This has ruled my life and destroyed me emotionally over and over again. I finally found a woman that wound up loving me regardless but it was a long and tough road.

Album and YES it is a dead dove result.

YES, the second picture is me fully erect.

Edit: So much positivity. Thanks all of you. A couple points for the broken records:

I was mirco BEFORE the weight. Now I am micro and buried in fat.

Penis, before weight gain was 3-1/4" long (and that was pushing the ruler in as deep as I could) and under an inch in diameter which means short and very skinny.

Thanks for all the weight lose advice. Working on. Already undergone radical diet changes and such. /keto, /paleo and so on have been suggested. Message received. I am a Fatty Mc Faterson that needs to eat healthy and exercise.

Currently 4:30am, time has flown. Will hang on a little while longer.

Edit 2: Found out I don't medically meet the definition of micropenis. My apologies. How about supertinypenis instead? My whole life is a lie! Point being, I'm in the bottom percentile, the smallest condoms are like baggies on it.

Edit 3: Obligatory holy crap, made the main page and its on a throwaway. Curses!

Edit 4: For those that haven't read, life is back on track. Eating much healthier for a while now and weight is slowly coming off. I have a wife and she likes my supertinypenis.

Edit 5: 4:15pm, 8/25/12 Wow, this really blew up. About to get off work. I will try to address more questions as soon as I can.

Edit 6: It is simply staggering how many people make comments without reading anything other than the title.

Edit 7: After all the messages saying they didn't think my second picture was an erection, here is an orgasm video showing that yes, it is erect.

Comments: 3916 • Responses: 52  • Date: 

Lilyo2462 karma

Imagine if this was in real life and someone came up to you and said "hey wanna see pictures of my micropenis" you'd me like fuck no, but on Reddit we're all super eager about it. It's awesome. In a way.

smallpenis4life1272 karma

It is. Fortunately, you get to mostly self filter. In real life your only recourse is to basically raise your arms in the air and yell, "I need an adult!"

LordDemonJackal1991 karma

This is the best I can do, My friend.

smallpenis4life847 karma

I actually hadn't seen that before. Rather sweet actually. I thank you for that.

Kaizmuth1279 karma

Don't mean to sound like an asshole, but you could probably gain another visible inch or two if you lost weight. Stored fat in your upper pubic area makes bulges around the shaft of your dick and makes it look smaller. Also limits your penetration.

It's good that you found a woman who accepts and loves you for who you are though. That's hard enough to find without any limitations. Good for you.

smallpenis4life958 karma

You are completely correct about the weight/fat. The weight gain was primarily from depression. I am actually down a little bit and it is slowly, SLOWLY coming off but I will probably require bypass surgery to get the majority of it off. Thank you for the kind words.

Kaizmuth792 karma

I have two friends who both used to weigh well over 300 lbs. One had gastric bypass, the other just ate less and exercised a LOT more. Both got down to reasonable weights. The one with the bypass has a hard time keep the weight off. The one who exercises has no trouble because it was a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Yes, bypass surgery will be fairly quick, and easy. Getting off the couch and moving, and eating less, will be harder, but you'll be much happier with yourself.

smallpenis4life1256 karma

Yeah, I am under no delusions. The only way to do it is consume less and burn more. Since I have gotten married we have been more active. My stamina is slowly increasing. The biggest goal was to stop gaining and I achieved that. Now I've gotten about 20 pounds off in the last 6 months or so.

the_smallness1232 karma

Solidarity, Brother [NSFW]

Mine is partially because I am fat. Fatter than OP, I think.

When I was thin, it wasn't as bad, but was still a micro.

I hate my micro peen, and and very ashamed of it.

I am 35, too. I have only had sex with 4 girls, because of it.

I do not like humiliation porn, and do not like to be humiliated. I don;t even like girls to mention it's size.

EDIT: Those are pictures (and proof) of my dug in penis a/k/a micro peen.

smallpenis4life550 karma

Are!? I almost checked under my desk to see if someone is taking more pictures. I feel your pain sir. I too HATE humiliation porn and just embarrassing moments for anyone for the most part.

I truly hope that your 4 girls were at least kind hearted and treated you well. While my first bailed on me, she wasn't cruel. I have heard some horror stories. Regardless, you have me beat by one.

Find strength, they are out there. I had to find mine halfway across the country.

the_smallness306 karma

They were actually really nice about it. None of them even brought it up, really. 3 of them were girls I dated for quite some time, and it took me moths before I built up the courage to have sex with them. Even then, it was in the dark, and I would get dressed right after. I like to think I made up for it with oral.

Glad to hear you have someone, now. I am still looking. I give up for a couple years at a time, sometimes, until I can't take being alone any longer. I am currently looking, again.

smallpenis4life291 karma

Yes, my oral skills were always me plan and I did not disappoint when I finally got to use them. I am glad you had good experiences with them.

I totally found my wife after I gave up and stopped looking. Same with the woman prior to her. I wish you all the best in your search. There is someone out there that is a perfect fit.

the_smallness170 karma

I actually do have a question I forgot to ask. I read that your wife saw your penis before you two hooked up. Was this the case with the 2 other girls you had sex with? If not, did you bring it up before you had sex with them, or...?

EDIT:: Oh, yeah, and has a doctor seen it recently? Did you tell them before hand, or just "whip" it out? Did they mention the size?

smallpenis4life300 karma

The first girl was in college and no prior experience for me. When she stumbled with her words in bed, I knew. She was nice about it and never said anything outright about it, but it was over. That was also my first bonafide confirmation that I was way small.

The second (the psycho from other stories in here) wound up taking things slow as well and she eventually wound up sneaking her hand up my shorts in a sneak attack while watching a movie and stroked me for like half an hour before taking me to the bedroom for my first and oh so glorious blowjob. My penis was apparently absolutely perfect for her mouth. She never said anything negative about it, even when the fighting started.

I have had regular physicals most of my life and the doctors never said anything about it. I've never had problems with erections, although orgasming can take a couple hours sometimes. I can usually tell in the first 15 minutes if its going to take a long time and let my wife stop.

syflox98 karma

You sit at your desk naked?

smallpenis4life240 karma

Yes. We are essentially in-home nudists. We are completely comfortable around each other so when we get home, the clothes go off. This is also made easier by not having kids.

pantsoffire1202 karma

Fucking hell, as a guy I can only begin to have an idea of what this would be like. Gotta lot of respect for this ama.

smallpenis4life1260 karma

Thank you sir. I wish you and your normal penis a wonderful and happy life.

KoreanTerran757 karma

Don't worry, man.

At least if you ever get kidney stones they'd be less painful for you to pass!

smallpenis4life607 karma

Nice, that is definitely a potential positive.


Also annoying erections won't pop up and stick through your pants.

smallpenis4life843 karma

Very true, although this backfired one night. I was grinding against this milfy woman from work several years ago and we were both plastered and I was feeling uncharacteristically bold and confident....until she reached down and grabbed my crotch through my pants, got a confused look on her face and asked, "Where is it?" Yeah, right in the feels. One of the only times I've driven drunk but I just had to get out of there.

Massive_Unit180 karma

Must have been real awkward to see her at work again.

smallpenis4life301 karma

It wasn't too bad. She was pretty plastered and she never commented or anything, but where she had previously flirted quite a bit with me, that pretty much stopped.

ohyoumeanthisgatekey675 karma

How old were you when you realized you were different? Were your parents supportive?

Glad you were able to find someone who loves you for who you are.

smallpenis4life933 karma

I kind of started to realize in high school, and that was during the early 90's. I wound up seeing a Hustler or Swank or something and was horrified at the difference between me and guys in there. I started noticing bulges on guys at school and I had none. I've never talked about it with my parents but they really botches the whole sex thing and had me convinced that if I even kissed a girl I would go to jail for rape.

Thanks for the kind words.

ohyoumeanthisgatekey488 karma

Not to dog your parents, but that sucks they didn't address it. I'm sorry. That might have spared you some emotional turmoil.

smallpenis4life379 karma

Not at all. I have some similar feelings about it. Who knows what might have happened had I had therapy or some kind of additional education.

dlhero145 karma

Have you ever considered visiting a doctor? Do you know if there are any medical options for you?

smallpenis4life254 karma

There unfortunately are no realistically viable medical options for me.

Golden_afro533 karma

Are you sure? I get emails all the time that seem like they could sort your problems out in a matter of weeks

smallpenis4life855 karma

Damnit, I might have a normal penis if only I hadn't enabled my spam filters.

stevstev31582 karma

After reading this thread, I just wanna let you know you seem like a really cool dude, op.

smallpenis4life524 karma

Thank you kindly for the ego boost. I hope you are considered cool and well liked by your peers as well.

Silver_Hawx55573 karma

Paper or plastic? Straight bi or gay? age? Gender? Virgin? Favorite color? Food? Ethnicity? Favorite place? Favorite sexual position? Sport? Pokemon or digimon? Xbox or PS3? Console or PC? Ever been arrested? Worst fear? Secret kink you want to try? Are you in school? What do you do for work? Hunt? Fish? Hobbies? Favorite hobby? Naruto or DBZ? Prefer pubic hair natural, trimmed or shaved?(On the opposite sex/same sex) Can you shoot a gun? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word "Warning" or how about "Reddit"? Am I asking too many questions? Should I have turkey or PB&J for lunch? Favorite alcohol? Lucky number? Should I stay or should I go? Will I ever give you up, let you down, run around or desert you?

smallpenis4life789 karma

Plastic, straight but enjoy the ego boost of being hit on by bears, 35, Male, lost virginity at 30, Purple, Mexican Food, Caucasian (Scottish-German), Dog park, On my back with my wife blowing me, swimming, never played either, Wii, PC ALWAYS, Never arrested, that I will see my death coming, hire a hooker (paying for it just seems kinky), not in school, small business owner, NO hunt, casual fisherman, music-computers-cooking-trivia and boardgames, I've watched some anime but never a fan of DBZ or Naruto, shaved, yes I can shoot and quite well, DUCK, NICE, just the right amount, turkey with provolone and mayo, hard cider, 4, Stay, right after you Rick Roll me.

The_Survivor255 karma

Sad that I sat through and read everything?

smallpenis4life363 karma

If your definition of sad it wonderful then yes, very sad.

XeroG549 karma

Is it difficult to pee straight?

smallpenis4life634 karma

Extremely. Heh, great question. I basically have to drop my pants and lean forward with my hand on the wall on front of me. To add to this, yes I pee in the shower, but only when I am taking a shower.

XeroG503 karma

So you assume the drunk guy stance when you have to pee?

smallpenis4life494 karma

lol, yeah, exactly - stalls only, no urinals

the_smallness175 karma

Dude, this is exactly how I pee, too! It's real hard not to drip on the floor.

smallpenis4life186 karma

It is. I keep a canister of Clorox wipes on the back of the tank to keep the floor sanitary.

hobbles19152 karma

Why not just sit down on the toilet?

smallpenis4life326 karma

Because there is basically no length to my penis when sitting down, my urine would just spray out onto the floor.

jeswealotu431 karma

Use a urine deflector.

Wow I made that up, decided to google it for shits n giggles...they're REAL!!

smallpenis4life159 karma

Heh, while not a bad idea, I have actually tried one. The splashback is too messy. It keeps it mostly in the bowl but quite a bit gets on me. Using it meant mandatory shower in which case I might as well just pee in the shower.

tnova502 karma

I have to be up early tomorrow because I'm moving. The fuck am I doing looking at pictures of a dude's dick at 4:00am?!

smallpenis4life220 karma

I can only hope they brought a smile to your weary head.

northm465 karma

What was your first sexual experience like? How did she react?

smallpenis4life830 karma

College. Me 21, her 18. I had no self confidence as I had been rejected recently by two girls I had fallen hard for, and right in a row. So, we dated for a couple weeks and while we were watching a movie one night I heard her sigh in frustration and she grabbed my hand and put it on her boob. We finally moved to the bedroom and we fooled around for a while and then she put her hand in my pants and said, "Oh, its" She rubbed me for a while but it didn't go anywhere and we went to sleep. Dumped me a couple days later.

youreawizardsam411 karma

Was that the worst? Are there any that really stick with you?

smallpenis4life888 karma

Yeah, it was the worst and I didn't have another one until I was 29. However, I wound up with a totally psycho chick that litarlly only wanted oral. So 5 months of me eating her out and then her blowing me and swallowing. EVERY NIGHT. She was also on some sort of heavy birth control so no cycle. It was GLORIOUS....until the psycho came out.

dont_pee_there789 karma

Don't stick your tongue in crazy?

smallpenis4life724 karma

Well, since her vag didn't have teeth, it was relatively safe there....until I found out she was banging her boss and she wanted me to beat her like her ex did. So glad I didn't get an STD from her.

lolah149 karma

What was so psycho about her?

smallpenis4life527 karma

Her ex-husband used to beat her. So, as things progressed, she wanted me to start hitting her. I eventually slapped her a couple times and she was like, "No, fucking punch me. I want to lose teeth" (she already had a bridge for 4-5 missing ones) She wound up dumping me because I wouldn't beat her. At the time I was so needy I didn't know it but her leaving me was the best thing she did for me. I do miss her amazing mouth though. My wife is good, but she was porn star good.

ohpoopsicles401 karma

How did your wife react when you told her/she first found out?

smallpenis4life1368 karma

The internet is an amazing thing. As I basically became a hermit after college, staying online when I wasn't at work, I started webcamming on places like Webcamnow. I would just sit there broadcasting my micropenis and some random women would start talking to me. I found out that there was a rather large group of women that like small penises. I had a hell of a lot of really hot cam on cam and phone sex over the years.

I met my wife online so she actually saw it by camera first and she likes the small size. It fits her mouth perfectly and she had a bad vaginal tear at some point that required surgery so she is extremely tight for a normal penis but perfect for mine.

aviella1319 karma

Aww. Everyone finds a way to fit together with someone. Your micropenis and tight wife make for a touching love story.

All joking aside, that's awesome that you were able to find her. Happiness to you both!

smallpenis4life598 karma

Aye, the crazy combos that occur in life are amazing. Thanks for the well wishes and the same to you.

THE_BHK377 karma

Is it hard to fap? Like can you use your whole hand? or just the thumb and pointer finger?

smallpenis4life413 karma

Yeah, thumb and pointer mostly and that is while laying back. I usually use a massager with a vibrating ball and it works pretty well. It gives me some extra reach and feels good at the same time.

youreawizardsam330 karma

Do you often attempt penetration with your wife?

smallpenis4life454 karma

Not often, maybe twice a month or so. But, we have lots of toys and the Hitachi magic wand has become her personal savior.

Penetration is really only possible with her laying on her back on the edge of the bed and me standing on the floor.

aldude3471 karma

Still more then me, dude. I envy you.

smallpenis4life337 karma

You have my full empathy sir.

paulseagull251 karma

Those ancient Greek statues with the penis smaller than the balls suddenly make sense.

smallpenis4life430 karma

You make an excellent point. I'd move to Greece but I don't have the mustache for it.

gianna_in_hell_as190 karma

Don't wanna disappoint you but that was ancient Greece and big penises were considered barbaric. Small was sophisticated and beautiful.

Not so much in Modern Greece, sorry.

smallpenis4life236 karma

Once again I realize I was born in the wrong era.

fae7231 karma

what causes a micropenis--is it genetic?

smallpenis4life332 karma

I guess. I wound up seeing my dad once (shudder) when I was in high school and he looked normal so maybe I got the bad genes from my mom's side.

fae7189 karma

a close friend of mine has a regular sized penis that just doesn't work, he can't have intercourse at all, and I think over time you become more comfortable using toys or various other activities to build confidence and a sense of sexual prowess. there are plenty of girls out there that would not care... you just have to find the right ones : ) sounds like you got a good one.

smallpenis4life353 karma

Yes, I am lucky that mine actually works, and without a blue pill.

Plus, there were so many kind lonely women out there I found via webcaming that seemed to get off on providing emotional support for me, almost like it was their fetish. They gave me the strength to keep me going. If I had never come across them, I probably wouldn't be here today.

Frajer184 karma

Do you ever walk around with a strap on?

smallpenis4life225 karma

I have thought about it but never done it.

NotAlways130 karma

Just a question: How exactly do the mechanics of sex work when you can't penetrate that deeply? I imagine it's kind of difficult.

smallpenis4life394 karma

My wife is the only woman I've had intercourse with so she technically took my virginity. The position we discovered that works well is with her on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs pulled back and me standing on the floor. It gets in and actually gives her pleasure because of prior vaginal surgery that makes her very tight.

The trick though is a Hitachi Magic Wand. We wedge it between us after she gets excited enough and orgasms just roll out. She usually stops after around 10 or so.

Side note - Anal is impossible for us. So many men are always going on about how they want anal and can't get it. For us, my wife wants it and I can't give it to her so she has to rely on her buttplugs for that.

chamomiles374 karma

Christ. I would say nothing is holding you guys back from a fantastic sex life.

smallpenis4life243 karma

It really is pretty good. She's also got a pretty regular cycle so I can guess what days she is in the mood and when she isn't. It makes things pretty easy and keeps her satisfied.

JandCequalsB98 karma

Given that you do have a small penis, but have found a woman so accepting of it, do you feel it's overrated, having a large penis? What I mean is, is the love in your relationship stronger than feelings of inadequacy?

smallpenis4life182 karma

Yes, our love is stronger and it has greatly lessened my feelings of inadequacy. When you hear most small penis jokes, they still involves a relatively normal size, just on the smaller side. Me however, I was scared to date because if things went well, I couldn't wear a condom and that whole scenario terrified me. So I just didn't date and on the rare occasion that I did go out, I just ignored any signals and never let it progress.

I think society's emphasis on penis size, and looks in general, is one of our worse attributes. I shudder to think how many people that could have gone on to great things faded away because of their personal inadequacies.

see_me_trollin67 karma

I couldn't wear a condom

I give you fingdoms

No idea if it would actually work for you. But if you have the need, might be worth a shot.

smallpenis4life327 karma

I actually did try those. I was both relieved and disappointed when they were too small.

dunchen2272 karma

Wait, did the other one turn out to be fake?

smallpenis4life95 karma

It looked that way to me. People were calling out the pics and then the thread got removed. If I have incorrectly accused it then I apologize.

northm81 karma

He did provide proof, so I am unsure as to why the post was deleted.

smallpenis4life52 karma

Ooops, I apologize. I only saw the people that were calling him out and then it was deleted. Damnit.

nokomis261 karma

Its a good thing you don't have a nanopenis or you would be hearing from Apple.

smallpenis4life84 karma

Thank God for.....Small Favors.....YEEEEEEEEEEAH

VastDeferens59 karma

I don't know a better way to put this. Are you with your girlfriend because you were physically attracted to her, or because she accepted you?

smallpenis4life68 karma

Very valid question. At first, I was so desperate for companionship, I didn't care. She was female, alive, and willing to touch me. I literally moved her across the country in the hopes that I might finally lose my virginity. She was willing to move because she was sick of living with her parents.

It was rather awkward in the beginning because while we had talked for over a year, we never got to date. So she would stay shut in her bedroom for the first couple weeks, only to come out and talk occassionally and get meals. Then one night she comes to my room naked and throws me on the bed. She climbed on and took my virginity.

Things improved once that hurdle no longer existed. We found out that we had a lot of common interests. Over a couple years we got to really know each other wound up getting along really well with each others families.

So now, yes, I am physically attracted to her. I also care very much for her and feel protective of her. I know I got very lucky because it was entirely possible that it wouldn't work out. We beat the odds.

laughingman_dayz40 karma

Are you afraid to pee in public restrooms? Does the thought of it being seen terrify you in any way? What do you hate most about your condition?

smallpenis4life86 karma

It's not that bad as long as there are stalls with a door. Otherwise I hold it and find facilities elsewhere. I have an amazing ability to hold urine.

What I hate most is the social stigma attached to having a small penis. The world pretty much considers you worthless.

laughingman_dayz43 karma

I hate what most people find valuable. Our priorities are so misplaced.

smallpenis4life64 karma

Aren't they though? I think a large portion of the world's problems can be traced back to misplaced priorities.

MaidenLane36 karma

OP, you come off like a warm, friendly person with a good sense of humor. Extremely glad you found a wife that is a good fit for you.

All in all, you seem to have a more happy and fulfilling life than most people.

smallpenis4life23 karma

Thanks! The last few years are a drastic difference to what the first 29 were like.

[deleted]36 karma


smallpenis4life73 karma

It is an innie when soft. Erect, and this was before the addition of all my extra weight, I was a whopping 3 1/4 inches long and less than in inch in diameter. I haven't found a condom yet that isn't like sticking my dick in a sandwich bag. They are that loose.

casualsocks45 karma

Is it erect in your proof picture?

smallpenis4life48 karma

Yes, the brighter one.