Starting around 3pm we'll be answering questions throughout the day and night between smoke breaks, sets, etc

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Anfernee90219 karma

When will you dudes do some acoustic sets. The Acoustic roots album was madness.

SlightlyStoopid619257 karma

Very soon and because you said it sooner than later. Thanks for inspiring.

Yan_atron195 karma

please, keep doing what youre doing. that is all.

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JosephPowers55100 karma

Im gonna rip a bong and listen to your music right now.You should Post in R/Trees i know they'd appreciate it.

tworac7 karma

Pleeease uptoke for visibility.

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HeadyTopper16 karma

I love you guys and your music. Your playing at the metropolitan theater soon in Morgantown, wv. I work at the bar directly across the street, if you make it by after the show first round is on me.

SlightlyStoopid6197 karma

Good to know!

Qu1nlan124 karma

HUGE fan here. Closer to the Sun is literally my favorite song ever. How long did it take you to record that in the studio? It's so complex.

SlightlyStoopid61996 karma

Difference segments lasted about a month... So maybe 4 months all together in different segments of 2 months.

framburglar111 karma

You guys are ALWAYS my go to music during a smoke sesh. I dont have a question, that's all i wanted to say.

SlightlyStoopid619221 karma

We'll blaze one for you. That's all I wanted to say.

slightly_stoop91 karma

My username is finally relevent

SlightlyStoopid61910 karma

Stoooops! (like that movie KIDS)

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Frajer50 karma

Which tour has been your favorite to play on?

SlightlyStoopid61996 karma

Blazed and Confused tour was pretty fucking insane with Stephen, Julian Marley, Snoop Dog, Daz & Kurupt, Beardo, Mickey Avalon... [KYLE]

SlightlyStoopid61927 karma

I second that... It was pretty much the dopest ever. Although, Cauzin' Vapors/Legalize It playing with Collie Buddz and Cypress every night.. the camaraderie musically was better that tour I guess. [DeLa]

SlightlyStoopid61945 karma

BRB... Time for soundcheck

demoncorp38 karma

What's your favorite strain of ganja? Do you really smoke as much as you put out in your public persona?

SlightlyStoopid61989 karma

Are you kidding me? The OG kush is always bomb, the wet dream is a tasty delight...

We just got a 6 footer yesterday and we're enjoying it immensely. That thing is an annihilator... GOAT Glass [MILES]

SlightlyStoopid61970 karma

We smoke MORE than the public eye sees... [OG & DeLA & Paulie]

SlightlyStoopid61952 karma

Tokyo OG, Sour D. We love our kushes! [C$]

zamerik35 karma

Please keep working with G-Love. It's a fusion of awesomeness when you guys work together.

SlightlyStoopid61917 karma

Damn straight

deadmicedance26 karma

How much weed do you guys smoke between all of you on the average day?

SlightlyStoopid61954 karma

On tour... Between all of us an ounce or two. At home, each one of us it varies.

sky_kid22 karma

You guys are awesome. You've been a huge influence on me. What made you guys change from a punk band into a reggae band way back when? i've always been curious about that. It was a great move.

Also, this is really random, but I saw you at the PNC in Jersey this month with 311 and everyone involved was awesome! Do you have any idea what the name of the DJ spinning in between sets was? He was mad cool.

SlightlyStoopid61931 karma

DJ Unite of the Tribe of Kings Sound System! Reggae and punk have been together for a long time. All the way bak to the Cure. Big ups to all the fans! [C$]

SlightlyStoopid61924 karma

We still play punk... But we just started as an all punk band. You grow as a musician and we like so many styles of music it's fun to play everything. [MILES & KYLE]

SocialSoundSystem20 karma

What are some musical influences for the Top of the World album? What album made you say, "Damn, I wanna play music for the rest of my life?"

SlightlyStoopid61943 karma

Hendrix the Ultimate Experience, Motley Crew, Led Zeppelin [MILES]

SlightlyStoopid61926 karma

The coolest thing about Top of the World is that it was inspired by a lot of the people that are on it... A lot of the guests who are on it are all musicians that we listen to when we're just chillin'. Youcan hear how each song is inspired by each artist... Each guest feature inspired by that guest. [C$]

Off the top of Kyle's head... Alpha Blondy, Israel Vibrations, Meat Puppets, the band from O Brother Where Art Though ("A Man of Constant Sorrow")... Soggy Bottom Boys [KYLE]

whereisthedata18 karma

Saw you guys last year at stone pony in nj last year. best fucking concert of my life man. seriously. had a great time and by the time i was back to reality i found myself literally three towns west of stone pony. you guys seriously throw an awesome fucking show. hang loose brothas

SlightlyStoopid61922 karma

Hey, remember you

nitroswingfish14 karma

I love every single track on every album. You can do no wrong in my eyes, but I could use some more metal madness... Next album?

SlightlyStoopid61923 karma

The saga will continue soon [MILES]

winnypoo13 karma

i played a show with you guys in 2011 at the moose's tooth in Anchorage, AK and it was hands down the most rewarding thing I've had the chance to do. Thank you for that. when you punks coming back to ALASKA?!

SlightlyStoopid61949 karma

As soon as the sun comes up so I can wear my shades all day long

respawn_in_5_4_3_2_110 karma

where was the best dank found?

SlightlyStoopid61924 karma

Wherever we go it's starting to get better and better... Everyone is stepping it up. Wherever we go we can find super dank now

daadvaims9 karma

What are some other artists you would like to work with in the future? Also, I saw you at the Comcast Center in Mansfield and it was a great show!!

SlightlyStoopid61915 karma

Any artist that makes good music and is cool we want to jam with. All types can fit in with us if we are having a great time!!!! [C$]

We kinda like to keep it secret though... We already know who we want to work. That's part of the fun. [MILES & KYLE]

othersideofmypillow9 karma

Love you guys. If you didn't already know, Slightly radio on Pandora always kills it at a backyard chill sesh. I tweeted you about this and didn't get a response so I figure you'll definitely see it here: I was driving in traffic on Mass ave. in Boston a week or so before the mansfield show and had above the clouds bumping. A guy in the traffic opposite me asked me who it was, and i told him... I said he had to start listening and if he bought a ticket to the Aug. 4th it'd change his life. I'm thinking he joined us and jammed. I guess all I want to know is, do you guys ski or snowboard? and what's your favorite munchy? That is all. I'll see you at Lupo's... I'll be the guy burnin' it down dead center. Until then...

SlightlyStoopid61922 karma

Surf, skate, snowboard in that order.

Munchies vary on the daily. We're eating philly cheesesteaks right now. LOTS OF MEXICAN FOOD. NICOS!!!

KyletheDab8 karma


SlightlyStoopid61931 karma

YEAHHHHHH! We are the knights who say NIIIIIIIIII!!! [whole bus]

Wafer thin mint?

ratepoint08 karma

You guys are the reason I pick up guitar every day. What makes all of you to stay inspired and to keep creating music?

SlightlyStoopid61916 karma

Everyone else that plays... Just like you said, other people that inspire us.

go_outside7 karma

Hey guys- you're awesome. I love your all stuff.

We saw you last Friday in Chicago (great as usual!). Kyle - you spent some time at the signing session after your set talking to my wife who is fighting cancer. That meant so much to me that you stopped the line and gave her words of encouragement and a hug. Thanks so much - that meant a lot to me.

Now onto my question (for any/all of you)- All of you guys seem so nice and down to earth. It seems like you get along great. It also seems like you guys are endlessly on tour. Does that wear down on your friendships at all or does it just make them stronger?

Anyway, I hope I never have to see you NOT headline again - the more live Stoopid, the better!

Oh, and mad fuckin props for having your own label. Fuck the big corporate shit. Do it your way!

SlightlyStoopid6194 karma

Nice. I remember her. Thank you guys for stopping by and saying hi to us. tell her to keep it up and give her a big hug from us. when were on the road we run into all our freinds that we would never get to see if we werent on tour so we actually see our freinds more in a way and hang with our family and freinds too when were off the road so we are really lucky thanks again for comin out to the show and for the kind words brotha!

PhillyT7 karma

Favorite song to blaze to?

Favorite song to blaze to not by you guys?

Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it

SlightlyStoopid6196 karma

Cymande... That is what's up.

dspitze5 karma

Would OG ever be interested in creating a yoga backpack?

SlightlyStoopid6196 karma

I would love to make one... How?

matty_c5 karma

OB kid here. Do you guys still find the time to get wet? Still think low tide jetty is one of the best breaks around or have you moved on to newbreak and south garbage? Any great encounters at Dolphin Tanks?

SlightlyStoopid6199 karma

Couldn't agree more about the low tide jetty but am down to surf the beach or the cliffs

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

Low tide is always fun... It's one of the best times to surf. Jetty fires at low tide. We completely agree.

Longest Barrel Ride

nitroswingfish4 karma

How'd you guys hook up with Karl? His stuff is so incredible and it fits so well with you guys. What's it like to play with him?

SlightlyStoopid61914 karma

Karl came to us right before my surgery and we weren't sure what was going to happen. Karl was scheduled to sub for me my place if I did not make a full recovery... But as it turns out I made it through my recovery and we played as a 3 piece for the 2nd time ever and that was it... That was enough... [DeLa]

SlightlyStoopid61910 karma

The San Diego connection finally came together... We've been in the same circles and management finally made it happen. [MILES & KARL D]

COMING TO AMERICA Sexual chocolate. [KYLE]

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

Props & respect to the fans moshing around the bonfires in the lawn tonight! How many years in a row is that?

DCJodon3 karma

I saw you guys posted a picture from the Steel Stage over in Bethlehem on Facebook. I wasn't able to catch the show, but I heard you were doing some filming there?

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

we filmed a ton of footage for the soon to be released "top of the world" video. should be out soon. we did get chased out a couple times by security.

BullshitUsername3 karma

I've never heard you guys before in my life... What do YOU suggest I start with? What drives your music creativity? (besides the Dank) Tell me about your band.

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

cool. honestly each album is a different snapshot of the band. the earlier records, self titled and longest barrel ride are a good mix of punk and dub and rock. acoustic roots is miles and kyle jamming live acoustic guitars. mellow and expressive. everything you need has some great songs too. dub rock and hip hop influences etc... top of the world is the latest release and we are really excited about it. lots of different musical vibes... check out some stuff on itunes and buy what you like based on the previews. the band is from san diego ca and has been performing for about 17 years and counting...

SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

Everything You Need. Shit, start with the new one Top of the World. Link to stream in the description above

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

Everything You Need.... Shit, Top Of The World!

dsitt73 karma

Will there be another album with more of the hardcore material? We only got a lick at the end of TotW. One or two full songs wouldn't've hurt. (Personal favorite is Violence/FTP)

SlightlyStoopid61917 karma

Mos definitely keep your eyes peeled. That song at the end of TOTW is just a teaser.. a taste

SammyPirrone2 karma

This isn't even a question but this is the best AMA I have seen yet. I smoke many a bowl to your wonderful music.

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

Keep blazing!!!!

wdfshay2 karma

I enjoy getting high to you guys' music very often, keep sending the good vibes this way.

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

thanks! we will keep it up if you do...

RichTea2 karma

Any chance of a Europe/UK tour? All my mates here love toking up listening to you guys. Love the new album too :)

You should check out r/trees too if you have a chance, got a pretty big following on there!

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

yeah we are hoping to get over that way later this year or spring of next. will check it...

weednglass2 karma


SlightlyStoopid6193 karma

We've always been big fans of Guru to to have him collaborate with STOOPID was an honor. No one could deliver such consciousness through hip-hop the way he did. What he did for the world through his music is amazing.

Captain_Bassdaddy2 karma

Are you guys ever going to come to the UK?

SlightlyStoopid61926 karma

We've been there and back, not once, not twice, but thrice

jwescott4252 karma

So on a scale of rad to awesome, where would you place the Aggrolites?

Or a more serious question; what's it like being able to work with a guy with as much clout (in the reggae world) as Don Carlos?

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

Aggrolites are the best because to them only the best is good enough. They are awesome and some of the nicest guys Slightly STOOPID has ever met.

calling19772 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan, been so ever since I first heard Officer. Since then I've seen you every summer, usually at Marymoor park in Seattle.

My question: what is it like going on about 3 tours a year? How do you survive the mayhem?

sincerely, a fellow musician looking for some advice

keep on rocking! EDIT: and thank you all for taking the time do this, I have so many questions but I'll save them for others :D

SlightlyStoopid6196 karma

hey man, we have all been professional musicians for close to 20 years each. one thing we try to do especially nowadays is eat right and exercise to balance the nightly intake of beers etc. it's definitely a challenge to stay grounded out here. having solid family around us def helps too.

nitroswingfish2 karma

How do you guys feel about people file sharing and downloading music they haven't paid for? Is it more important to get fans to come to shows or is it a combo?

Btw, even though I know a ton of people who downloaded your albums, I feel like everybody I know has bought TotW.

SlightlyStoopid6192 karma

We don't care. Some people just don't got the ends to buy shit these days. That being said we really appreciate everyone who supports musicians buying the record.

mokhok2 karma

how do you as artists feel about music piracy and torrenting?

SlightlyStoopid61910 karma

You have to embrace the technology that's out there... The more people that have your music, the more people will be at your shows