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Leight87109 karma

Are you worried about any long term cognitive effects from boxing like CTE? I love watching you guys in the ring, but those wars can be brutal.

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA159 karma

Boxing is a dangerous sport, so i take it very seriously and im very cautious about my fights. I dont plan to be boxing when I'm too old, so I'm going to keep doing it until i'm settled. But always making sure I'm being cautious about the sport

TheClayroo66 karma

You're a young guy who is probably more tech savvy than fighters from 20 years ago; do you ever google yourself, just to see what's out there?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA69 karma

i have before, but i don't go too in depth but mainly just watch the videos on Youtube to go back and watch my fights

user182883828 karma

Is it too late to become a Boxer? I just turned 17and I finally got a opportunity to box.

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA71 karma

17 isn't too old. thats a very good age to start. I got started at 9, so its hard to say how i would have adapted at 17. But if you stick to it, train and work hard, i say go for it

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Bam_Rodriguez_AMA170 karma

My favorite knockout was one I did in the first round. Hit the dude with the angle and then three more shots and he went out cold.

Here is the clip

FuzzyTop7551 karma

What is your favorite for a cardio workout?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA101 karma

I like to run a lot, I usually go at a nice pace, not too fast, not too slow, I like to do my runs in the afternoon cause I have bad eyesight and can't see as well at night.

sjw198934 karma

Is Sunny Edwards the toughest fight, style wise for you?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA61 karma

Sunny is a difficult fighter. He's smart, but doesn't carry much pop in his punches. So once I figure him out, I think I could dominate the fight

spiritedOil45430 karma

When was the hardest time you got rocked during a fight?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA74 karma

It was in my professional debut, i got caught in the last round. My knees actually buckled and I blacked out. Once I got back up, I was buzzed the rest of the fight

FuzzyTop7530 karma

Do you have issues with people in public when they recognize you? Knowing your a champion boxer, do they try to fight you?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA55 karma

No its crazy, you think the way my career has been going I would, but it's very rare. Everytime I'm in San Antonio I don't get recognized much.

FuzzyTop7529 karma

If you could fight one boxer, in your preferred weight class, all time who would you chose? Aside from Saturday.

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA44 karma

I would love a fight with Estrada because he's been a legend for a long time and it would be a dream come true

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Bam_Rodriguez_AMA48 karma

i believe when its all said and done, I'll be at 130

sjw198919 karma

How confident were you going into the Cuadras fight, as it was late notice and it was, in theory, such a big step up?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA27 karma

I was very confident because i was already in training camp for the undercard. I knew it was going to be a tough fight, but went in knowing I had put in the training to win

iAlwaysFocus19 karma

What do you do when you're not training any videos games?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA56 karma

No, but back when fortnite was popular I played that alot, but its not the same. I don't really go out much, will get a coffee and hang out at my place, and usually go to vintage shops around san antonio

Benzbear14 karma

What's your favorite meal?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA49 karma

I like chicken wings and waffle fries.

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Bam_Rodriguez_AMA24 karma

In that fight, I would favor Spence because he's from Texas. But really its a 50/50 fight. They're both very special fighters, and have adaptable styles, especially Crawford. It's really hard to say but being from Texas, I'd favor Spence

FuzzyTop7511 karma

I've always found the speedbag to be a cool looking exercise. It's it pretty much for show or do you train on it?

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA40 karma

I believe it does help, especially with eye coordination and speed, it's not just for show, and its a great workout for your arms, gets 'em burning.

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Bam_Rodriguez_AMA14 karma

I would like to see undisputed to see a heavy weight with all the belts so I'd just like to see anyone go undisputed