I'm a YouTuber. I host The Philip DeFranco Show (http://youtube.com/sxephil) and created SourceFed (http://youtube.com/SourceFed). Also 12 of you may know me as "Who is that fat guy that hosted Sharkweek this year?".

I like to do AMA's now and then because I get to talk to people who watch and enjoy my shows as well as address complaints from people who hate my guts.

If you'd like to read the previous two you can:

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Oh also here is "proof" just in case you think someone would impersonate my lame ass: http://instagram.com/p/PfW8iKtsaz/

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PhillyDeFranco721 karma

hahaha thats awesome. You are now my temporary favorite person :)

NJParacelsus394 karma

When you gonna marry that girl?

PhillyDeFranco827 karma

After I put a baby in her belly so I know that at least 18 more years of our lives are guaranteed to be ruined. ;)

cproff370 karma

What happened with you and ShayCarl?

PhillyDeFranco606 karma

Nothing much. You end up hanging around the people you work with. Shays a great guy, I love him and his family, and life just takes you down different roads.

That...and I can't be the fatter one in our friendship now that he's lost over 100 lbs :-p

EarlKitty348 karma

How is Papa DeFranco doing?

PhillyDeFranco421 karma

He is good. Better than 2 months ago. We are currently waiting to see if anyone who offered a kidney still wants to after the 6 month waiting period. Fingers are crossed and until then he is on dialysis and I'm trying to move him and the rest of my family out to California so I can be close to them.

Surefireification336 karma

Let's be real, PhillyD. How many days a week do you smoke weed and is it in any way a detriment to your well-being?

PhillyDeFranco723 karma

Not at all. I have a prescription and I take it to sleep. Also if it makes the movie I'm falling asleep to 10x funnier, that is a side effect I am ok with.

Cocoa92303 karma

Hey man this will probably get buried but i just wanted to tell you how proud I am about you and Shark Week. I've been watching your show for years, and your style of comedy has always been something that can cheer me up. Even on the worst subjects you seem to bring a new light to it. I'm glad your making waves (See what I did there?) and as one of the nation I would just like to say this personally and for all the others. Congratulations. It was much deserved.

PhillyDeFranco263 karma

Thanks very much :) Comments like yours are what keep me pumped to do what I do every day.

JoelB94277 karma

What's your least favorite part of your job as a YouTuber?

PhillyDeFranco519 karma

Having to be consistent. For most youtubers if you ever take a 1 month break/vacation your audience size would be much lower than you left it. The tubes move so fast you have to be on your game at all times.

toplad2224 karma

Restart Stuff Phil Likes already, I loved that stuff

PhillyDeFranco157 karma

I have no plan to bring it back as a stand alone channel but I will bring back the playlists and link to them from future Philip DeFranco Shows.

deathcab4booty204 karma

One time you directly tweeted me a joke about cumming in my pants. Do you remember doing this, and have you ever came in your own pants?

PhillyDeFranco258 karma

I don't but I hope the stains came out.

caulay187 karma

What is the most NSFW picture emailed in to you from someone of the nation?

PhillyDeFranco540 karma

Nothing that would shock anyone who has used the internet for more than a month.

chopthebass184 karma


PhillyDeFranco217 karma

I dont remember this at all but I have a terrible memory. Send me your address and shirt size in a message here and I'll have some schwag sent out :)

E60master170 karma

What was it like when Discovery asked you to host Shark Week?

PhillyDeFranco360 karma

I was mainly confused and excited. I had never been on TV and had no history of being able to perform with an audience. But I think it worked out well; nothing was set on fire.

colisch159 karma

Do you see an end to the PDS in the near future? I recall a few times when it was "over".

PhillyDeFranco311 karma

It will eventually end. But despite ups and downs I don't think it will be anytime soon. I have too much to say.

sammydmo4157 karma

What are you future plans for Defranco Inc? Do you want to expand beyond YouTube?

PhillyDeFranco182 karma

My hope and current vision for the company is to branch out from The PDS and SourceFed into other categories. Dedicated sites for more than just video news since only posting videos on YouTube will not be a good idea a year from now IMO. Then help bring up our amazing hosts on their own channels. An "all succeed together" strategy.

gfunk363143 karma

Hey, when are you going to come to CANADA?

PhillyDeFranco305 karma

When you send me all your hot Asian women from Vancouver.

longboardshayde130 karma

Not to be overly negative here, but what would be your BIGGEST complaint about the current state of youtube? Edit: obligatory omg phillyd replied to my comment edit.

PhillyDeFranco293 karma

The MOST POPULAR algorithm is a fucking nightmare. There is no max time a video can be on the list. It used to be 48 hours, but now the algorithm seems so weighted towards embedding videos that the videos go into a self sustaining cycle.

Here is a rough example: 1. Video gets front paged on Reddit because it is in fact awesome. 2. Because the most popular algorithm has been changed to be a "snapshot of what is popular on the internet right now" it goes to the front page of YouTube. 3. Because the video is on the front page of YouTube it now also receives a ton of traffic from the site that then helps it edge out other videos being embedded offsite that become popular. 4. So what you'll see is that these videos stay front paged for 5 days at a time until the weekend hits and embed/offsite traffic drops.

But hey YouTube is an ever evolving site.

Psychofig121 karma

Phil, what's your favorite type of liquor?

PhillyDeFranco203 karma

Since #PLOT (Project Lose an Olsen Twin) I have lost 30 lbs and it is in large part to cutting out mixed drinks and bad foods soooo....before all this Jack Daniels Honey.

Now.....red wine or Vodka on the rocks with lime.

thetrueslug105 karma

Are you a Republican or Democrat?

PhillyDeFranco447 karma

I have no idea at this point. After the RNC/DNC I feel like I'm Libertarian on most everything except the heath insurance issue.

PS. Gary Johnson please come on my show. :)

TLDRName101 karma

How did it feel to be able to cover the RNC this year?

You being there almost gave me enough reason to go over and check it out, then I realized that would be a nightmare.

PhillyDeFranco193 karma

Honestly those 2 weeks on the road made me the most cynical I have been towards politics than anything else in my life. I loved the experience but ooo boy its a whole mess of crazy.

zoeawesome79 karma

Hey Phil, i'm a long time lover of the nation, I was wondering what advice you'd give for graduates looking to impress employers and hoping to get a job in Social media? Love yo' face

PhillyDeFranco122 karma

I have no idea, but please get the job soon. There are so many fucking fakers who get jobs in "Social Media".

soxmandan66 karma

We know you're kind of an apple guy...soooo are you getting the new iPhone?

PhillyDeFranco143 karma

Yes, but I also have a Samsung Galaxy S III and I love love love it. If anything the new iPhone is almost as good now.

deviousjc57 karma

How did you come to be on revision3?

PhillyDeFranco72 karma

They have an awesome ad sales team and I needed someone that could sell my ads despite my show being sometimes vulgar. They sold the hell out of DiggNation for years really well so I figured they were the perfect fit.

pikachu96051 karma

What's your favourite personal YouTube related memory?

PhillyDeFranco91 karma