What's up guys! My first AMA had me rockin' a wood so it was a must do again. Let's rock this. If you missed my first one… original AMA

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PirateMarge315 karma

are you still the clit commander?

jaymewes527 karma

do i still command the CLIT YES, Just not so often as i used to.

pockets101230 karma

He can command my clit any day.

jaymewes624 karma

pictures of CLITS Are welcome

RIPshowtime268 karma

do you remember getting punched in the face at the cast party after dogma? it was at a bar in pittsburgh, you were playing pool and some dude walked up and socked you. i was playing a few tables away. funny stuff

jaymewes405 karma

How could i forget, it was over a bet with friends.

HelpMeLoseMyFat267 karma

Mr. Mewes,

I would like to ask you a simple and sort of sad question. My sister is currently an addict and I have suffered for years because I have not been able to help her kick her habbit. I watch my sister struggle every day and it kills me.

What can my broke/poor ass do to help my sister kick her habbit?

PS: Sorry for the depressing question, know that I love you and love every movie you have been in, you are an inspiration to my life and my struggle with my sister

Thank you

jaymewes527 karma

I hate to say but people usually arent ready until THEY ready and they decide, you could def try and find a treament center if she is willing ,there might be some places you could get her in and work out some kind of plan.and or look on the internet for a # you can call local to you that has people who can try and help. people in the program or now about such....

i hope things work out and i really hope things get better for you and her.....

MidnightClad205 karma

Where do you think you would be at this point in your life if you hadn't met Kevin Smith?

jaymewes404 karma

would be roofing i believe.and hopefully owning my roofing company by now. or some sort of construction

qwell363 karma

Today is your lucky day, good sir - I am going to help you live the dream.

I had my shingles replaced 2 years ago, and almost immediately, there were bulges in my roof. What caused them?

jaymewes684 karma

possibly they were put on incorrectly or the wood got warped, it could be numerous things. thank you for letting me live the dream :)

ekim09194 karma

I am a longtime fan and I have to ask when are you and Kevin bringing back Jay and Silent Bob again? Also what is the best life advice you could give?

jaymewes473 karma

i would love to say it is soon but in the end it is up to kevin smith...no live action features set in stone with J&bob but there is a animated jay and bob movie in the works as we speak.

Dont use drugs ....sincerely,been there and it doesnt lead anywhere good.

SinisterIntent155 karma

Why are you so fucking awesome? That is all.

jaymewes190 karma


lumpofcole120 karma

Have you played Batman Arkham City or Arkham Asylum with Kevin yet? You both will explode cum all over the television.

jaymewes312 karma

i have not but i have played LEGO BATMAN DC HEROS , it is awesome, and i have cum all over my controller :)

saltnotsugar115 karma

I'm having trouble picking up goth chicks at the beach. Any advice?

jaymewes277 karma

i didnt think or have never seen a goth chick at the beach, i feel they like to stay out of the sun yes?

jf2103 karma

If you could live your life over again what would you do differently?

jaymewes380 karma

No Drugs

MrTravesty102 karma

Did you come up with the smoking weed song or Kevin Smith?

jaymewes287 karma

nah kevin did, that son of a bitch, i want to write the raps but he better at writing those super dope ryhmes

wwemvp2100 karma

how big is your dick?

jaymewes225 karma

wellit depends if you meean HARD or Fluffy or out of a cold shower.

sjhill85 karma

What's your favourite film, and why should I watch it?

jaymewes245 karma

if you mean the movies i was in, Mallrats is my favorite .stan lee is in it and prascilla barnes with 3 nipple nough said.

JohnWad77 karma

  • What you been working on? I've been listening to some of the podcasts.
  • Also, Whats twistin this bitches tit?

jaymewes129 karma

been shooting SPOILERS on hulu, also stuff for kevin smith and mine channel on youtube. S.I.T ...Jay&BOB animated feature. just shot a movie in london. and few other projects in the maybe zone.

asteriskgirl74 karma

Since your first AMA I have come to adore you, along with Kevin and the rest of the crew. Thanks for being awesome and opening my eyes to all the snootch I was missing! My question: Which comic book is your all time favorite? I've never read a comic and want a recommendation! Thanks!

jaymewes139 karma

justice league is would of my fav series i read on the weekly, but first one time check out is KINGDOM COME!!

Typeowl74 karma

Choose and explain: Be a Hobbit or an Orc commander?

jaymewes242 karma

Hobbit, they smoke weed and hang out with wizards, and lets not forget they do it.

frusciante23170 karma

Do you ever miss New Jersey? I live in Monmouth County and wonder how a fellow county native feels transplanted in Cali.

jaymewes133 karma

no i def loved growing up in NJ. but i love it out in CALI. the weather is awesome. the city living here is nice and i get to go home to NJ enough to feel the vibe of jersey livin.but come back to the weather and fast paceed sexiness at the end of the day

tb2166658 karma


jaymewes113 karma

it was nice and yes just nice because it was a movie kiss and it is diff when peeps watching and the words action and cut are involved.but again i aint complaining..

AstroMariner57 karma

Welcome back dude. On a scale from one to ten, how addicted to reddit are you right now?

jaymewes166 karma


immigrant849054 karma

Who influenced you the most growing up in New Jersey?

jaymewes107 karma

i would say my brother TONY when i was a youngster.my teens i would then say Kevin smith and brian johnson.

Grundle_Poacher51 karma

how much improv do you do when you're on the set?

Also. You are the shit

jaymewes87 karma

Thank You !! it depends on the director ,if there ok with it then i try and run with it and sometimes i stick 90 % to the script.

almostuntitled40 karma

with the season of Spoilers over, are you guys getting back to the SMorning Show regularly any time soon?

jaymewes59 karma

i am not sure we are figuring out are next plan of attack. hopefully we will atleast a few days a week soon..

NoKidsFourDogs40 karma

Couple of questions

Do you get annoyed when people come up to you and quote movie lines to you?

Is it hard for you to find roles that differ from the character you are generally known for?

Do you think Paul Ryan is crazy or crazy good lookin?

jaymewes82 karma

no i dont hate it at all, for me it is nice people dig the movies. after the the first few movies it was hard for awhile but then i did some independent movies playing some other characters and it opened up for more and more.

good looking for some i am sure and crazy to others. not sure my opinion...

supersamazin32 karma

How are your doggies? I see pics on twitter all the time. :)

jaymewes75 karma

They are great ,i love them tons. they lov3e just laying around and lickin fartin all over the house and yard....

wakko66625 karma

What's next for you? Got any fun new projects you can talk about?

jaymewes39 karma

i just did a moe in LONDON,also Still doing LiVe podcast , working on my you tube channel youtube.com/seesmod Jay&silentbob animated feature. just wrapped 1st season of SPOILERS on Hulu.....AMC -comicbook men......and hopefully a few other things that i am waiting to meet on..

TheShulk24 karma

Do you enjoy all of your fame? I tell myself if I were famous I would never get sick of it, and you seem to be the shit at interacting with fans, but is that just because you're a nice guy or do you genuinely still love being recognized/the attention?

jaymewes38 karma

i would like to hope it was because both,Nice Guy and the attention.i love the process of making and creating and for sure any attention thrown my way i dont mind.

scottiesetsfire23 karma

What's your favorite snack?

jaymewes77 karma

cereal/lucky charms to be exact

BeyondAddiction20 karma

When are you and/or Kevin coming to Alberta?

jaymewes37 karma

tour managers putting together a tour now so hopefully we will pmake a stop there soon.

bayareamota14 karma

Jason Mewes, you've been a great actor so far and brought me a bunch of joy at the cinema, I just wanted to share that with you and tell you to keep up the great work. Here's my question, when are you going to be in San Francisco, it would be great to get an autograph?

jaymewes34 karma

i was there few months back and hope to be back again by the end of the year for JAY & SILENT BOB GET OLD! live podcast.so keep an eye out and come come...

MrTravesty13 karma

Will there ever be a sequel to Mallrats?

jaymewes29 karma

that would be fantastic but not sure , def try to talk kevin into it.

ephen_stephen12 karma

What's your favorite movie of the year so far?

jaymewes56 karma

i havnt seen a ton but so far i would have to say avengers....

rdub939 karma

Hey Jason, big fan.

Who was the biggest asshole to work with?

jaymewes28 karma

lucky enough i honestly have not worked with anyone that i feel were assholes. some were def more pleasant but no assholes.

respite6 karma

Are you going to be playing DND on the podcast again anytime soon? I know you guys keep teasing it.

jaymewes20 karma

yes i hope SOON, but the answer is yes we will be playing.