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We’re Riley Lai Nelet, Camryn Jones and Fina Strazza and we are the cast of Paper Girls, the upcoming Prime Video series launching on 29th July, based on Brian K. Vaughn’s graphic novel of the same name… And this is our first ever AMA! We’ll also be here with the show’s director Georgi Banks-Davies, so make sure you put her in the hot seat too!

We’ve never done anything like this before, so we’re excited (and a little bit nervous) to see what you guys come up with. But we’re ready - let’s go! Ask us anything!

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Edit: That was so much fun - thank you for all your questions! That's a wrap for us. The show drops on July 29th. We hope you all love it!

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smitemight583 karma

What do you have to say to your musical nemesis, the Scissor Sisters?

PaperGirlsPV163 karma

*blank faces*

Georgi - I had some pretty good nights in clubs while the Scissor Sisters were coming up. But the Paper Girls win. I think Riley would like the Scissor Sisters.

*Someone played scissor sisters in the background*

Fina (K.J.): Yeah, they're rocking.

Aleddin187 karma

The graphic novels are set in a timeline from before you actresses were born. What was it like trying to learn about the 80s and include the culture into your performances?!

PaperGirlsPV91 karma

Camryn (Tiffany) - It was really fun because we got to research the music, the fashion, and even the influencers of the time and reference the comic books which were written by people who were alive at the time!

Georgi: "You didn't say all we had to do was speak to the director".

Fina (K.J.): All you need is Georgi. #YouCanBankOnBanks

Riley (Erin): Keep calm and Georgi on.

Aleddin130 karma

What were your first thoughts reading the source material? I was pleasantly surprised at how creative and authentic the graphic novel was.

PaperGirlsPV121 karma

Riley (Erin) - The uniqueness of the story. Paper Girls is a genre in itself. We all became huge fans.
Camryn (Tiffany) - I thought it was fire. I really liked the message it represented and I liked how determined and real the characters were.
Fina (K.J.) - I was immediately drawn to the colour palette and the relatability of the characters and it told the story of 4 young girls taking agency over their own lives.
Georgi - It's the comic I wish I had when I was 8. It's girls how I wanted to see them.

wickedwickedzoot36 karma

Did you get a chance to spend any time with Brian K. Vaughan? What is he like? (Huge fan of him!)

PaperGirlsPV34 karma

Riley (Erin) - Right now him and Cliff are like the men behind the curtain, so we can't wait to meet them at Comic-Con next week.
Camryn (Tiffany) - We met him at the first table read. We can't wait to see him in San Diego for Comic-Con!
Fina (K.J.) - We met him over Zoom, but we are going to meet him next week when we go to Comic-Con and we're going to chat it up.
Georgi - I win because I actually met him on set. He's the coolest guy ever.

Jenntb8232 karma

for the girls: what contemporary singer do you think the girls would listen to?

for georgi: who is the paper girl you most identify with?

greetings from México

PaperGirlsPV37 karma

Riley (Erin) - I think Erin would listen to Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers. I think all the 4 girls would really like Marina and the Diamonds.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Sza, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko.
Fina (K.J.) - Also Phoebe Bridgers. And Doja Cat!

Georgi - All of them a bit. I've been through crises that they're all been through. Tiffany is a nerd and I was a total nerd. I had the same identity crisis as K.J. discovering my sexuality. Mac is a tomboy and I love her energy. And for Erin: I moved about a lot when I was a kid. I can't choose just one!

KillerBebe20 karma

How did you prepare for your roles, where did you draw Inspiration?

PaperGirlsPV20 karma

Riley (Erin) - The set decorators did a fantastic job of transporting us to these areas, that really helped. And talking to Georgi.
Camryn (Tiffany) - We read the comics, I researched the 80s, I watched Back to the Future. But Georgi really helped us. She told us as long as we were in it we couldn't do wrong.
Fina (K.J.) - We drew inspiration from the comics. And I watched Stand By Me to prepare for the quartet vibe. We also worked with Georgi for 2 weeks before filming to get into our characters, where we wrote down everything they would do in a day.

Jenntb8217 karma

Which paper girl would you have liked to be your friend when you were 12 years old?

also thanks for adapting one of my favorite comics, this means a lot to all the fans ❤️

PaperGirlsPV18 karma

Riley (Erin) - Definitely Mac. Actually all of them! If I had to pick one, Mac. Although I would use Tiff for homework.
Camryn (Tiffany) - I would say Mac because we would get into trouble and that would be fun.
Fina (K.J.) - I think Erin. She's so sweet! And when she opens up she's funny.
Georgi - I'm going for Mac. She's gonna have your back. You can ride around at 4am with Mac and be safe.

vhw_14 karma

Looks dope! Any other favorite graphic novels?

PaperGirlsPV25 karma

Riley (Erin) - Thank you! Anything Batman related. And Paper Girls! And I love Heartstopper (plagiarised from Georgi).
Camryn (Tiffany) - I'm a big Scarlet Witch and Spider-man fan. Also Paper Girls.
Fina (K.J.) - I like Saga... and Paper Girls.
Georgi - Tank Girl and Heartstopper.

JparkerMarketer12 karma

Without giving away any spoilers, what episode did you enjoy making more than the others?

PaperGirlsPV23 karma

Riley (Erin) - We can all say this at once...

All: 5!!!

Fina (K.J): - 5 has a little bit of everything. All the action. All the comedy tied up into one little amuse bouche. Slay 5.

Georgi - 5 is worth waiting for. It's perfect TV. I had a lot of fun in the pilot introducing the characters then seeing it going on this War of the Worlds x Stand By Me journey.

TentnQuarantinoo12 karma

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?

PaperGirlsPV24 karma

Riley (Erin) - There were a lot of funny things. It's hard to choose just one.

All: Can we confer for a sec?


All: So, while we were working we got the pleasure of working with Georgi who happened to win a BAFTA while we were recording. We were standing in the woods getting covered in blood and chocolate cake, then Georgi came over and said "Do you remember what today is?", we all screamed "BAFTA!!!", then chased her through the woods and she ended up rolling all over the ground. Keep in mind this forest was right next to a neighbourhood, you could hear the screams echoing.

Chives_Bilini12 karma

What's your favorite medieval weaponry?

PaperGirlsPV19 karma

Riley (Erin) - Oh! The thing! The ball and chain! Or a classic straight sword. And have you seen that one where a piece of bamboo grows into you?
Camryn (Tiffany) - I like the guillotine. Is that a weapon? Does that count? If not, that spiky ball thing. Canons are also fire.
Fina (K.J.) - The most messed up one is the iron bowl. They cook you inside of a bowl. And a chastity belt is like a metal diaper. That seems so claustrophobic.
Georgi - The enthusiasm to this question is off the charts. This got very graphic.

hubertsnuffleypants11 karma

Would you rather fight 100 paper sized girls or one girl sized paper?

PaperGirlsPV9 karma

All: Girl-sized paper.

Camryn (Tiffany): All I need is scissors!

Fina (K.J.): That's where the Scissor Sisters help us out!

Riley (Erin): But what if she's chill? Why do we have to fight her?

Georgi: I'll take the 100 Paper Girls. I like a challenge.

Elwood01_9 karma

hey! i’m so excited to watch the show :D! i’m wondering that if you could take anything from the set, what would you take?

PaperGirlsPV14 karma

Riley (Erin) - We took lots of stuff. I took a stack of newspapers and a babydoll head that I became emotionally attached to. I named him Garth and put eyeliner on him, he comes with us everywhere.
Camryn (Tiffany) - We were given stuff from show. We didn't steal it. I took a poster, a mirror shaped like an eye, newspapers. If I could take anything, I'd take the walkies. And I took Tiff's scrunchy!
Fina (K.J.) - I took a carpet, shoes, a little horse, a huge stack of newspapers, a little plastic monkey, butterfly clips. We did get approval but we still liked to pretend we were stealing.
Georgi - Shh! don't tell people you were stealing.

Katalytic9 karma

What always struck me about Paper Girls is how "whole" the characters are - Brain K. Vaughan's words and Cliff Chiang's artwork work together to create these four complete individuals with unique mannerisms, styles, and expressions. As actresses, did that make it easier or more difficult for you to play those characters?

PaperGirlsPV8 karma

Riley (Erin) - We all bring a new essence to the characters that brings the story to life.
Camryn (Tiffany) - I would say it made it easier because we had a baseline to follow which made it easier to relate to them so we could become them and put ourselves into them.
Fina (K.J.) - Because of that source material we knew the comics meant to so much to people and we wanted to do the characters justice so they stayed true to what Brian and Cliff created, but it did add a bit of a daunting feeling!

aguiadesangue7 karma

to the actresses: would you get along with your character? how similar are you to them?

PaperGirlsPV6 karma

Riley (Erin) - We'd get along very well. I saw a lot of tid bits in here, like wanting to protect the people I love.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Definitely. We're very similar in how we always want to learn.
Fina (K.J.) - Absolutely. We have very similar qualities with compassion and our sense of humour.

kestephens0135 karma

To Riley - what was it like when you found out Ali Wong was playing you in the future?

PaperGirlsPV5 karma

I was ecstatic. I wasn't expecting it but I was really excited and we bonded a lot on set. We had a lot of fun and talked about food a lot. It was a real honour!

Mcskrully5 karma

For Georgi, what's your biggest directorial inspiration and what was it like to adapt something with so many varied genre themes?

PaperGirlsPV9 karma

All the Paper Girls are saying "us". They are pretty inspiring. Actually, thats not untrue. I always take inspiration from the actors. When you're thrown right into a story, the characters really are important for inspiration. Growing up, one of my favourite movies was The Goonies and I wanted to make an homage to it, and I thought here's my chance to do it with Paper Girls.

The genre really fun. It's the most fun. You can thread stuff around and play with it.

But the biggest inspiration is the Paper Girls.

Venus60495 karma

It’s such an incredible graphic novel with important themes - what does being in Paper Girls mean to you?

PaperGirlsPV5 karma

Riley (Erin) - Paper Girls has a special place in my heart. The story itself is so touching and unique and the characters are so relatable. I hope the fans love it. Because as a fan myself, I love it.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Paper Girls is a part of me. I fell in love with how it expresses themes that aren't talked about and how it's very female-empowering while retaining that sci-fi, thriller element.
Fina (K.J.) - It means so much to me. I love how anyone can find themselves in the show. We have such a diverse cast, so whatever you're going through, I hope you can find some support in one of the characters.
Georgi - It means I have best friend for lives with these legends. It. means loyalty, love support, openness, support, being a family, showing young woman the way I never saw them when I was growing up. I love being the 5th Paper Girl. It's the best.

DocPeanutButter5 karma

What’s y’all’s favorite dinosaurs?

PaperGirlsPV6 karma

Riley (Erin): T-Rex.
Camryn (Tiffany): I'm a pterodactyl girl because they fly. Also that one with the long neck.
Fina (K.J.): I have a stegosaurus named Doug!

Georgi: I'll go for a raptor. Just for Jurassic Park.

amypoppyy5 karma

what is the most relatable thing about your character? i love paper girls and can’t wait to see the show!! 💗

PaperGirlsPV6 karma

Riley (Erin) - Wanting to take care of the people she loves.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Always wanting to learn something new
Fina (K.J.) - Her journey of finding out who she is.

Bubbly-Limit68144 karma

What’s your favourite musician??

PaperGirlsPV7 karma

Riley (Erin) - My taste changes a lot. Right now it would have to be New Order, Joan Jett, and Paddy Smith.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Mine change a lot. I would say Giveon, Doja Cat, Zendaya, and I think we can go Tupac.
Fina (K.J.) - Harry Styles & Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
Georgi - There's so many. Little Simz, Saut, Kamasi Washington, Miles Davies.

Jali-Dan3 karma

Who would win in a fight, Darth Vadar or Iron Man?

PaperGirlsPV3 karma

Riley (Erin) - I'm not familiar with either. But probably Darth Vader.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Darth Vader.
Fina (K.J.) - Darth Vader.
Georgi - Darth Vader.

BigChiller2 karma

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

PaperGirlsPV2 karma

Riley (Erin) - Maybe a bonsai tree. They're very chill.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Oh shoot. I'm feeling... maybe I would be a birch. That was my favourite wood in Minecraft. I think I'm an oak girl actually, they're very sturdy and stable.
Fina (K.J.) - A weeping willow.
Georgi - I'd be a Christmas tree.

lmea142 karma

What is your favorite type of paper? Legal, Letter or A4?

PaperGirlsPV7 karma

Riley (Erin) - Paper is paper. If I can write on it I'm happy.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Can I say dotted? I really like dotted. That's my journaling paper.
Fina (K.J.) - Letter!

Im_j3r02 karma

How have your weeks been?

PaperGirlsPV5 karma

Riley (Erin) - Fantastic. Loved spending it with these guys.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Exciting, thrilling, and a lot of fun.
Fina (K.J.) - A whirlwind of fun and adventure.