Hey guys and gals of the Internet! Ask me anything and I'll draw it! For those who missed the first AMA I did.

I've been meaning to do this again. I'm a Reddit lurker and so this way I'll feel better about never contributing.

Rampart plug: If you like laughing and reading books without too many words in 'em, check out the comic book series, "Reed Gunther." You can read a free issue on our website. It's a series about an idiot cowboy who rides a grizzly bear. We've got a new book that just came out the other week!


Drawings request fulfilled so far:

Edit 1:15PM Pacific Time Zone, UTC-8

I'm off to a meeting and will continue drawing your request in a few hours!

Edit 3:45PM Pacific Time Zone, UTC-8

I'm back!

Edit 6:54PM Pacific Time Zone, UTC-8

Time to call it quits. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! This was once again a ton of fun for me and I hope you guys got a few laughs out of it too.

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deadengone6661639 karma

My daughter (2.5 years old) would love you forever if you would draw Elmo, Buzz Lightyear, and Dora the Explorer riding together on a train full of ducks. I would cherish this picture forever and tell her how it came to be when she gets older.

Edit: I posted this below as a comment but it got kind of buried. This is Olivia seeing the picture for the first time. She calls Elmo a monster because we read "Monster at the End of this Book" together on ipad. http://youtu.be/ehys01J5hD4

permanent_throwaway158 karma

He did something similar for my daughter (then almost 4) last time. Hope he comes through for you too!

thewondercat300 karma

I remember that! Hope she had a great Birthday.

permanent_throwaway245 karma

She did! She had me make copies for her little friends and they colored them!

thewondercat310 karma

That's awesome.

SidewalkJohnny1236 karma

Could you draw a corgi hugging a cantaloupe?

SidewalkJohnny207 karma

Holy shit you actually replied. Thank you so much. My girlfriend is gonna love this.

thewondercat572 karma

Bros helping bros.

Jeremy2521178 karma

Can you draw Batman and Bane playing Rock em' Sock em' Robots?

Dhex501 karma

Colored version.

Firstly, I do apologize for taking the liberty of making a few small alterations. I saw a subtle way of doing it, and couldn't resist.

Secondly, I felt that perhaps I should somewhat apologize for joining in. This is YOUR AMA, after all. But like you, aside from skills in drawing and painting, there isn't much in the way of content that I can contribute here at reddit (even though I may try to be witty at times, it more often than not falls short of the mark).

Well, either way, keep up the good work. =)

thewondercat201 karma

That's awesome! I'm flattered!

3lyssa464 karma

Thank you for drawing Bane with his original mask!

thewondercat480 karma

Sure thing! I like the 90s comic book Bane the best!

Okrapy1107 karma

Could you draw my friends and me? (Might be NSFW) Thanks!

Quick FAQ:

  1. Context: We tried to reproduce this

  2. None of us are gay. I know you have a photo that says otherwise.

  3. I'm the one with the beard.

stamatt451100 karma

Can you draw General Iroh and Uncle Iroh drinking tea together? It'd be a great way to make /r/thelastairbender go crazy

alexskbrown936 karma

Could you please draw Invader Zim plotting to destroy the Mars rover Curiosity?

[deleted]921 karma

My 9 year old son asks me at least once a week if there is anyone doing drawings on reddit.

His request is Indiana Jones, using a spaghetti whip, with a robot sidekick using nun-chucks and an Abraham Lincoln hat, fighting an evil giant chocolate bunny.

He is dancing around my desk.

[deleted]24 karma

HOLY CRAPTASTICLES! This is absolutely outstanding! Cannot wait to show him!

It's been on here 9 hours, but we just rolled in from Dollywood. (Yeah, baby, fat Southerners in 90 degree heat!). They had a special night tonight, park open til 10PM, so kids were sound asleep in the van on the way home.

BUT, you'll be pleased to know my son asked 55 times if it would be on reddit when we get home??? I kept telling him no, the Fanboy and Chum Chum artist was probably busy.

At any rate, THANK YOU! This will make my boy's day. Tomorrow.

Also, yeah, he really did come up with that idea.

thewondercat24 karma

Awesome! I actually saw your request when you first posted it. I made a note of myself to draw once I got back from my meeting and low and behold, when I got back, it was upvoted like crazy!

Haha, your boy's hilarious.

DJFunktipus915 karma

Can you draw a portly black mans shaven head fused with the body of an orange octopus? It would fit my username.

valormorghullis856 karma

Jon Stewart giving Stephen Colbert a piggy back ride

stereotypicaliowan702 karma

Could you draw Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps competing in synchronized swimming?

gunt34r648 karma

Can you PLEASE draw what doug might look like today?

thewondercat1465 karma

Cartoons age much quicker than humans...


I_AM_A_NARWHAL646 karma

Can you draw Patrick from Spongebob riding a unicorn with the caption,"LOVEMUFFIN," on a rainbow?

thewondercat1283 karma


Whoops! Drew Spongebob instead of Patrick.

funfungiguy1687 karma


thewondercat1245 karma

Haha... I have no excuse.

untrustableskeptic627 karma

Can you draw The reddit alien as you would draw a Nick cartoon?

thewondercat1093 karma


I'm not sure if this is what you meant or not... but it was fun to draw!


can you please draw walter white and jesse pinkman from breaking bad go-karting together?

notsureif_indecisive519 karma

Could you draw 5 hamster sized horses attacking a horse sized hamster? Thanks :).

Dhex678 karma

Colored version. Kinda

[Edit] Felt a bit flat, so fixed it.

thewondercat287 karma

HAHA! Wow, that's amazing! I love that they're now Power Rangers.

NYC_Hound354 karma

I have a fun one for you. Can you draw Bane trying to figure out how to eat?

stickdudeseven154 karma

I'd imagine he grinds his food in a blender and drinks it from a silly straw.

Edit: Bane drinking with silly straw.

Edit 2: Because I was bored, I drew other people's requests:

Super Saiyan Nicolas Cage

Gabe Newell as Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life

thewondercat16 karma

My work here is done! This is hilarious.

had_a_beast344 karma

I once got electrocuted by climbing an electric pylon (telegraph pole, or whatever it may be called in America) in the middle of a snow covered forest in Austria. If you could draw anything resembling that moment in my life, I would love you, and Nickelodeon, forever. Also, I have long hair and am a dude and my left index finger got blown up as a result, proof!.

thewondercat466 karma


...why were you climbing a telegraph pole?

brandoncordell318 karma

Please draw my son, Connor, as a super hero :)

Reference Picture

[deleted]297 karma

Please draw Bill Nye getting excited over the Curiosity Mars landing.

EDIT: After reading a comment under my comment, Bill Cosby's reaction to the Mars landing may be funnier. Either way, you decide.

splashdamage206 karma

Did you work on Korra? If so I have many questions.

thewondercat436 karma

I don't, sorry! I worked on "Fanboy and Chum Chum" and Nickelodeon's new show "Robot and Monster." I'm currently at Disney working on "Gravity Falls." So technically, I lied in my AMA title!

Ceiling_Man171 karma

Tell us what it's like working on Gravity Falls.

Also good time to throw in /r/gravityfalls.

thewondercat263 karma

The guys and gals of Gravity Falls are great. The crew has some big names from Disney Feature, Adventure Time, FlapJack, etc. The show is fantastic and the creator, Alex Hirsch, is one smart and funny dude.

QuickSkope83 karma

Shitty watercolors is gonna have some competition.