 karma

Early on, Sam Kieth, McFarlane, Giger, John Pound, Barry McGee, EC COmics guys. Later: Craola, Jon Wayshak, Tomer Hanuka, and still Sam Kieth

superfeen7 karma

Hi Mr. Pardee!

If you could put yourself in to any horror movie universe which would you choose? How would you survive/how would you be brutally murdered?

Keep up the weird work!

AlexPardee13 karma

I would love to explore beneath the Cabin in the woods. And i would love to get murdered by that beautiful Merman

kylethewild7 karma

Which Sucker Punch character was your favourite to design and why? 

AlexPardee5 karma

I LOVED putting some extra "bunny" touches on the Bunny-mech, and it was so surreal to see that thing come to life on screen

robertpaulson76 karma

For Digging Up the Marrow, was there a monster you wanted to create but couldn't (for whatever reason) due to the fact that it was going to be on film?

Also, did you do it for the lulz? do it for the lulz? do it for the lulz?

AlexPardee6 karma

We originally wanted to create a full version of "BRELLA" specifically for the story that Dekker tells. We got into early production on it but we didn't quite finish it. And i do everything for the lulz, smiley!

sic-dude5 karma

Great job with Marrow Alex. I was up at the NY show earlier this week. I had such a good time.

Question is, is there any chance of you maybe working with someone to get some figures of the creatures made? I'd absolutely LOVE to have these monsters taking up space on my shelves

AlexPardee5 karma

Thank you ! NY Was super fun. As a fan of all things toys and sculptures, i would love to, and so would Adam Green. So we are working on it:)

mikealva5 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

AlexPardee5 karma


StarHarvest5 karma

Hey Alex, first of all thank you for doing this AMA.

You and Ralph Steadman showed me that music, art, and literature are virtually inseparable. I stood in awe at your work on In Flames' A Sense of Purpose and it helped me enjoy the album that much more.

Do literature and music help greatly to inspire your art? If so, how?

AlexPardee3 karma

Graphic storytelling and movies inspire me more so than literature, at least nowadays. I used to be a bigger reader. One of the most inspiring books I read as a kid was Geek Love, which was kinda fucked up for a 13 year old to read i think maybe.

PedobearV23 karma

You're obviously a huge fan of horror films of all sorts, what character or movie series influenced you to make this movie and character the way you did?

AlexPardee5 karma

Im assuming you are talking about The Marrow. In which case, the original art exhibit that i created was definitely loosely inspired by Clive Barker's Nightbreed. But i have always been fascinated with the idea that monsters (or something) lurk where we can't see them and have been successfully hiding amongst us forever

drudy2223 karma

Love your stuff man. The contrast in your themes and your style are inspiring to say the least. I would some day like to become an artist as well so I figured I would go to you for advice. Do you think that having a loud vibrant style is essential to success due recognition? Or do you think your talent whether you style is subtle or obvious will lead you to success? Have always had such distinct style or did it sort of find itself over time?

AlexPardee4 karma

thank you! I don't think there is one thing that is a secret to success, especially not a conscious effort. Its just repeatedly doing what you love over and over and over until maybe someday something happens. its like the definition of insanity. But if it keeps you sane by being insane then you're ok. HI!

arthurseye3 karma

Hey Alex, I met you at last years comic con. I brought you some cookies and I want to say thanks for the nice words. I've been keeping up with your move it's crazy, I hope all goes well. My question is if you had to be in an Eddie Murphy trading places scenario w/ another artist who would it be?

AlexPardee1 karma

An artist who has a lot of time on their hands! I feel frazzled constantly! :)

actionslacks3 karma

Hey Alex,

So a long time ago, when I was a freshman in highschool, I was in a shitty metal band that went nowhere. The sacred duty of designing a flyer for some local show at a bar was given to me, and being huge into your art, I decided to toss some of it on the flyer. However, I didn't want to do that without asking you, so I emailed you on myspace and asked if it would be cool to use your art.

You replied! I was ecstatic. You even said my music wasn't that shitty, but I know you were just being nice.

Anyways, that was a really cool moment for me and I just wanted to share.

So, for a question...

Do you and Chloe wanna go to disney with me and my girlfriend? It won't be weird maybe.

AlexPardee6 karma

Thank you!!! We love going to disneyland, so we will probably just creep around behind YOU and spy on you when you are there. don't be scared

actionslacks3 karma

every picture of you on splash mountain.. I will be there, in the last row.. waiting.

AlexPardee3 karma

high five!

aut0matix3 karma

Is your level of pun-mastery a god-given talent or something you trained years under the Tibetan sun to achieve? And if you could be anyone from history, who'd you be!?

AlexPardee8 karma

I learned my pun sharpening from 2 people. Vic Back and Chloe Rice.

AlexPardee6 karma

I would be Abe Lincoln because I have always fantasized about being shot in the head at a play. that sounds fun!

Staxcellence3 karma

Hey Alex, thanks for doing this AMA! Chadam will always have a special place in my heart. Any plans on expanding his story or bringing him back to the screen?

AlexPardee6 karma

I love Chadam more than anyone. The entire project means the world to me, from start to finish. Unfortunately, I do not own any rights to the character so unless I hear otherwise, no.

RyukAtari6 karma

Want me to poop in the kitchen sink of who ever owns the right to him until they agree to give you the rights?

AlexPardee7 karma

Yah that would be fun!

DecentHuman5 karma

The Used is one of my absolute favorite bands but they started going downhill as soon as they stopped using your art. Coincidence? I think not.

AlexPardee6 karma

Nah, they are still great. But i appreciate the confidence boost:)

PretendForReal3 karma

You have worked with some amazing directors, Zack Snyder, Adam Green, Stephen Reedy, etc. As a fan of your own directorial debut "Treeple" I'd like to know... Do you have any plans of returning to the directing chair yourself? Will there ever be a sequel to Treeple?

AlexPardee2 karma

I need to go back into the redwoods and get some more inspiration! I love the Treeple idea. theres another short out called "Treevenge" by Jason Eisner thats cool too. thanks mike:)

sebastiansboat2 karma

I discovered your art when you did some cover art for Cage and have followed you since. I really want to see digging up the marrow but I, sadly, live in Sweden. Will there be any internet distribution that will be available over here?

AlexPardee3 karma

Yes, overseas distribution will be later in the year! thanks man! And i love Cage!

wewontstaydead2 karma

I saw Digging up the Marrow last night at the NoHo 7 and it is amazing! How did it feel seeing your monsters come to life?

AlexPardee1 karma

It still hasn't hit me. every step of the way, from the freedom to design, to seeing Greg Arwonowitz sculpt them, to seeing them come alive on the screen, to right now. I don't know what to say other than it is super surreal and cool.

bmock232 karma

Hey Alex, like the rest of us here I'm also a huge fan of your work. Im an illustration major attending SVA in NYC and was wondering if there was anyway for me to meet with you or if you had any internships. Also, how would you recommend getting to know your way around the business and networking?

AlexPardee5 karma

I don't have any internships at the moment but thank you! The best way to learn is to throw yourself into the middle of the volcano and do your best not to get entirely burned, but understand that a little lava is going to scorch you and make you sad for a while. Embrace the internet, share your work, take criticism, don't ever say haters gonna hate and you'll be fine.

montymole882 karma

Hi Alex. I've been a huge fan since my high school days and your art has always had a way of speaking to me. I love your Doppelgänger series, and I have to ask:

What is your all-time favorite horror movie monster?

AlexPardee5 karma

this question is WAY too hard to answer which is why i spent so long making that Doppelgängers series!!! But thank you! I think it may be easier to say which ones i like the least, like the Walrus in TUSK :)

robertpaulson72 karma

Hey Alex, I heard you loved LOVED it.

AlexPardee3 karma

Not as much as the dude that sat next to me. he had a champion boner over it from what I could see

IG_88G2 karma

Hey Alex! I always really enjoy when you're featured in juxtapoz! I was wondering if you have any plans to do another halloween issue or anything of that sort? Bonus owlex tattoo!!

AlexPardee1 karma

NICE! I love Jux and they have given me the best opportunities and platform as an artist, so of course I would love to do more with them. Who knows!? Hopefully!

SirNickaroo2 karma

Are you a fan of the Dark souls Video game series?

AlexPardee3 karma

no way its too hard! I want to though

barryoplenty1 karma

Favorite donut?

AlexPardee3 karma

is "ALL" a flavor? that one.

YawnDogg1 karma

Please if possible can I get your best TOPR story? Thanks and love the artwork. I hit up zero friends all the time for awesome prints

AlexPardee3 karma

He slept on Dave Correia's and my couch naked and sick for a week and a half and it was disgusting.

theescapeartistco1 karma

Will there be a Zero Friends opening in central florida possibly??

AlexPardee1 karma

probably not. but if so ill let you know!

RyukAtari1 karma

What was the name for the film style of "digging up the marrow" you and Adam Green came up with for it? Also will the pamphlet for the movie be available online at anytime? I was at the showing in Boston and forgot to snag one.

AlexPardee3 karma

The little art book will be on sale on both and tomorrow. we didnt have an actual name for what it was called, for us it was just a movie:)

kristimor1 karma

Oh gosh this is exciting. First I want to let you know that you have been my inspiration ever since I bought a Used album sometime around 2004. I admire your work so much and I have purchased an obscene amount of your stuff, which I have displayed proudly. Here are my questions.

  • What is behind all of the bunnies? Why not another animal?

  • Will The Marrow be released online at all? I am dying to see it but can not make it to the few theaters it will be screening at. Will you be working on any other movies in the near future?

  • Will you marry me, please?

AlexPardee2 karma

  1. I love bunnies. 2 Its online now on iTunes and VOD. :)

LTdesign1 karma

Hey Alex! I've picked up a few of your giclee's over the years. As an artist that's looking into making quality reproductions, I'm interested... Do you still manage your own prints, or do you outsource this process now? What influences your decision either way?

AlexPardee3 karma

Zerofriends, the company i co-own, still produces our own prints in house:). The t-shirts are outsourced to Bear Designz in temecula, CA they are the best.

dexterdanger1 karma

Aha! I've found it! Hey, bud! Thanks for sticking around for hugs and a quick sketch even though they were turning the lights off on us at ECCC last year. If the qualification to be a part of Zero Friends means having zero friends then I'm in.

Question, I suppose. Favorite kind of pizza? Go!

AlexPardee3 karma

Pepperoni all the way. Any kind. but i do love genuine NY pepperoni. Im actually wearing some on my beard right now. its gross. and delicious

lambeb3311 karma

What are the odds that you would come to my Senior Exhibition in April? I would probably drop dead on the spot if you did. Please? :)

AlexPardee3 karma

If it is in Romania, the odds are pretty low.

epiclairs1 karma

Why do you smile so much when you draw things that probably eat babies? What is your favorite flavor of goat? Do you prefer more meat or ball in you spaghetti?

P.s. you're the best! So happy to have experienced the Marrow and stood awkwardly next to you in Berkeley! Hope Florida treats you well and the alligators don't eat your pets.

AlexPardee3 karma

to quote my favorite elf, Buddy: "I like smiling. Its my favorite"

gruntorz1 karma

Big fan of your work!

My question is about your work with the bands In Flames and The Used, two of my favourite bands.

How did it feel to be approached by those bands for your work to feature on their covers? Did you ever get to meet them and if so were they nice? Are you a fan of those bands? And lastly, do you use music a lot to inspire your work?


AlexPardee2 karma

Both In Flames and the Used were incredible humans to work with. I like music but mostly get inspired by watching movies when I draw.

memdar89541 karma

Do any artists of the 1900's inspire you, or have they inspired you? For instance Francis Bacon

AlexPardee3 karma

The 1900's was a terrible time to be alive. I don't know how they did it.

theescapeartistco1 karma

Always loved making art growing up but buying the first Awful Homesick and following you the last few years has helped me to decide to make it a career and now I'm releasing my first line for my apparel company in the summer. Just wanted to say thanks! And I hope to see you around in Orlando sometime collaborating with BoyKong. When will Digging up the Marrow be out for purchase!?

AlexPardee1 karma

BOYKONG IS AWESOME! HOpe to meet him out there as well. Thank you and good luck with your apparel! Digging up the Marrow is out now on VOD and will be on DVD/blu march 26 i believe.

DarthCola1 karma


Thanks for doing this AMA! I discovered your art at Comic Con this past year at the Zero Friends booth. I especially connected with "Escaped Convict(ion)" and promptly picked up a hoodie of it (which some asshole stole...)

It immediately made me think of the creative process and how pain can be turned into creative expression. My question is, can you tell me a little bit about what that piece means to you?

AlexPardee1 karma

That piece is one of my favorites but probably for weird reason. That piece was originally created for the band "AIDEN" who had hired be for their album Conviction. When i turned in that piece, they thought it was too gory for their band, so i just kept it for myself and released it and it became one of my best known images.

Fetalpizza1 karma

If you could choose one artist to do a collaboration with who would it be?

AlexPardee3 karma

The artist formerly known as PRINCE!

aleksbee1 karma

How do you feel about your art ending up as so many tattoos over the years? Is it flattering or nerve wracking as some of your more detailed pieces can't always be replicated line by line?

Also saw Marrow, great work. As always thanks for helping to decorate my home.

AlexPardee2 karma

thank you!!!! I love your home:) Seeing tattoos of my work is really cool, and it doesn't bother me that some things i create don't translate to tattoos as long as whoever gets them likes them.

iamjoemur1 karma

Who shot first greedo or Han?

AlexPardee2 karma

Han. and thats not the first time he shot first

GaryTheJerk1 karma

Years ago you exorcised the spirit of Danny Tartabull from your life, theorizing that it was the cause of the majority of, if not all of the problems in your life. Now that you're several years removed from Mr. Tartabull's Diamond Kings card, has your life improved?

AlexPardee2 karma


rockymcg1 karma

I don't know if they really kept in touch, but Dave C. and my sister Mandy used to be pretty good friends. I don't know if he knew, but she passed away a few years back. Dave used to send me new stuff from PlayWithKnives all the time. I still have a comic that was signed by him.

I guess I don't really have a question, but I wanted to let you know that it makes me really happy to see you and your crew finding success out there. You're all some really talented people, and you deserve that. Wanna grab a beer sometime?

AlexPardee3 karma

Im sorry to hear about your sister. I will let Dave know. and thank you.

EggInSoup1 karma

Do you think you might organize another group book signing on Haight sometime? I sadly couldn't make it last time

AlexPardee5 karma

I think there may be one coming up on Feb 28th! not 100% sure but maybe!

ZollyPrspctv1 karma

Heya! Afternoon! :D

A question of mine is, if you were to dabble into video game production, what would be your games concept and/or plot? :D

AlexPardee4 karma

Someday i want to make some kind of Mertroid-vania style game. I have always wanted to. I love that style of level-up/discovery game. Not sure the subject tho. Maybe an adventure inside a body, like a fucked up Inner Space or something.

r0ryboy1 karma

Hi Alex,

Do you think that deflated balls had anything to do with the J-Walkers winning the Super Bowl?

And as a related question : What's the secret of your sex appeal?

AlexPardee1 karma

The J-walkers have a really clever and sneaky owner so i think it wasn't JUST deflated balls that caused them to win.

Fish0il1 karma

Wanna hang out next time you come up to Sonora?

AlexPardee3 karma

Is this Bigfoot? If so, yes

gooncraw1 karma

Hey Alex, happy late birthday. Do you remember being a beautiful Disney Princess a few years back? I just wanted to say thanks for being such a cool dude and an inspiration for me and the many other people you've influenced. Keep it up brother!

AlexPardee1 karma

THANKS! I wish i still had that hair!

ijustdonteven1 karma

First, you are my all time favorite. I remember years ago watching a time lapse of you years ago over and over again. It was really inspiring.

Lastly, you and chloe are so cute. It makes me want to vomit. She is also a huge inspiration.

Question, do you ever plan on coming through atlanta? Dragon CON is and zero friends would be perfect together!

AlexPardee2 karma

I love dragon con. I love zerofriends. and I love chloe. so hopefully the 3 will come together soon!

mikealva1 karma

What made you think of the name ZeroFriends?

AlexPardee2 karma

Originally our friend CW had a dog named zero and we will always be his friends.

barryoplenty1 karma

How do I become a "zerofriend"??

AlexPardee4 karma

delete all of your friends.

al54bx1 karma

Hey Alex, I saw a lot of your work at SDCC last year. I picked up some gear from Zero Friends. Can we hope to see you again this year? I'm a huge fan of your work dude, please keep creating.

AlexPardee2 karma

Yah i have been at SDCC for 15 years. ill be there again this year!

caswunn1 karma

Hey Alex big fan.

Considering you are moving do you plan to keep up with the amount of in store sketch events you do? Also will there be another zero friends shop where you are headed?

And if this is too personal please just tell me it's none of my business. But are you moving so you can be closer to Chloe? You are the Jim and Pam of the real world and I feel awkward that I cheer for you all's cute relationship.

AlexPardee3 karma

Ha! thanks. yes i am moving to be with Chloe<3 she's a cool PAM! And Zerofriends is staying in the bay and I will be back frequently:)

YoSpringBreak1 karma

Hey man I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of your work and have been following you since high school.

My question is that recently I just got my first opportunity to show my work in a gallery but it doesn't really seem to be getting a lot of attention. What should I do besides whip my dick out?

AlexPardee1 karma

just keep doing them. unless you don't like it. then stop.

jordangerdes1 karma

Alex! You mention having depression and anxiety. how does that play into your work and your definition of monsters, both seen and unseen? Huge fan and I loved Digging Up The Marrow!

AlexPardee2 karma

I don't think it consciously plays into anything, but it might exist in there somewhere. I don't know I'm afraid to get hypnotized The Crying Hulk might all come out!

liarliar4151 karma

Hi Alex, huge fan of your work, once i saw your cover for the Used I went for eyesuckink and made your art my computer background for years. I now almost exclusively wear zerofriends shirts (and some of the ones you made for Upper Playground) I wanted to know if you had one favorite piece? I'm sure it's been asked many times, but hey, worth a shot! Thank you for your work

AlexPardee2 karma

its hard to pick a favorite but I like my Escaped Conviction piece and i like this 4-part piece that I did called West Coast Avengers because i was hired to create it for the YouTube corporate offices but when google bought them, they thought the painting was demonic so they took it down. I like that

iamjoemur1 karma

If you could follow Dekker into the Marrow would you?

AlexPardee1 karma

I have. I'd do it again!

Taybow1 karma

Hello hello! Hope this fine Saturday is treating you well. It's lovely here in central Florida. Been a fan since buying The Used's In Love And Death. Still have the original crumpled album booklet from when it came out in an old shoe box. My boyfriend, Wallaby, is a much bigger fan of yours and will be super jelly if you answer me. For my question.. uhh shit. Where is one place you have always wanted to travel to and why?

AlexPardee3 karma

New Zealand because of animals, Lord of the Rings and Flight of the Conchords.

SpoinkaDoink0 karma

Where do you get your inspiration from?

AlexPardee3 karma

Everything in the world except this question

boop_you_to_hell0 karma

Love your work!! What's your inspiration?

AlexPardee5 karma

everything except this question:)