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Spending the next generation's money and bragging about not having to pay it back...hooray for the baby boomers!

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I believe the OP went to school for free due to being over 60. It depends on the area and school for starters, but it's a very common policy.

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Okay I admit it. I am not seeking a college education. I am just going for the insurance and it saves me $15,000 a year--enough to pay part of my son's college education. And he does have a future. Because he doesn't complain all the time.

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I must have hit someone's target. The only hope I see on this AMA is that 60% of the people at least support my viewpoint. The other 40% think they're brilliant but show a total lack of understanding about what I have done.

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And here I am going to college and I can't even get hired at Starbucks. What kind of a future do I have? Oh, right. I'm 64. I don't need a future. At least not according to some of the Bozos asking questions on here.

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Free or reduced tuition classes are often "community education" classes like organic gardening or into to jewelry making and do not qualify one for student services.

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Well I took astronomy, english, spanish, etcc....not basket weaving. And I go to a respected major uniiversity.

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So, are you going for free or are you taking grants and loans?

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I was an idiot my first year and paid cash for it. Then I got wise and started to take out FAFSA loans. They not only paid for my tuition but covered a good part of my insurance premium. I don't hvae to pay the loans back until I graduate, but I did the math and if I continue with school until the day I die, and leave nothing in my estate, I can get free health insurance for life and maybe get edcueted oot. ;)

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No I paid

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Reddit Youth: So full with capitalist propaganda, they actually think when rich people do everything that's profitable to them it's totally fine, when poor people do it it's immoral.

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Spending time on Reddit is like going back in time...reading all of the uniformed bullshit I used to believe when I was in my teens/twenties, and being a naive and inexperienced fool. I miss those days...

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...don't forget the temerity to vigorously criticize your elders for dubious reasons on subjects you had a laughably incomplete understanding of. To be a callow bozo once again...

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I remember those days well. So many of today's snotty kids are going to be in for a rude shock in the net few years.

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I can't help it if I was born before you.

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Artificial knee as in a prosthetic leg? If so, what type of knee do you have?

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It is a Titanium artificial knee replacement joint.

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I went to a continuing education program at a Big 10 School. Most community colleges do not offer student health insurance

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To be honest with you, after reading the replies here people seem to believe that in a similar situation with health needs they would just tough up and pay the thousands of dollars, when they could just go back to school and have the majority covered. You all seem to be judging him pretty harshly.

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Thanks for the unification, Missy

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60 year old men name themselves bballhero???

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I am a big pro basketball fan. Plus I'm a pretty hip guy. (It looks like I might be needing an artificial one in the next few years) But it's covered.

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how do you feel about the failure of our health system? and the people who truly believe that universe healthcare will be a detriment to our care.

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Our insurance prices are so high because our system is riddled with tax manipulation, costly insurance mandates and bureaucratic interference. If we allowed a liberated, free market system, prices would go down, and more people would be able to afford insurance.

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I remember before there was health insurance. When I got sick as a kid, the cotor came over to the house to treat me and my mother gave him $5. A hospital room was $15 a day. Then came insurance and everything skyrocketed because it upset the free markeplace. Same with the rising cost of tuition. As soon as the government made it easy to get loans, tuition went up because more people could now go to school. Free markets are always the right way to go. No artificial prices with it.

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What are you taking?

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I have taken general requirement courses, such as humanities, science, arts and language.

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Sorry for all the jerks here. Right on man! Good for you for taking care of yourself.

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thank you for the kind words. See everyone, if you treat me civilly, I can be a nice person. All you jerks on here should take a civics lesson in civility.

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Fuck you. -- Sincerely, the generation cleaning up the Boomers' mess.

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You ignorant fool. This has nothing to do with anything you think it has to do with. One day you will accumulate the necessary wisdom to see that. Right now you are too young to see truth, grasshopper.

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Student health insurance was the most expensive medical insurance I've ever had and it had the least coverage. However if you found a good deal, more power to you. Congrats!

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It isn't cheap unless you compare it to the $25,000 annual premium I used to pay.

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Lots of hate apparently directed at you, claiming you're a troll and whatnot, but my only real issue with this AMA is the lack of good questions and the lack of answers.

(Maybe it's just because the topic's not that interesting.)

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It would be if you were as old as me and without health insurance. The hate is anger directed not truly at me, but at a system that people believe has screwed them. All I can say to that is that it has never been easy to find your way in the world. You can either complain about it and blame other people or you can try to better yourself, realize it's a competitive world and give yourself every advantage you possibly can.

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sent in more proof to the mods.

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I'm starting to get depressed by all the depressed people on this site. What can I do to cheer you up, other than to drop dead?

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OP's son here:

In all seriousness, I'm this man's son -- just graduated college. Tonight I introduced Dad to reddit. He isn't kidding about any of this -- it's a big laugh in our family. He has been on reddit all night and it's freaking me out. You'll get your proof tomorrow. He bullshits sometimes, but he's serious on this and it was a great lesson to learn on how to make opportunities where none seem present. He looks forward to continuing this tomorrow.

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